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Forensic Science Is A Subject Of Wide Fascination What Happens At A Crime Scene How Does DNA Profiling Work How Can It Help Solve Crimes That Happened Years Ago In Forensic Science, A Criminal Case Can Often Hinge On A Piece Of Evidence Such As A Hair, A Blood Trace, Half A Footprint, Or A Tyre Mark High Profile Cases Such As The Stephen Lawrence Enquiry And The Madeleine McCann Case Have Attracted Enormous Media Attention And Enhanced This Interest In Recent Years However, The Public Understanding Of Forensic Science Is Poor, And Largely Based On TV Shows Such As CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Which Exploit High Tech Imagery For DramaticeffectForensic Science Is A Complex Activity At The Interface Of Science And Law However, It Also Deals With Real Life Issues And Its Results Are Interpreted Within Unique Situations Complex Scientific Findings Must Be Considered Carefully, Dispassionately, And Communicated With Clarity, Simplicity, And PrecisionIn This Very Short Introduction, Jim Fraser Introduces The Concept Of Forensic Science And Explains How It Is Used In The Investigation Of Crime He Begins At The Crime Scene Itself, Explaining The Principles And Processes Of Crime Scene Management He Explores How Forensic Scientists Work From The Reconstruction Of Events To Laboratory Examinations He Considers The Techniques They Use, Such As Fingerprinting, And Goes On To Highlight The Immense Impact DNA Profiling Has HadProviding Examples From Forensic Science Cases In The UK, US, And Other Countries, He Considers The Techniques And Challenges Faced Around The WorldABOUT THE SERIES The Very Short Introductions Series From Oxford University Press Contains Hundreds Of Titles In Almost Every Subject Area These Pocket Sized Books Are The Perfect Way To Get Ahead In A New Subject Quickly Our Expert Authors Combine Facts, Analysis, Perspective, New Ideas, And Enthusiasm To Make Interesting And Challenging Topics Highly Readable

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    I bought this book knowing full well ahead of time that the author, Jim Fraser, is a highly experienced and well renowned expert witness and forensic criminal scientist in the U.K., whilst I am a simple forensic engineer in the U.S., who absolutely loved the way he writes what he thinks unrestrained by popular convention Unabashed, Jim takes on the contemporary aspects of forensic science with glee and, like a masterful medical examiner, performs an Oscar worthy autopsy re painting the forensic science landscape in the process If not for the locked in precedence already established by the Very Short series, this book could have also been titled A Very Condensed Handbook of Forensic Science Here, I am paying homage to the book Handbook of Forensic Science, also authored by Jim Fraser and co authored with Robin Williams a wonderfully written treatise on the subject If forensic science is your passion, only your failure to buy this book, study and understand it, would be the crime.

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    It lives up to its title, A Short Introduction An introduction to forensic science You learn the terms and get an idea what the field is all about

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    Important vocabulary, brief history of the field, discussion of issues and contentious positions ideal for an Advanced Placement High School or 100, 200 level college course

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    Studying writing so handy insight into forensics

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    As advertised