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Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunnies Specs. I was forced.

Considering the amount I had with my pocket, which is Php 2,000, I went to the nearest Sunnies Specs and hoping that my money was enough to buy a new eyeglasses. Last three weeks ago, I bought a new yellow framed eyeglasses for only Php 795 multicoated from Executive Optical and the good thing is my astigmatism is still around 175. So last Thursday, I went there and took a seat. The eye doctor said that my astigmatism raised to 475 (is this possible?)

A verbatim conversation with the shitty eye doctor:

"My dear, ang taas ng astigmatism mo, 475 na. You can no longer avail the Php 1,999."
"Hanggang 200 (astigmatism) lang ang Php 1,999. Yung sayo kasi is above 200 na so Php 4, 199 na ang price nung sayo. Pag di ka tutuloy, mag charge kami ng Php 400 para sa consultation fee mo. Pag ipunan mo muna".

Wow. Mukhang pinamukha sa aking wala akong pera! She can't even answer my question how is it possible for my astigmatism to jump up from 175 to 475! Dammnit, I didn't know. 😡

So, I was stuck at buying or not. She let me try the lens with 200 grade so I could avail the Php 1,999 instead of getting charged of Php 400 for nothing and for receiving an insult from this fucking doctor. I am mad. I am really mad.

The next day, I got my Ollie Gunmetal. And here's how it looks like:

I felt (until now) dizzy after wearing it.

I sent a complaint on their Facebook page.

Seen by Sunnies Specs #DontEverBuySunnies

I went back to the store and asked if I could change the lens since I have a frame. Php 799 for astigmatism up to 200, Php 2999 for lens (minus Php 1, 290 for the frame).

I'm spending a lot for this shitty eyeglasses. Php 2999 + 1290 = Php 4289.

With that amount, I could buy more useful stuff.

I am still waiting for the next 7-10 days before to claim my eyeglasses. Imagine the hell I'm experiencing without eyeglasses!


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