[[ download Textbooks ]] MiG-17 and MiG-19 Units of the Vietnam War (Combat Aircraft)Author Istvn Toperczer – Kairafanan.co

Fascinating well written monograph with excellent color plates An interesting insight into the other side of the Viet Nam Air War A must for modelers, historians, and MiG enthusiasts. Ospey does it again with the pictures and line drawing of the countries air force I like the training and the tactics covered in this book The campaign to destroy the airfields is also covered Worth reading Found out what I needed to know I would have been just as happy to have checked it out from a library. I purchased this book because, although I already possessed some knowledge on the technical attributes of the Mig 17, I certainly never before had a clear understanding of how these aircraft had been employed in combat.As well as the actual combat records supplemented with statements in regards to whether the USN or USAF acknowledges the victory , a short but detailed history on the building of the VPAF is included.There is a good description of the tactics used during the conflict This is supported by individual accounts of the pilots as they flew the missions The nice to have here would have been some description of how the Vietnamese pilots spent their time, their living conditions, food ect Details on the 17 and 19 s particular quirks and attributes would also have been good.Possibly the most valuable attribute to this book is the sense of scale that it manages to produce Starting the conflict with 36 pilots and growing to just 72 by 1968, the VPAF was small flying club compared the USN and USAF Remember that the number includes helicopter and transport pilots Any stories of countless Migs flying in from all directions clearly must be taken with a grain of salt.The efforts of the author to verify victories against US records are most valuable Unfortunately no such concentrated efforts have been made on behalf of the rather dubious claims made by USAF and USN aviators.After reading this book, I read US Navy F 4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965 70 Incidentally this is a great book too However a slightly hollow feeling comes around when a Mig is destroyed I think of the Phantom, crewed by 2, equipped with fabulous electronic devices to aid in combat and navigation, immensely powerful and modern, backed up by extensive Hawkeye and tanker support as well as other fighters Then I think of the Mig An early 50 s upgrade of a late 40 s aircraft Equipped with bare minimum avionics, armed with guns, with a single antique engine Piloted by a crew of 1, the pilot receiving scant instruction from ground radar and often being targeted by friendly AA.There is a strong perception among western aviation fans that the North Vietnamese fighter pilots were comically inferior to their US counterparts, but one can hardly deny that they were among the most valiant of aviators. The Erstwhile Enemy Of The USAF And US Navy During The Nine Years Of American Involvement In The Vietnam War, The Vietnamese Peoples Air Force VPAF Quickly Grew From An Ill Organised Rabble Of Poorly Trained Pilots Flying Antiquated Communist Aircraft Into A Highly Effective Fighting Force That Than Held Its Own Over The Skies Of North Vietnam Flying Soviet Fighters Like The MiG , And , The VPAF Produced Over A Dozen Aces, Whilst The Americans Managed Just Two Pilots And Three Navigators In The Same Period