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Finally, An Amazingly Honest Book That Details Exactly How My Brother Was Set Up Brad Dassey Innocent People Do Go To Jail Sometimes Mistakes Are Made But Even Terrifying Is When The Authorities Conspire To Frame Them Thats What Happened To Steven Avery And Brendan Dassey, Who Were Convicted Of Murder And Are Serving Life Sentences Un Making A Murderer Is An Explosive Book Which Uncovers The Illegal, Devious And Covert Tactics Used By Wisconsin Officials, Including Concealing Other Suspects Paying Expert Witnesses To Lie Planting Evidence Jury Tampering The Art Of Framing Innocent People Has Been In Practice For Centuries And Will Continue Until The Perpetrators Are Held Accountable Turning Conventional Assumptions And Beliefs In The Justice System Upside Down, Un Making A Murderer Takes You On That Journey The Profits From This Book Are Going To Steven And Brendan And To Donate Free Books To Schools And Prisons In The Last Two Years, Shaun Attwood Has Donated , Books

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    Un Making a Murderer The Framing of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, First published by Gadfly Press, GB 2017 this e book published, copyright and written by Shaun Attwood.An introduction explains that the author s story presents a follow up to the widely viewed 2015 Documentary film production Making a Murderer Specifically he states Watching the documentary made me want to help Steven and Brandan the subjects of the Documentary Being familiar with the Department of Corrections procedures, I posted some YouTube videos advising people how to send letters and money to them without violating the prison rules The avalanche of positive responses was overwhelming Some of the millions who watched Making a Murderer went online to express their outrage at the blatant injustice The prose that follows describes how Steven Avery was convicted of rape and attempted murder, exonerated after spending 18 years in prison and 2 years later on the verge of receiving 36 million in compensation was accused and convicted of another brutal murder This time implicating his mentally challenged 16 year old nephew as well So, now within the body of this work, he describes what he terms as The Art of Framing Innocent People wherein he lists and provides lengthy descriptions of 9 strategies employed Trigger Emotional Reactions Conceal Other Suspects Coerce False Confessions Plant Evidence Pay Expert Witnesses to Lie Ensure Public Defenders work for the Prosecution Neutralize Honest Witnesses Procure Dishonest Witnesses Hire Sociopathic Prosecutors Rig the Jury Also included are a conjectural chapter on the identity of the killer of the second victim What you can do for Steven and Brandan Get a free book Social Media Links Shaun Attwood s True Life Jail Experience Other books by Shawn Attwood and a short author s biography.Discussion Unfortunately this reviewer has not seen the Documentary so readers must be aware that my remarks with respect to the subject under discussion are made strictly from the written evidence provided on these pages However, if the lengthy accounts presented here by the author contain even a modicum of truth, it would appear that there had been numerous inexcusable errors committed not only in jurisprudence procedures but additional misuse of power almost at inconceivable levels Further, when reading this account, one must be aware that the author himself is a former correctional institution inmate as a former stock market millionaire and Ecstasy supplier turned public speaker, author and activist who is banned from America for life Regardless, any reader who is aware of the seemingly duplicitous, dishonest, deceitful and even illegal activities indulged in by the DOJ, FBI, CIA and even by elected and formerly elected individuals to represent the citizens of the United States, the suggestions supplied by the author seem extremely reasonable indeed Of course, this conclusion also depends heavily upon how much a reader can believe the material provided by a horribly divided and highly biased news media As an aside, much of the repetitive material, although no doubt included to strengthen the author s presentation, could be selectively edited to enhance readability.

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    I came across this book before I knew that there was a documentary, and I can t wait to see how it plays out on screen I haven t found many books this engaging that speak to you in the way that a documentary can, presenting facts without being overly biased While the author definitely has picked a side, the writing is convincing but not so manipulative of facts that it seems implausible The facts were well researched and well documented, although I still had a bit of a hard time believing that everything within the law is so corrupt, although I am probably just hopelessly optimistic about the justice system.Whether you believe the rebuttal or not, Un Making a Murderer is very cleverly written, documented well, and the author does a great job of explaining all of the details that would lead to an exoneration Interesting and very well written

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    Un Making a Murderer The Farming of Steven Avery and Bredan Dassey is a book written by Shaun Attwood and edited by Tracy Keogh This book is based on the Netflix docuseries.I will quote a sentence from the description which best summarizes the content of this book Un Making a Murderer is an explosive book which uncovers the illegal, devious and covert tactics used by Wisconsin officials It is not long as it has almost three hundred pages It is interesting to read and captivating I found myself reading non stop from beginning to end I liked it very much and the information provided makes you think a lot.I would certainly recommend reading Un Making a Murerer by Shaun Attwood.

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    Un Making a Murderer The Framing of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey was a follow up to the 2015 documentary Making a Murderer I have not seen this documentary but reading this book made me want to According to this book there was a stack of errors committed during the original trials and investigations of Steven and Branden s crimes Even when you take into account the author s personal history which they are upfront about the dishonest and deceitful events that they suggest happened in this case still seem to be reasonable Overall I found the book to be thought provoking and also a bit frustrating Not because the writing itself was frustrating but because the idea that our justice system could fail people so miserably is frustrating I intend to watch the documentary to garner information on the subject I also hope that S Tattooed continues to write as this book was engaging.

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    I definitely think that this is an interesting read for most people However, I do think you need to realize that there is a bias to the writer and that you truly aren t getting all of the information that you need to make a true opinion on anything The author, Shaun Attwood, does seem to give some credence to the opinions of the police and some other people, but he does have a bias to note.Overall, I thought that the writing was very good and it was clearly edited by someone who knew what they were doing Shaun did quite a bit of research on his own While I think this is a well written, thoroughly investigated book, I do caution that it is a bit one sided.