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Rulethe Oceanin This Shark Tasticsticker And Activity Book FromNational Geographic Kids This Super Engaging Activity Book Is Packed With Mazes, Spelling And Pattern Games, Drawing Activities, Shark Facts, And Shark Crazy Kids Are Sure To Love These Pages Loaded With Fun, Learning As They Go

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    Libro muy completo y entretenido para ni os entre 5 7 a os Con actividades muy entretenidas

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    This book is filled with activities, games, stickers and facts Activities vary from mazes to spotting the difference between pictures to drawing and connect the dot and of course stickers and .I bought this for my 4 year old son who is obsessed with sharks and sea life He will definitely enjoy the sticker activities but as of right now most other activities will probably go over his head as far as doing them correctly He doesn t understand mazes and doesn t quite have the finess for spotting differences between two busy pictures etc Now it s not to say he won t enjoy it because he ll just play it in his own way and with our assistance we ll play some together and he will enjoy the pictures The stickers are labeled so you know which ones go to which pages.I like how the book offers various facts and information about different sharks so he can learn while playing because right now he has lots of questions With my experience though, if I tell my son a fun fact like some sharks s eyes glow green as the book says, he ll ask me which shark and I won t be able to answer because the book didn t specify.But overall this looks like a fun activity book, colorful, and good layout I m sure this will be a hit during our beach trip.

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    My daughter is a Shark OBSESSED 3 year old, and this was perfect for her Not only is it all about sharks, it has tons of shark stickers, and shark related stickers and the best part is, the book is designed to be the place for them to put ALLLL the stickers Genius What kid doesn t love stickers, but now the stickers don t end up on my walls, nor on my car or on the tub or sink..or even an important document They actually designed the book so they can figure out which sticker goes where in the book and place it on its special spot or somewhere else I m just glad I m not having to scrape it off my rear car door.seriously 10

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    This is an awesome book especially if you have a little shark enthusiast at home This was s fun to do with my little one He loved finding the shapes where the stickers go and then reading the fun facts The great thing is that after your little one finishes putting the stickers in the book they have a shark fun fact book to learn from that they participated in making The stickers are clearly marked with the page numbers so it is easy for children to find where the stickers belong The book comes with extra stickers just for fun and they are also clearly marked extra stickers We did this book during shark week which made it even fun I would purchase again.

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    As far as sticker books go for children, this is really a good one BUT a little tip for the manufacturer Please STOP putting the stickers in the middle of the book I see that they provide perforated lines but they don t aid in any way to help tear off the pages I almost lost half of the stickers because it wouldn t tear properly So why don t you and every other company that makes sticker books, just put the freaking stickers in the front Dang

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    We gave this as a present for a shark themed party We love these books and have quite a few different themed ones They have lots of pages and stickers Perfect for a rainy day activity or a car plane ride