20 Things I've Learned Before Turning 20

Friday, September 22, 2017

Last Friday, I celebrated my 20th birthday (September 15) surrounded by my lovely folks both from my past course and the current one. I didn't expect such surprise because what I am looking forward was my family's treat. The day went well and I couldn't be thankful enough.

 Through the course of my 20 years, I've learned a lot to every people I meet may it be a mistake, lesson or a blessing. There are so many lessons to list but I only choose 20 because I turned 20 and it's enough to expound what it is. Here, I am sharing to you the 20 things I've Learned before turning 20 and hopefully, you could also relate! (kidding aside tho)

1. Never chase a garbage.

And by garbage, I mean useless and toxic people. DON'T. EVER. CHASE. THEM. They will never bring anything good to you. 

2. Listen to your folk's advice, pangarals and words of wisdom. 

Because they never fail to guide you and eventually, you'll realize they're right. 

3. Saving smartly.

4. Invest money to practical and useful things.

5. Avoid spending too much on food and book/stationary hoarding.

Because they will only end up displayed on your book shelves.

6. Getting rejected on an exchange program is definitely okay.

There are plenty of times to get that--it's the first time though.

7. Getting rejected by crush is really, really okay.

8. Exploring outside your province could give you a lot of realization why you should travel alone.

9. It's okay to cry over broken friendships. 

10. Every people you meet is a blessing or lesson. 

11. Having a crush with the same person for 10 years is enough for you to move on. 

12. Never invest on love over studies. Remember: acads > love. 

13. It's not okay to cut classes just to see the person you love. 

14. Leave people who does not value your worth. 

15.  You can have that expensive phone too. In your own time.

16.  Cramming for an exam or paper due to 6 hours is not okay; unless your creative juices come out at 1 am. 

17.  Overeating is definitely okay.

18.  Everything is dynamic and not static. So learn how to move on.

19.  True friends DM you, not subpost (Facebook, I mean). 

20. You are beautiful in your own way.

How about you? What are the things you've learned before you turned 20? Share 'em down! 😊

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