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2017: A Recap

2017 is a year for life lessons and surprises--well, at least for me. I always wanted to change myself in the easiest way however that doesn't work in one click; you have to work it harder in order to grow and realize what's lacking. The friendship I thought would last unexpectedly broke down and the other slipped off. But I met new friends along the way and I'm still thankful despite the fall down.

I am a sucker for friendships, I would say. My introvert self would always try to hop on but it always ends with me wanting to work alone or just goes home, do household chores and sleep. Or sip a large Wintermelon milk tea while reading a good book. Things like this enjoy me already rather than being with the group faking laughter and backstabbing a 'friend' while she's not around. It's not my cup of tea, though. Here's to my realizations in 2017 for each month,

January - just a normal month that gave me more exposure to fieldwork. I'm not going to lie, I complained a lot of times for the fieldworks but I gained more experiences and I'm beyond thankful for that.

February - all the hustle for finals came at this month. I had an emotional breakdown for each subject or in general but with this, I knew myself more and was comforted that my so-called friends are there to cheer me up.

March - Happy memories are in this month. I got to know more Fr. Gaut (the best professor ever) as we (my group of friends) talked to him about his experiences from his homeland Indonesia, to entering the seminary, being the number 1 of his class, to being the professor and clever he is. Next is finalizing all the fieldwork we did for our major subjects. All nights were tough and sleepless but at the end of the month, all hard work was paid off.

April - Praying for my digits patiently because I don't want to see any single downfall. I admit, I am not the best in class or the class' DL but I strive hard not to get that F. Everything went on as I favored and I am happy I was able to take the prerequisite subject for all subjects in my third-year class. This was also the month were me and my family went swimming to places we haven't been to because the weather's hot and you know that the Philippines has a scorching hot weather during this month.

I had my first experience of taking care of my Lola in the hospital for three days straight. Sure, I complained much but it was a memorable experience to learn too.

May - this month went well but it has also its series of me and my mom arguing every hour. I am terribly sad every time we had our fight.

June - I started to realize that I am one year behind my batchmates' graduation in 2018 and they're now on their OJT offices and uniform. It was really a punch on my face (and heart too) because I will not experience those and will just wait for my turn too.

I won KKday's Trip to Jiufen for two! Update: I wasn't able to claim it. 😩

July - I started to accept that I am one year behind them. What's important is I am happy with what I am doing and this would lead me to something I wanted to do in the future.

This is also the month where I started to feel that my ex-close friend, Julie (not her real name), was being toxic and it's no longer helping me anymore. But I shrugged off the thought because I may be wrong or just being childish of what I feel.

My grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday! We were all happy for her! 😁💓

August - the exposure to the fieldwork from January-March was all worth it. We started our fieldwork with the interviews and analyzing important details for our study and thank God I was able to do it--all by myself.

This is also the month where Julie and I stopped talking and things just got worst though we were no longer talking just like before.

Look What You Made Me Do was released! I totally loved the song so much it's one of the most repeated song on my playlist!

September - I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends! This year was very special to me because turning 20 means real adulthood and big responsibilities are now coming along the way.

This is also the month where The Kriminals, as Julie have named, started to separate ways. Julie and I stopped talking and I felt really sad and relieved at the same time. I had another breakdown because of this.

October - the first time I experienced night walk with our professor, Mahdi Nazemroaya, and Bro. Paul at the streets of Colon. We started to talk to the sex workers about their experience and we're thankful they are open to it. We also had our feeding with Fr. Roger Bag-ao early morning. All the hustle for finals is there.

Even though I had an emotional breakdown, I was able to cope up and regain my strength in doing all the transcribing of the recorded FGDs and grouping them according to their topics in which I did for a day. Thank God I was able to finish them all.

Cardinal Vidal also passed away this month. I only knew him through Leo Lastimosa who keeps on talking about him. I visited his wake three days straight until the day before his burial.

November - I am slowly recovering from the breakdown and giving myself the strength to open doors in terms of friendship. I was able to meet new friends and got to spend time with my new found friends in which I hope would never leave.

I met Ate Ktel of Annescapist!!! One of the best memories to treasure on this year!!!!!!!

Our department, Sociology-Anthropology, and History celebrated their 50 years in which I volunteered as Physical Arrangement volunteer where I helped arrange and decorate the venue for the event. I am extremely happy and thankful I got to experience and meet the alumni of the different batch from 1970's to the present. In the afternoon, me and some batchmates from Anthropology (we were only two Sociology majors) went to Mr. J and had our tagay and chitchat for about two and a half hours. If you want to see the pictures of the celebration, please click them here.

and lastly,

December - Everything's just plain normal but this is the month where I had a huge crush on one of my professors and trying to do good on this subject. Hoping I would do well for this semester!

I fell in love with Taylor Swift's So It Goes song.


It's my first time to attend Christmas party in my college life! I had so much fun with other acquaintances. I got 2 cute handkerchiefs for the exchange gift.

I am really sad because our close aunt died yesterday and I still couldn't believe it. It's hard because I could not be there and everything's just sinking in slowly. Our last conversation was last July when I had my breakfast at my Lola's house. 😓😪

And that's it for my 2017 recap. I hope you did not get bored of this post because most experiences were done without taking much selfies or pictures.

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How did your 2017 go on? I would love to hear your thoughts at the comment box!

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