Working My Ass To The Finish Line

Friday, July 21, 2017

I could have been wearing an OJT uniform in royal blue blouse and skirt/slacks with my long ass name on the nameplate if things went on as planned. I could have been going home late night because seniors are taking up night classes after the day's shift at their intern offices. I could have been working my way to the long ass graduation captions on Facebook profile pictures. So much for I could haves but that's the truth--I am not graduating this coming March 2018 meaning I'll finish on December 2018 because our university finally decided to take the calendar shift for the K-12. LOL, why did they just decidedso late?!

I was right, I'll have to shift. I failed two minor subjects and bye felicia, I was no longer part of this program. I even remembered myself crying in front of the chairman begging for reconsideration but it's too late! Here's the scenario non-verbatim:

Chairman: I'm sorry but you have to shift to other course and go back here when you pass your minors.

Me: *still sniffing* can I stay for another term, please?

Chairman: I'm sorry but we have to follow the rules. 

And that's the day I left Psychology with my angry heart. I don't know what to say anymore, I can't even compose myself while going upstairs hoping for the Sociology-Anthropology-History folks to accept me and my grades. My grades are okay but Ethics and Physics fucked up. I know Ethics is an easy shit, but the teacher was not. Same as Physics who was thrice of the Ethics. 

I got accepted and at first, I'm still in doubt. I have to set my mind on focus to finish my course and eventually accept the fact that I am not graduating on time, that I could not take tons of last selfies with friends after graduation or stay up late for #thesis. First term was okay but I was kind of loner until second term came where I have found my folks now. Most of us were shiftees from other courses too and they're extremely accommodating than those of my former course.  I am extremely happy that my course, Sociology, helped me to grow and come out of my comfort zone. I finally found myself than in Psychology, who's overpopulated (in my university's case) and not really good at all. No, I am not biased here---it's the truth. You may see for yourself and try staying in one sem. You're welcome. 

Right now I'm on third year standing and enjoying my studies. I should keep up very well with my studies because it's getting harder and it's a tough challenge, you know. I'm working my ass off to the finish line and I'll be graduating on December 2018--that'll be on time for my standing. #TheUniverseWillComeThrough

P.S., I am not forcing you to believe in what I am saying. I am talking about my experience and this is solely the fact from where I am studying. 

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