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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Brought Upon the Universe and Myself)

Talk about being seen by your professor sleeping at the car with legs open wide and mouth while your Mom's yelling at the car trunk with a very loud voice, cramming over a film documentary for a major subject, crying over a delayed research paper and many more things to mention. In which I could tell this blog post is about the unfortunate events happened recently.
  • Last Sunday, my folks and I went to Boljoon for my film documentary in Cebuano class. We had our stopover in Carcar and finally decided to sleep while waiting for them *i was so tired of my research paper*. After an hour, my Mom went back yelling and waking up, I saw a familiar face staring at me while my legs are open wide and mouth also which finally sunk in as I opened my eyes. MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT EVER. I was still in shock as we left the place. Shoot. 
  • Finally experienced getting stung on sea urchin. 
  • Cramming for our sociology of education documentary which until now, I can't convert the .mov on iMovie, Quicktime Player.
  • Almost gave up on my qualitative research paper because I lost motivation but eventually stood up.
  • Scolded by my qualitative professor because I was absent during the briefing of coding scheme.
  • So I ended up being clueless. 
  • I or we (the whole class) didn't signed up for a 7:30 am class which is not very okay especially for someone who lives from the other island with bad traffic management. Add a professor who is an expert and recognized internationally but is really weird or evil. *hassle* 
  • Bad decisions. (eg spending too much, eating too much, procrastinating endlessly
  • My ID got confiscated because I didn't know that there was no uniform exemption during the finals week. 
  • I forgot to return the books I borrowed in the library for two months already. *i'm nervous on the amount*
  • I still have to make an apology letter to claim it. JEEZ HASSLE PARE. 
  • I still have to evaluate my teachers. 
  • My astigmatism raised to 400+ again. S
  • So I am saving up for a new specs. NOTE: Don't buy Sunnies Specs. Just don't. 
I just hope everything is a joke. Save for today, I got my Sims upgraded and I got an Instax Mini 7s, 

PS I just hope my grades this semester is in my favor. And so yours, too. 

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