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May Favorites

Time's too fast! It's like May started yesterday and today it already ends. I feel like I'm getting older, more responsibilities come in and so many challenges to go through. The whole month of May's just spent on reading newfound books, catching up with friends via Twitter DMs, rollercoaster moments with my Mom (we fought a lot this month) and trying to get up myself on blogging and looking for my home.

Without further ado, here are my favorites for this month!

1. Got two new themes for the blog!

Looking for a theme is one of a blogger's struggle, you don't know which is which because there's a lot of beautifully hand crafted themes thanks to Eve M. of Fearne Creative Design. For this month, I got two themes which are Kell and Ridley (finally!). I admit, I kind of regret of buying Kell because it's not something I really like but trying this theme out gave me an idea of how my blog would look like in grid. And just last night, I got Ridley! I talked to Eve about refunding my theme and of course, I'll be honest of deleting my Kell file from my computer but sadly she does not do refunds. 😓

Don't forget to buy Blogspot themes from her shop! She's the kindest and helpful theme maker ever!

2. Watched 13 Reasons Why but I didn't finished it.

I didn't finished watching it because 1) it's affecting my mood and 2) I feel bad for Hannah Baker. Hopefully, I could finish it sometime because my one month trial ended!

3. Watched The Notebook, as always.

Who wouldn't love The Notebook? Who? I watched this movie thrice this month and it never failed to amaze me of Noah's love to Allie. It's so beautiful and loyal--imagine yourself having your own Noah; never leaving you even at the hardest times.

Okay, I'll share some of the lines I fall in love with:



Duke: That's my sweetheart in there. Wherever she is, that's where my home is.

Allie: Do you think our love can make miracles?
Duke: I do.

3. Olivia Manzano Reyes + Andi Manzano

You've probably missing half of your life if you don't know who's this adorable kid on Instagram, Olivia Reyes! I've been her fan since she was born, liked every picture and watched some of her cute IG videos over and over again! Thanks to her Mommy, Andi Manzano a.k.a. Andi-9 on the radio, we can all watch more of Oli's week. Hahaha! So far, here are my top favorites from Olivia's IG, 

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

A post shared by Olivia Manzano Reyes (@oliviamreyes) on

 4. New books to read + newly found books

Since I'm broke, I decided to read the books I've wanted to buy by downloading them. The Summer Trilogy of Jenny Han was one of the kilig yet some kind of annoying  I've ever read thanks to Tin of Indie Spirit for suggesting those. Now I've downloaded some of Jenny Han's books I haven't read yet. Oh, I also have my new book The Spy by Paulo Coelho which I got from a neighbor's bargain. The original price is 800pesos I think and I got it only for 250php! I saved 400. :)

I also made my Goodreads account. Let's be friends there? 😄

5. Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5

I'm loving this cycle! Everyone's so talented and beautiful. Sometimes, I get little bit of disappointed to some of the contestants because they're so mean to each other especially to Maureen. No bias here but, Maureen's just doing her thing! Idk why some are so jealous of her and say she's just a pretty face. Oh, I got annoyed of Clara for telling Maureen that she does not deserve to be on Top 6--it's like she's so childish and disrespectful same with Shikin whom I've thought from the start of the show is mataray, I don't know. But I think hating Clara for being such a childish and bitch-y of the show is wrong because we don't know what's really happening at the back of the camera but let's just be hopeful for Maureen to win, right? :) Also, the twins--Valerie and Veronika. I was so sad because these two are really sweet and supportive although Valerie's outspoken and frank as what I've seen from the previous show. Okay, enough babbling Kai! Hahaha. *PS I'm sad for Nameetha but rules are rules!🙅

6. Feels by Kiiara and Feels Jai Wolf Remix 

7.  Loving the current Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere 
I love her answer in the final q & a of Miss Universe and I can't help but replay it at times :) also, French is sexy! 

8.  And so many blessings to be thankful of. 


How's your month so far? Who's your bet from ASNTM5? 😉


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