The Sunday Currently #1

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I'm currently reading the BFPA +20 Progress report for our Gender and Sexuality  subject reporting on Tuesday in which I hope would nail it. I've been reading it for 8hours already and stopped because I still have to collate our study and my groupmates are lax about it so might as well I should start it.

For novels, I'm reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I could say that this book is 10/10 because it's a big savior to my lazy habits! I hope I could keep up with it. I still have another book pending on my shelve which is Here We Are Now. Bought it because the cover looks appealing to me sans the color. But I swear I am also curious of the story!

Different Sorts of Memories

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I try to stay in a one blogging form but Tumblr has my heart so welcome to my new blog where I share my memories over the things I have remembered and of course, the best.
I kept a lot of magazines since the age of Total Girl, Kzone and Candy where I always hit up the magazine section on the grocery. 
I always make sure to save enough money to buy either Total Girl, Kzone or Candy. After standing in a few minutes of choosing which is which, I finally gave in to Total Girl where the monthly issues are all about Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez---all Disney folks you can name. I can even still remember that I bought all TGs that covered Taylor Swift (because I was a die hard fan of her). Until the idea of scrapbooking came to me when I was at grade sixth, I started to cut out those words that could fit in to my ideas. This is the time where our English subject teacher required us to make a scrapbook for our best friend. As I grow older, I started reading fashion magazines like Preview and Nylon. Add up Kinfolk to my shelves. I also remember keeping a pile of Reader’s Digest in which I try to understand why Mom no longer wants me to read TG or Kzone. “Matanda ka na para sa Total Girl at Kzone.” The last copy of TG I had was last 2010.

Hello, 2018!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's not yet late to start for this post, right? I'm currently finding the courage to write and update my blog once in awhile because honestly, I'm losing my motivation in blogging. I just wanted to quit and just stay on Tumblr and reblog.

But since I'm already here and I've gotten too far, I decided not to quit. I hope I won't change my mind sometime around. Well, anyways, as the new year came, I felt a positive vibe coming for this year 2018. I am positive that all the prayers I've kneeled would be granted (well, maybe this is just a temporary feeling, no?)

2017: A Recap

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 is a year for life lessons and surprises--well, at least for me. I always wanted to change myself in the easiest way however that doesn't work in one click; you have to work it harder in order to grow and realize what's lacking. The friendship I thought would last unexpectedly broke down and the other slipped off. But I met new friends along the way and I'm still thankful despite the fall down.

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