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Of Letting Go and Never Looking Back

Writing is one of my ways to cope up with whatever I feel may it be sadness, bitterness, anger or happiness. And right now, these feelings are actually mixed. And so this post. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Brought Upon the Universe and Myself)

Talk about being seen by your professor sleeping at the car with legs open wide and mouth while your Mom's yelling at the car trunk with a very loud voice, cramming over a film documentary for a major subject, crying over a delayed research paper and many more things to mention. In which I could tell this blog post is about the unfortunate events happened recently.

September in Bullets

September's my birth month and I'm beyond thankful for all the blessings despite the challenges. I turned 20, I gained/lost friend, all research papers has to be done in two weeks, cramming in three nights, crying over an unfinished paper and being left by my supposed to be "partner" for this whole transcription thing. Anyhoots,

On Feeling Lost

It's the first month of October and we're only three months away before another new year starts. Time flies so fast, yet all the task and problems are still left undone or unsolved. As of today, I am feeling lost. Yes, you read it right, I am feeling lost.

20 Things I've Learned Before Turning 20

Last Friday, I celebrated my 20th birthday (September 15) surrounded by my lovely folks both from my past course and the current one. I didn't expect such surprise because what I am looking forward was my family's treat. The day went well and I couldn't be thankful enough.

 Through the course of my 20 years, I've learned a lot to every people I meet may it be a mistake, lesson or a blessing. There are so many lessons to list but I only choose 20 because I turned 20 and it's enough to expound what it is. Here, I am sharing to you the 20 things I've Learned before turning 20 and hopefully, you could also relate! (kidding aside tho)