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A Lil' Bit of Revamp + Tumblr Shop

Finally, I bought a new theme! I gave my little home a bit of revamp. Fearne Creative Design is currently on sale! Eve M., the owner, is very helpful when you have trouble editing your html/css. :)

The struggle of looking for the perfect theme.

Looking for a blog theme is a struggle especially all themes are your favorite. Awhile ago, I had a hard time picking which theme is more suitable for my blog. My options were: Zuzana, Ridley, Gadot, Kell, LeaSigrid and Inej. The first six are grid themes that I've been checking on the shop, Inej is something I really want to purchase before I chose the former. And guess what? I chose Kell. And I half regret it. Anyway, thanks to Ate LA for helping me increase the size of my thumbnails and for my header, too!

Why I'm selling my preloved stuff. 

Last week, I sorted out my clothes and books to be sold online. Honestly, most are gifts from my friends during debut and Mom's picks when we go shopping. But I'm desperate to sell this for my prescription glasses. If you're my follower on Twitter then you'd notice I often tweet about my eyes getting worst. ^Clumsy--- and about two weeks ago, I accidentally sat on my glasses and I have no choice but to purchase a new one. Mom told me she's giving anything (because duh, I'm old enough for my own things) so I think building a humble shop on Tumblr would help. :) Also, I will really appreciate if you buy something from there! 😄

How am I recently 

If you noticed I haven't been posting anything lately; it's because I'm too lazy plus I'm running out of what to post. People are revamping their blogs, some move to a new platform thus making me want to move too. But Squarespace needs a lot of bucks. T_T I think the how am I recently post will be separated from here since I don't want you to be stressed out of my problem. Haha.

It's your turn! 

Did you like my new theme? How was it? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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