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Of Letting Go and Never Looking Back

Writing is one of my ways to cope up with whatever I feel may it be sadness, bitterness, anger or happiness. And right now, these feelings are actually mixed. And so this post. 

Rereading old letters from the past, especially from a person I have formed relationships with somehow gave me the slightest idea of what longing or missing really felt. Growing up, I felt conscious of what I must bring to myself either the silence that I used to or socialize to experience better relationships. At one point, I did for the course of one year and ended it last month. I felt no regrets, but there’s one thing missing. 
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Closure? Not exactly. 

A conversation for the last minute? Still isn’t. 

The presence in the form of hugging and realizing that things do not work that way. But nope, you can’t have that. This is what people say; there are things better left unsaid. And so it happened. 

I cried for a day. How fast is it to move forward and not to feel anything when you see that person? No one knows except you. Because you and yourself know what exactly do you want to happen; to choose happiness and positivity or sadness and negativity. You have the choice. 
I still have 42 minutes to pour my anger, sadness, and hatred to this person. Or these two persons actually. As a new day starts, I am letting go and will never look back. I won’t let regrets haunt me again. I am starting anew and will mold a better self. 

A friendship formed on Facebook four years ago has a lot of lessons to learn and a friendship formed in a seating arrangement has formed me into something I never expected to become and memories that will last forever. Truly, a memorable friendship to remember.

Tomorrow, I move forward and will never look back.

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