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Life Lately: In Pictures & Words

I'm still here.

School works have kept me busy despite being unmotivated for the past few months. I just got the mood to update my blog after neglecting this for two-three months. Field research ate up my whole schedule. Add up the friendship dramas inside the classroom. I am on my way to our OJT (soon, hopefully) in summer so we need to pass the requirements of the subject. Ahhh, December is slowly ending and it feels like it just started two days ago. Ugh, what have I done lately and recently? Let's look at my list below.
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- Our department, SoAn, turned 50 years together with History!
- Volunteered for the first time in forever for an activity like this
- getting mad at someone's bitchiness
- trying out Huji cam and I fell in love right away
- Gudak is great but I hate waiting for three days to develop the films
- Finally fixed my shop!
- Shop my preloved stuff at carousell. 
- Lost friends and actually gaining new ones
- Milktea dates
- Got Rupi Kaur's The Sun and Flowers (my heart is extremely happy)
- kept Taylor Swift's So It Goes song because it's really, really good.
- Also, Imagine Dragon's Thunder.
- Joining giveaways in the hopes of winning the stuff I want.
- But I guess the giveaway god won't let me in.
- hot n cold weather.
- more active on Twitter.
- more and more field research.

Let these pictures end my post.

Clarisse and I had our milk tea last Tuesday. Yiee.

This was the last stock at NBS I went to and I'm so happy!

Excuse my selfie, folks.

Our Department's official Christmas party picture! 💓

Practicing for our FGD interview

Trying out Gudak at NBS 


Trying out Huji Cam ft. Library Selfie and Library Shenanigans

USC Main Campus' idk what building is this

Prepping for SoAn's 50th anniversary


Mass before the whole day starts

Photobooth with our teachers! *Soan @ 50 program

Selfie with folks

A ramen treat for myself.


How's your life lately? 

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