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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I try to stay in a one blogging form but Tumblr has my heart so welcome to my new blog where I share my memories over the things I have remembered and of course, the best.
I kept a lot of magazines since the age of Total Girl, Kzone and Candy where I always hit up the magazine section on the grocery. 
I always make sure to save enough money to buy either Total Girl, Kzone or Candy. After standing in a few minutes of choosing which is which, I finally gave in to Total Girl where the monthly issues are all about Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez---all Disney folks you can name. I can even still remember that I bought all TGs that covered Taylor Swift (because I was a die hard fan of her). Until the idea of scrapbooking came to me when I was at grade sixth, I started to cut out those words that could fit in to my ideas. This is the time where our English subject teacher required us to make a scrapbook for our best friend. As I grow older, I started reading fashion magazines like Preview and Nylon. Add up Kinfolk to my shelves. I also remember keeping a pile of Reader’s Digest in which I try to understand why Mom no longer wants me to read TG or Kzone. “Matanda ka na para sa Total Girl at Kzone.” The last copy of TG I had was last 2010.

Now that I no longer see new Candy magazine monthly issues on bookstands, I wish I could have bought them over Total Girl. But having Total Girl in my hands during my elementary years was the best. Not because you are popular in the class when you have them, but because the memories it gave when fangirling was a huge deal before. It was a memorabilia to those celebrities that they were once. 
Books (Novels and Autobiographies)
Heidi was my first pocketbook in hand. I can still recall the day my Mom picked that book in National Bookstore where my eyes feast on High School Musical posters and its novel edition. As I got the book in the car, I started reading right away and finished it within the night. That’s when I started to have a huge interest in novels. It was Sunday the following day when we went to the Sunday Market at the Philippine Lung Center before, I saw an old couple who are selling secondhand pocketbooks and that’s where I had my second novel in hand, The Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, first copy of The Baby Sitters Club: Claudia and the Bad Joke and Road to Avonlea. These three novels inspired me to look for its sequel and had them the following month. Aside from saving up for Candy, Readers Digest, pocketbooks added to my list of must-buys. 
Next was the Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. My high school friend was really into Dan Brown books so that kinda influenced me to read his other works like Deception Point and The Da Vinci Code. I was 14 when nun friend burned my copy of Angels and Demons because that book, according to them, is blasphemy and false. But I do not agree so. 
Paulo Coelho’s By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept made me fall in love in his works even more after reading it. I started borrowing his books in the library and even kept one behind the books so no one could see it. Until Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook came to my hand during lunch break and my co-writer in our school publication told me to read his books because it was extremely beautiful. Yes, I did find it beautiful, but for A Walk to Remember and The Notebook only. 
I started to paint when I was 6. My first painting was a red bug in the smallest canvas. Mom gave my first paint brush and canvas as a birthday gift. After that painting, I started to do more as my hobby during weekends then come sketching portraits at 11 was next. It was when I had my first portrait class in Las Pinas where we were told to do an abstract portrait of a flower. 
Here are some of my paintings (in which I never posted online): 

My first digital portrait commission for my friend.
My love for music never dies. The first instrument I have played was violin followed by guitar then cello. My mentor of these instruments? Mom. 
I suck at friendship, my closest friends know that even my best friend. I always become the underdog or the loner one because I rarely socialize. Reason? I want to be in my own control of my whereabouts, what I should eat and staying at the library without any complaints. In my whole college years, I was either alone (but not lonely) or my close friends have different schedules. 
Backstabbing is very common to any ages be it 12 or 60. It’s everywhere; it’s like a disease similar to dealing with toxicity. In my case, the bravest thing I did to let my screwed up self is to finally leave a toxic friend who did nothing but to backstab or say bad everything about how they look and how they act. But she was good at flipping the tables so I got the bad card but I don’t mind. At least I know to myself that I did not spread lies about her and that all my feelings were the same as my new found friends. 
I keep the best people. I don’t mind if I only have two friends at least they are real and they support of whatever I do. 
And the second was to finally accept that my online friend will never be my friend. Lesson learned: do not chase a garbage.
Writing is my safe haven. It’s my therapy from stress. I get to express myself through writing which is why I started to blog and land to different blogging platforms. My grammar and composition improved because of this and the comments I receive from my fellow readers. My heart is forever thankful to that.
I became a feature writer in our school publication, The Beacon back in our high school days. I was 2nd year at that time. I also got the opportunity to represent our school in DSPC 2011 in Feature Writing (Tagalog category) but I was unplaced. Same thing happened the following school year where I became the copy writer of the school newspaper but I was again unplaced. During my last year in high school, I got to represent my section on monthly activities like Buwan ng Wika, Nutrition Month, English Month and the like. These helped me to improve my grammar and composition until I discovered the blogging world.

I was trying to recall other things but this the best I could. I hope you’re with me til the end! :)

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