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A Contemporary Classic About Love Now Completely Revised And UpdatedFrom Love At First Sight And Infidelity To Hook Up Culture And Slow Love, Dr Helen Fisher, The Biological Anthropologist And Renowned Expert On The Science Of Love Scientific American , Explains It All In This Thoroughly Revised Classic On The Evolution And Future Of Human Sex, Romance, And Partnership Examining Marriage And Divorce In Societies And Adultery In Cultures, She Argues That We Are Returning To Patterns Of Business, Sex, And Love That Echo Our Ancient Past And She Is Optimistic About Our Future Un maravilloso ensayo que desvela o aventura el origen ancestral y puramente biol gico de nuestras costumbres sexuales, as como su adecuaci n a las necesidades sociales de cada cultura. Great book I am a physician and married fr 40 years , and I learned quite a bit The book is state of the science of human love romance, attachment and sex yes all three I neve knew there were three It is based on biology, evolution, anthropology It is very easy reading.Turns out The seven year itch is four years long Woman pursue and enjoy sex, and have intense orgasms than men serial monogamy is the normal state of things, amongst humans and most species Love, and sex are adapted to promote attachment to promote successful reproduction , so much so in humans, that we have evolved the largest in relative and absolute measurements and most intensely inervated sex organs of any species Women do not have a defined estrous they are always in heat There is great information on how we go about choosing a mate, the period of infatuation 1 3 years , adultery who, why, when, etc , and many well researched topics of interest Based on all this, and much , Dr Fisher gives great advise and counsel on maintaining intense love in our relationships The information is state of the art and up to date.I cannot emphasize what a great resource is this book.Thomas A Warr, MD The author is a biological anthropologist and, sure enough, this book is about the anthropological background of our biology, at least the sex and romance part of it I highly recommend it.As a senior who used to be on an Internet dating site Match.com , I had viewed several of the author s Ted talks These were intriguing enough to take a stab at this book in hardcover To my delight, this book does not repeat the subject matter of her talks Yes, some aspects of what she references in her talks make an appearance here and there but this work has a different emphasis The majority of the book is a description of the anthropological history of what the subtitle says mating, marriage, and why we stray It is well written, moves at a pleasantly rapid pace, and the anecdotes are well chosen and properly illustrative.The payoff from these lessons and the reader s education comes in the final chapter It is not just a home run, it is a grand slam Only now, while reading her observations, conclusions, and predictions, the reader understands the foundation and background of each The result is a credibility missing in a Ted talk or a YouTube video.A delightful thing about Ms Fisher is that she never loses sight of the sparkle and magic of romantic love While the knowledge she communicates in this volume helps the reader to understand why men and women act as they do including why we stray, if we do , she always focuses on the future, on the next adventure as we seek a new romantic partner In my view, her take on internet dating sites is exactly accurate Internet dating services are not dating services they are introducing services p 308 Amen to that What we do, how we act, where things go after the introduction that s still up to us.It is a rare book that causes a reader to feel, on completion, that he or she better understands human nature This book merits that praise.