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Over The Course Of Their Year Lifespan, Sperm Whales Will Easily Travel The Circumference Of The Earth In Search Of Food And The Need To Breed And Find A Mate Males Will Travel As Far North As The Bering Sea And As Far South As Antarctica In Order To Find Enough Food To Sustain Their Ways Of Liveup To Squid A Day Along The Way, These Massive Beasts Battle Feet Long Giant Squids, And Each Other, To Sustain Their Ways Of LifeNational Geographic Supports K Educators With ELA Common Core ResourcesVisitnatgeoed Commoncorefor Information

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    My whale loving and soon to be three year old grandson found it to be something he liked Or so I was told Actually, I almost bought one for myself too as I do love whales as well Soon, as time allows I will buy a subscription to Nat Geo s Kids Magazine which this is and He ll periodically receive additional issues I ve always recognized the quality in Nat Geo offerings.

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    Got this to help 1st grader do animal project on whales Despite the title, it ONLY talks about Sperm Whales That would have been helpful to know before purchasing.

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    My four and a half year old son is in love with whales right now In particular he wants to see pictures of whales We got him this book for Christmas as a part of a whale themed package and I have to say it s great There are lots of pictures and because it s geared for a young reader it a fairly short book so we are able to read it to him I will note however that this book it only about sperm whales which worked great for us since he s interested in learning about all whales However, if you are looking for a book that covers multiple types of whales you may want to keep on looking.

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    My granddaughter really loves these large and color picture filled national geographic for kids books They are very informative and when she reads them, she asks me inquisitive questions about lots of topics.

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    When you hear your kid come to you and marvel about how deep the whale can dive, you know you bought the right book This book is informative and filled with many good pictures of different kind of whales Not just my boy, I like this book too