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Not Only Profound In Its Analysis, But Also So Passionately Inspired By Sympathy For The Downtrodden And Their Struggle For Liberation Daniel Singer, The Nation This Is An Important Book, Heavy In Size And Tone It Belongs In Every Serious Library Choice

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    Clarifies the nature of Capital as fundamentally a relationship of subordination of Labour based on the proletariat s real material separation from effective control over the condition and purpose of their work Explains why the liberatory project of the last century, centered as it was on the political expropriation of the expropriators, could never do than reproduce that subordination to Capital in a new form Extensive critique of G Lukacs as representative of this misconception misdirection of the Communist movement by one of his few living students.

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    5 stars

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    If the author isn t a genius, and I ll say he is, he at least has the elements of genius at his disposal He has read, of both the good and the bad, and this book is an expression of his bioligical and spiritual drive to let us know about the variables we are dealing with in our project to kill pain and feel pleasure, enhance cognition and engage sensuality Everyone who s brain s structure is remotely similar to mine might want to read this book Unless you ve been lucky enough to be immersed in the depths of the realest and most dream logical philosophy for your whole life, in which case you could conceivably know the material in Beyond Capital Even so, reading the book would be a reminder, as if you need reminders.