ePUB Tracks and Signs of the Animals and Birds of Britain and EuropeAuthor Lars Henrik Olsen – Kairafanan.co

This Beautifully Illustrated Field Guide Enables You To Easily Identify The Tracks And Signs Left By A Wide Variety Of Mammal And Bird Species Found In Britain And Europe, Covering Behaviors Ranging From Hunting, Foraging, And Feeding To Courtship, Breeding, And Nesting Introductory Chapters Offer Detailed Drawings Of Footprints And Tracks Of Large And Small Mammals, Which Are Followed By Sections On Mammal Scat, Bird Droppings, And The Feeding Signs Of Animals On Food Sources Such As Nuts, Cones, And Rose Hips The Book Then Describes Specific Mammal Species, Providing Information On Size, Distribution, Behavior, Habitat, And Similar Species, As Well As Specific Detail On Tracks And Scat Distribution Maps Are Also Included This Indispensable Field Guide Covers Species Of Mammals And Birds, And Features A Wealth Of Stunning Color Photos And Artwork Throughout Helps You Easily Identify The Tracks And Signs Of A Variety Of Mammals And Birds Covers Species Illustrated Throughout With Photos, Drawings, And Artwork Ncludes Informative Descriptions Of Mammal Species Along With Distribution Maps

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    This is a very well produced, abundantly illustrated guide to the tracks and signs of 175 species of European mammals and birds bound in a field friendly, flexible cover The first hundred pages are thematic sections on bird and mammal tracks, scat, feeding signs, nests and dens, pellets and feathers, while the remainder of the book comprises species accounts for mammals The first part is the most useful for identification, since, for example, different types of owl pellet and comparative illustrations of footprints are presented in the same place.There is much to enjoy here, from the new illustrations to the excellent photographs I found it an enjoyable read and a nice book to dip into It may not be a true field guide, like the old Collins and Hamlyn guides, but is still a valuable contribution to the European tracking literature.