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I feel like this book is extremely redundant and it s hard to keep pushing through when it feels like the same chapter over and over A Witch Is A Wise Woman, A Healer Yet For So Long The Word Witch Has Had Negative Connotations In This Book, Third Generation Hereditary Witch Lisa Lister Explains The History Behind Witchcraft, Why Identifying As A Healer In Past Centuries Led Women To Be Burned At The Stake, And Why The Witch Is Reawakening In Women Across The World Today All Women Are Witches, And When They Connect To Source, Trust Their Intuition, And Use Their Magic, They Can Make Medicine To Heal Themselves And The World This Book Is A Re Telling Of Herstory, An Overview Of The Different Schools Of Witchcraft And The Core Principles And Practices Within Them Discover Ancient Wisdom Made Relevant For Modern Witches The Wheel Of The Year, The Sabbats, The Cycles Of The Moon Tools To Enhance Your Intuition, Including Oracle Cards And Dowsing, So That You Can Make Decisions Quickly And Comfortably Understanding The Ancient Use Of The Word Medicine How To Work With Herbs, Crystals, And Power Animals So That You Have Support In Your Spiritual Work How To Build And Use A Home Altar To Focus Your Intentions And Align You With Seasonal Cycles, The Moon Cycles, And Your Own Intentions For Growth Cleanse, Purify, And Create Sacred Space Work With The Elements To Achieve Deep Connection With The World Around YouIn Addition, Lisa Teaches Personal, Hands On Rituals And Spells From Her Family Lineage Of Gypsy Witch Magic To Help You Heal, Manifest, And Rediscover Your Powers Above All, Lisa Shows That We Really Are The Granddaughters Of The Witches That They Couldn T Burn Loved it Well written for the everyday reader Very informative for someone knowledgeable on the topics Definitely recommended She s an amazing author read love your lady landscape as well Haven t finished the whole book but it s great If you want to wake up, remember who you are and re Claim your indigenous roots, this is the book forYou This book is seriously life shattering, in the best way I m so glad I read this I m feeling powerful, energized and in awe Thank you for writing this book It s exactly what is needed in this world. I absolutely loved this book It s powerful message was fun to read yet totally infuriating at the same time It validated who I am and what I ve been doing for several years and empowered me to embrace that fully It provided great tools and ideas on how an awakening woman can tune in to who she really is and what she s meant to be, while granting full permission to make the journey unique to herself I enjoyed it so much I m going to buy it again in hard copy so I can highlight, dog ear, write in the margins and refer to it often. Gotta say it s awful imo It doesn t lead to anything helpful I read it last year and it didn t have any help on how to actually get there It s almost click bait in what it s saying.There s zero witchcraft No spells, no meditations No magick.