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What It's Like To Be Broke

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When you are broke, you have three choices: sell your stuff online for an affordable price, find sidelines on Jobstreet or Freelancer or join a giveaway. As for my case, it's a 50-50 chance for my preloved stuff to find a new home or someone from either Jobstreet or Freelancer reply to your email and say, "you can start now." So I keep on refreshing my email from time to time hoping for a miracle would come.

"A 19-year-old without savings?? That's disgusting!"

I posted them on Facebook selling groups, got inquired, bid a lower price than my expected price, said no until one bought my preloved Samsung phone for Php800 that's supposed to be sold at Php 1, 200. I gave in. Don't ask me why. Next, I posted more on Carousell and Shopee for more opportunity to sell it. Still, no luck and I have no choice but to cry at the corner. I started to think of other ways to sell them, maybe shot the books or clothes with a perfect lightning and flatlay? I don't know. Again, they got inquired,   offered a much lower price and said no. Am I wrong?

Yeah, I suck. I don't have my own savings which clearly shows that I'm an impractical person, that I would go further to satisfy my cravings, buy stationery I don't use, subscribe to Spotify premium when I can listen to them for free, eat endless silog during lunch or buy a value meal on Jollibee. Imagine how much that costed me?

I joined several giveaways including the recent Station Seven's. I hoped for that because $100 could help me start my own savings account but unfortunately, I didn't win. Again, I refreshed my inbox hoping for a congratulations-you-won-$100-from-us email. Joined Klook's Mother's Day Special travel but didn't win, joined Kkday's Goblin Trip but still didn't win but won a pair of tickets for YouTube Fanfest from Philippine Airlines but I couldn't make it.

I signed up for APYEKor, an exchange program to be held in Korea on August 11-23, got accepted, but my parents couldn't fund my travel. $700 is fucking expensive, excluded from airfare and pocket money. I looked for sponsors, but none replied to my emails. Guess the universe won't let me join in. Plus, my passport expired. A series of problems just came into our family--again. Talk about unfortunate events.

I'm thankful for the three books sold yesterday and the other sold last week. But since I have to make abono of the needs at our house, it went through the ingredients of caldereta. *sad*

PS tomorrow is the extended deadline of the downpayment for APYEKor, and my parents haven't responded yet so I won't expect to join anymore. I just wish I'm like those rich people who could travel whenever they wanted to. No, I am not insecure. I wanted this program so bad.

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