#LifeGoalz + Things I Should Have Done

Sunday, July 30, 2017


1. If I pursued UP then I'm currently taking up Electronics and Communication Engineering, as what my Mom wants me to take than BS Psychology.

++ Supposedly, I'm 4th year ECE if I followed her.

2.  Won't regret in the middle of my 1st year semester of taking up BS Psychology.

++ And not shifting to Sociology but without this realization, I am still in limbo.

3. After taking up Sociology (and hopefully), take PHILSAT and proceed to Law.

++ And work my way to success, lol.

4. Make more friendships.

++ Because I suck at friendships and eventually get left behind.

5. Work out and maintain my body.

6. At retirement, build a small museum for my collections and little artworks.

7. Publish a book.

8. And of course, pay back my parents.

What are your #lifegoalz? 👧

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