Prime Science Comics: Sharks By Joe Flood –

Every Volume Of Science Comics Is A Complete Introduction To A Particular Topic Dinosaurs, Coral Reefs, The Solar System, Volcanoes, Bats, Flying Machines, And These Gorgeously Illustrated Graphic Novels Offer Wildly Entertaining Views Of Their Subjects Whether You Re A Fourth Grader Doing A Natural Science Unit At School Or A Thirty Year Old With A Secret Passion For Airplanes, These Books Are For You This Volume In Sharks, We Explore One Of The Most Unfairly Villainised And Hollywood Famous Underwater Predators With Their Million Year History, Their Vital Role In Maintaining The Ecosystem, Their Incredible Specialised Adaptations, And Their Various Unique Species, There Is A Lot To Sharks Than Just Their Ferocious Jaws

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    Science Comics are so great My 10 year old daughter loves sharks, so this one was a no brainer We have so far purchased Dinosaurs, Plagues, Coral Reefs and Dogs My daughter is also a huge fan of graphic novels She s a high level reader, but doesn t like to read However, she is completely drawn to graphic novels So what a fantastic way to learn about topics not all kids want to learn about Let s face it, most 4th graders aren t going to pick up and read a book on plagues Heck, most adults won t I hope they continue with this series of books I think they are putting them out as fast as they can and I am thrilled about it My daughter has been carrying around this Shark book for a week and reading and re reading it.

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    Science Comics are phenomenal They make reading complex information super fun and I think that both parents and kids can get a kick out of these

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    My 10 year old likes it.

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    Awesome,Facebook is very well written and has a fun way to get lots of good scientific facts while enjoying reading

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    These books are awesome They are approachable to 8 13yr olds while still being informative to adults.