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    If you are new to tracking, this book does a very good job of explaining how a scenting dog operates and how it is possible to teach a dog to discriminate the scent of one human trail from another without becoming overly technical It is sort of an old classic and definitely a good addition to a dog lover s library Read the first few chapters to get a good idea of how scent on a track works, why to use positive reinforcement to teach tracking, and some really good stories about dogs who can detect leaks in oil pipelines The author is correct that dogs trained in obedience using compulsive methods will find it difficult to learn to trust their noses because they are wary of making mistakes.The rest of the book outlines a very specific method for training your dog in AKC style tracking It will not suffice for an IPO competitor and it is not an appropriate method for SAR or scent detection either You could probably use it to teach trailing if you got creative, but the book doesn t really aim for that There are tables of week by week exercises and very detailed instructions for how to use bait and excite the dog to track.I really only had two problems with this book 1 The author makes it sound like it is impossible to teach your dog to successfully track if you do not have helpers on hand to lay tracks This is not really true They can make the switch to tracking strangers fairly easily if proper motivation is used Even my older dog was able to grasp this concept without difficulty, especially since they are smelling the disturbed vegetation so than the individual s body scent.2 The book is really aimed at higher drive dogs that have a substantial desire for play In order to use these methods, I actually had to spend weeks conditioning my dog to even care that the glove scent article existed She is interested now, but I wish I had started with Sil Sander s approach first because that would have been suitable for her laid back temperament.Also keep in mind that this book is aimed at competitive tracking If you re just doing this for fun, don t worry about following the strict schedule outlined in the book because you will burn yourself out

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    Bought this as an instruction manual for tracking I ve self trained all my dogs and have competed with success in akc obedience shows titled many dogs up to including UD This book is now my guide to teach my corgi to track He and I are progressing nicely following the program outlined in the book I would also highly recommend the Leerburg tracking videos too.

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    If you have an interest in AKC, Mixed Breed tracking titles or just want to have fun with your dog this book will help guide you through the steps necessary to accomplish your goal I purchased it because I heard that it was the Bible of Tracking and I agree I track with Golden Retrievers and will sometimes team up with friends that enjoy tracking their mixed breeds Each of these dogs show a strong tracking drive Like people, dogs are not one size fits all so I use what works for my dogs and let the rest go I purchased both the book and kindle version I m now working on TDX and I find this a good read while waiting for my three to five hour tracks to age If your goal is to enter tracking test you may want to add another book About Tracking Dog Training Creating a Problem Solving Partnership by Betty A Mueller these two books to some degree cover different aspects of tracking and reading both should go a long way to putting you and your dog on the right track.

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    Fine book for those of us who are interested in K 9 dog sports such as Schutzhund, KNVP, CKC or AKC tracking trials or search and rescue work I find this book to be on par with others written by Dr Dietmar Schellenberg, Gary Patterson or Max von Steffanitz This is a great addition to your Tracking reference library, and is a valuable adjunct to Dr Schellenberg s book TOP Working Dogs tracking obedience and protection , and is a must for any Training Director or Handler.

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    Really enjoy reading this I am taking a course now the method is a little different but I think I will incorporate some of the ideas.