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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Welcome to kai-elle, folks.

- Trying to get my ass off the bed and start typing my research is one of my struggles right now thus writing this blog post. I am yet to start the introduction and but my brain isn't functioning. Maybe later?

- I bought a new theme which is from The Basic Page's Etsy so I could get rid of the $27 on their webshop--- I don't recommend it. There's no back to top button and you still have to pay $5 (it's a blog add-on). I regret it! Will definitely buy Fearne's themes again.

- Enrolled myself on a programming class every MWF near our home--and I'm learning so much! I can tweak my theme in my own liking but I still have to work more on JavaScript.

- Waking up early just to get on time at 7:30am class---I didn't signed up for it. It was the department who changed our schedule.

- We have a professor who's known as a geopolitical analyst and sociologist--his name is Mahdi Nazemroaya. He's okay but we're intimidated, LOL.

- Ooops---I renamed my blog again! 🙊

- My domain, which is kairafanan.com, is no longer working (I don't know why 1and1 couldn't work for this shit so I have to buy a new one)

- and changing URL means losing Disqus comments.

- I'd choose Twitter over Facebook.

- My Mommy is coming home on the 22nd and we're throwing a big 80th birthday bash!

- Maureen won ASNTM but was really rooting for Shikin. #Congrats, Maureen.

- Waiting for a letter that is overdue!

- Bought new books.

- Dreaming of SG,

- Won Kkday's Jiufen Classic Tour for 2 but still undecided when to travel. Maybe you can claim it for me?

- Unfortunate at other giveaways but that's okay!

- Pancakes is life.

- Palabok from Jollibee has to leave.

It's your turn!

What have you been up to lately? 💗

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