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We loved Maris Wicks s Human Body Theater it s brilliant , and this one was well made but had too many descriptions of every single coral at some point, which slowed down this book and made it hard to get through, especially without real pictures just illustrations of the corals to go along with the information My child loved the little fish and I really appreciated the environmental tone and how well it was done, but it was not as good as Human Body Theater. Every Volume Of Science Comics Offers A Complete Introduction To A Particular Topic Dinosaurs, Coral Reefs, The Solar System, Volcanoes, Bats, Flying Machines, And These Gorgeously Illustrated Graphic Novels Offer Wildly Entertaining Views Of Their Subjects Whether You Re A Fourth Grader Doing A Natural Science Unit At School Or A Thirty Year Old With A Secret Passion For Airplanes, These Books Are For You This Volume In Coral Reefs, We Learn All About These Tiny, Adorable Sea Animals This Absorbing Look At Ocean Science Covers The Biology Of Coral Reefs As Well As Their Ecological Importance Nonfiction Comics Genius Maris Wicks Brings To Bear Her Signature Combination Of Hardcore Cuteness And In Depth Science The Science Comics series uses the graphic novel format to inform kids and adults about popular topics In this case, the topic is coral reefs The narrator is a sassy yellow goby fish who explains the facts about coral reefs and their inhabitants There is a wealth of information in this book, and it may be a bit much for younger kids Then again, if they are interested in the subject, kids can remember a surprising number of facts The illustrations are bright and beautiful, and labeled diagrams are provided to help explain the facts In the back of the book, readers will find a glossary, bibliography, and a list of additional resources The book also gives information about conservation and real examples of what kids can do to help.The book was a fun read and I learned a lot about coral reefs. when i started reading this great graphic novel i got hooked on the first page very resonable price and great content one thing i will mention is that the cover is kind of peely but i gave it five stars anyway i like how the book tells the scientific name of the different types of coral reef i also like the little fish guy narrorating the story i wish there were educational graphic novels like this one if you are thinking about buying it you should there are no spelling errors or typos i haven t read any of the other books by this author, like the plague one or the dinosaur one but i really think this author is very creative with their books if you buy this book i hope you engoy it sorry if i had some spoilers me My second grade son loves Science Comics, and the Coral Reef book is near the top of the list he likes Volcanoes and Robots a bit According to his teacher, my son is reading at about a 4th grade level, and he can plow through these books pretty quickly He likes that its a graphic novel, I like that the science is presented in such an engaging way With support I think kindergartners would enjoy reading these books snuggled with their favorite adults and they may hold interested for kids in 5th or 6th gradeespecially if the Science Comics could be used instead of a boring text book This series is great for home schoolers, avid readers, reluctant readers graphic novels are less intimidating , and science lovers.