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This Book Is My Humble Attempt To Shine A Light On The Work Of The Best And Wisest I Have Ever Known He Has, I Think It Is Safe To Say, Elevated The Science Of Detection Into An Art Form Having Been At His Side During Some Of His Most Remarkable Cases, It Has Fallen To Me To Bring His Achievements To The Attention Of The Wider Public He Is, Quite Simply, The Mozart Of Criminal Investigation I Would Say , But I Am Flattered And Delighted To Say That Sherlock Holmes Himself Has Agreed To Write A Piece For The Cover John Watson Don T Buy This Book The Author Has Transformed What Should Have Been A Series Of Lectures Into A Gross And Tasteless Entertainment The Science Of Deduction Is A Branch Of Human Achievement Requiring Serious Analysis And Yet Here I Find It Lavishly Illustrated, Disfigured With Humour And Infested With Gossip Apparently, This Kind Of Sensationalism Is Required To Engage The Interest Of The Reading Public, But It Is Rather Like Working An Office Romance Into A Paper On Quantum Physics Only An Idiot Would Be Impressed Help Yourself Sherlock Holmes

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    Es, desde luego, un tesoro para los fans de Sherlock Est escrito de forma muy amena, con toques de humor, post its incluidos Desde luego lo recomiendo Yo cog la versi n de tapa dura, porque me gusta tener los libros f sicamente La portada ya atrae a abrir el libro.Est en ingl s y hay info de los episodios de las dos primeras temporadas con im genes y explicaciones, que a m me han encantado.Si Guy Adams, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat y la BBC hicieran otra para las otras dos temporadas, lo comprar a tambi n sin dudar.

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    El libro es divertid simo, y trae informaci n interesante sobre el trabajo que conllev adaptar los originales a un nuevo estilo y un nuevo contexto, y qu referencias se han conservado Por supuesto, est en ingl s.The book is awesome, it s a great complement to the show, funny and witty, a great insight into the wonderful friendship between these two men It also includes information about the original books and how the adaptation was made, a treasure

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    Wow This casebook is as it says, A casebook that follows the show script by script with vivid, colorful matte pictures It follows the show of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson his faithful and loyal companion partner This book is a must read for those who are fans of the show I have loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a kid in elementary, Dear Watson I couldn t help myself, lol I recommend this book to add to your library because in my humble opinion Benedict broke the mold when it comes to portraying the new Sherlock Holmes I love the show and now I have the casebook Get this book You won t regret it It s like a conversation between Sherlock and John Watson the way the book is written and you the reader is right there in the middle of it

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    Just got this book in the mail, expecting that it would be aimed at the younger viewers of the BBC series Sherlock I was totally wrong Although filled with photographs and pseudo files, it is definitely for both the Sherlock fan as well as fans of Sherlock Holmes.The first two seasons are recounted by John Watson in scrapbook form, with post it notes added by Sherlock, John, and some by Mycroft The actual cases from the books are compared to those aired as well as the influences for both We are also provided information regarding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the various filmed Sherlock Holmes that are considered by fans as some of the best or most influential.The tone is dead on character wise, the final chapter on The Reichenbach Fall is heartrending, and there s a hint on the end credits page Very well done 5 out of 5.

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    Brilliant book.There s so much to look at through the many cases that John and Sherlock have worked on It s simply not a one page explanation, either each case spans several pages with many post it note additions from Sherlock Their bantering via the post it notes is simply hilarious and completely in character.As well as case notes, there is several pages dedicated to the real life of Sherlock Holmes Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone, even Hugh Laurie as House interviews with the cast, information on ACD, etc Especially interesting to learn all of the little references that Moffat and Gatiss used to bring the original canon into the series.I highly recommend this book for any Sherlocked fan The final entry from John brings back all the feels that Reichenbach gave to us to begin with, and a final post it note from Sherlock is nearly nostalgic Overall, a wonderful Sherlockian find.

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    It s not your usual companion book to a series I would have preferred that type of book, but this is well written, funny, and in some places discusses scenes from the series that sort of had their complications, and THOSE comments are hilarious The scene in which the plane has been filled with already dead people and the filming of that scene was soooooo funny to read I would have preferred photos and less post it note sayings I would have enjoyed discussion of Detective Lestrade, Mycroft, and Mrs Hudson Alas, not to be This is one terrific series and the book is worth reading.

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    I absolutely adore the series Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both perfect for their roles That being said, the show wouldn t nearly be as good without the witty, razor sharp, lightning fast, Doyle pop culture peppered dialogue and social interplay The writers really outdid themselves in the show, and thankfully, their brilliance has carried over into the book I have gone through nearly half of it already in two days, and in all that time, I could not stop snorting and snickering The bickering of Sherlock and John through the post its scattered all throughout Watson s pre pubescent girl s scrapbook is priceless Truly a work that lives up to its claim of being an Official Companion to the hit television series If you are any kind of fan at all, Buy it now