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Money Diaries: A Week of Spending Too Much

I decided to join the bandwagon to share how much I've spent for last week and I'm hella sad and regretting why I took Grab for a week---my savings are gone! Ya know, I didn't think twice before actually hitting the 'Book' tab. I hated myself so much for spending too much this week and taking GrabCar as a mean of transportation was a horribly a mistake and probably a lesson learned for me. But still, I decided to track down my expenses and here's what I've got. Note that I'm not a thrifty person.

Weekly allowance: PHP 2500 plus savings from the past months.


Since I'm getting late, I chose to ride a habal-habal. From my place going to school costs PHP 130. Then I took my breakfast at a nearby silogan for PHP 85. Then lunch for PHP65 at another silogan again. Shuttle expenses for PHP10 (going up and down). Took GrabTaxi going home for PHP 171.

A total of: PHP 461


Took jeep going from our place to terminal for PHP 7 and from terminal going to J Mall, PHP 7. Had breakfast at McDonald's, ordered 2pcs Pancakes for PHP 60 and Chicken Fillet ala King with Fries for PHP 92. Took GrabCar going to school,  JMall to USC TC is PHP 95. For lunch, it was a treat from a friend but we took GrabCar from school to Country Mall for PHP 61. Going back to school for the last subject via jeep is PHP 7 then shuttle for PHP 5. Going home, took GrabCar for PHP 248.

A total of: PHP 582 


Took habal-habal again for being late at PHP 130. Had breakfast at the nearby silogan for PHP 85. Shuttle going up is PHP5. Lunch at PHP80. Went to Leona's Mabolo via GrabCar for PHP 88 from school. No expense to going home since I'm with my Mom.

A total of: PHP 388


Took GrabCar going to school for PHP 248. Had a snack at Cafe Belle for PHP 120 (Wintermelon Milk Tea + Cheese Sticks). Shuttle going up is PHP 5. Went to Ayala Mall hoping to watch 100 Tula Para Kay Stella but I wasn't able to watch because it starts at 3:20PM and I am not allowed to go out late so I chose instead to have a book shopping at NBS and I got F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night at PHP 99 and Candy Magazine's #feels for PHP 75. Had Palabok for lunch and upsized Coke for PHP 110. Then I went to Daiso Japan to buy washi tapes and gel pens for PHP388. Then hired GrabCar for PHP 262.

A total of: PHP 1,307


Took GrabCar for PHP 144 from our place to my Aunt's friend's place.

A total of: PHP 144

Total for this week is: PHP 2,882(PHP  300+ bigger than my usual weekly allowance).

Note: I regret taking GrabCar for almost everyday! I swear I will not repeat it again plus unnecessary stationary and book fetishes which made me penniless even more. I need to save up again and obviously going back to having packed lunch (I stopped having packed lunch since my Aunt left). The breakdown is too much, especially from a student like me who only have a little savings from her tiny pocket. I don't know how will I get the original amount from saving them, but I really hate myself for doing this. Don't do this, kids! THRIFT WISE. BE FRUGAL.


Money Diaries is a series started by Refinery 29. Click the link for more Money Diaries inspiration!

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