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I read and loved Max s other book, Big Bore Revolvers I hesitated on buying this book, as hunting with a handgun is really not my thing, based on where I live, etc.I recently saw max on one of the shooting programs, and it waited my appetite to take a closer look at this book.My copy arrive today I should be doing other things right now, but I cannot put this book down If you have any interest at all in big bore revolvers, you need this book, as well as the other book by Max.Endless amount of detail, great pictures, great stories, all the popular handguns are detailed, the calibers a detailed, as well as the innovators who brought them to fruition.Dick Casull, John Linebaugh, etc.You know that feeling that happens when you hesitate on buying something, and then you buy it, and you think to yourself why on earth did I wait, I should ve bought this along time ago Great book I am not able to train as hard as I need to to always operate a semi at peak efficiency I also find that carrying the semi in anything other than the specific holster rig can lead to problems I also find the occasional problem with ammunition presents of problem with the semiautomatic This makes a revolver and specifically a short relative to use barreled one my pistol of choice This book gave me new information and reinforced what I learned when I carried on the job. great book, it s full of good info on hunting revolvers and of the accessories and bullets and loads to go with them photography is awesome and it is really a well done book it s great to see all the contributors and their hunts as well Tim above has decided he can t play with the big boys and has an axe to grind, or maybe he s just mad his wife won t let him buy one, but he couldn t be wrong this book is well worth the purchase and time to read very very well done Not recommended Lots of photos about custom revolvers that take several years to be delivered after you pay up front 5,000 or and hope that they get delivered.Photos of hunting in Africa etc and almost no hunting in North America.Dated information with no information about Biggest Finest Revolvers were previously special order revolvers are now available. Your Guide To Big Bore Revolver Hunting Handgun Hunting Has Evolved Significantly Over The Last Years With Gun Digest Book Of Hunting Revolvers, Youll Learn About Factory And Custom Revolvers, Plus Calibers, Bullets, And Terminal Effectiveness On All Sizes Of GameExtensive, Detailed Look At Factory And Custom RevolversTerminal Ballistics Theory, Application And Bullet DesignDissolving Myths About Paper BallisticsPhotos And Stories Of Big Bore Revolvers On The HuntThis Book Stands Alone As The Most Comprehensive Look Ever At The Revolver As A Viable Primary Hunting Tool And Is Your Guide To Taking The Hunt To The Next Level Like Only Big Bore Revolver Hunting Can Examine The Currently Available Hunting Revolvers And Their Intended Applications Read Fascinating Handgun Hunting Stories That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat And Inform Your Choice Of Big Bore Revolvers To Take Any Game On This Planet This In Depth Examination Of Handgun Hunting Dispels The Myths Of Handgun Potency And Terminal Ballistics And Is The Ultimate Guide To The Challenge And Reward Of Pursuing Game With Big Bore Revolvers Whether A Seasoned Sixgun Shooter Looking To Push The Limits, Or A Newbie Just Considering The Close Range Challenge Of Handgun Hunting, This Book Is The Ultimate Guide