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SEALs Believe That Theyou Sweat In Training The Less You Bleed In Battle How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL Translates This Work Ethic Into The Process Needed To Make Any One Of Us A Master With A Firearm Having Shot With A Number Of SEALs, I Was Really Impressed And Learned A Lot Of New Material From This Navy SEAL Instructor S Attention To Detail I Don T Care If You Are A Housewife Needing To Protect Herself, A Weekend Sportsman, Or An FBI Sniper This Book Is A Must ReadScott McEwen,Co Author New York Times Bestseller American Sniperand USA Today National Bestseller Sniper Elite One Way Trip The Book Has Great Fundamentals Told In Simple Easy Tocomprehend Terms From The Eyes Of Someone Who Knows What It S Like To Be Incombat Defending Our Freedom And Liberties Great Book Blake MiguezTop SHOT Season USPSA Grand MasterHaving Attended Multiple Instructional Courses In Firearms Training, I Was Impressed With How Chris Broke Down The Fundamentals In A Way I D Not Seen Before This Explanation Has Really Helped Me Grasp A Lot Of The Why In Recognizing My Bad Habits And Working To Correct ThemBryan Black Editor In Chief, Founder Of ITS TacticalI Have Been A Police Officer For Over Years In Some Of The Most Dangerous Areas Of Los Angeles And Orange County, CA I Ve Attended Hundreds Of Hours Of Firearms Training, And How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL Puts Into Words And Video Some Of The Most Efficient And Consistent Shooting Techniques I Have Ever Used If You Are Serious About Improving Your Combat Shooting Ability And The Ability To Defend Yourself And Your Family, This Book Is A Must Read B Atkinson,Field Training OfficerIf You Are Really Serious About Training And Want To Learn The Skills That Give An Unstoppable Edge To Navy SEALS And Raise Your Level Of Firearms Proficiency Almost Immediately You Can With My Comprehensive Book How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL Combat Marksmanship FundamentalsDuring My Years In The Navy, I Worked As The Leading SEAL Sniper Instructor, SEAL Qualification Training SQT Instructor, Master Training Specialist MTS , BUD S And Advanced Training Marksmanship InstructorToday I M A DOD And DHS Certified Counter Terrorism And Advanced Marksmanship Instructor Who Has Trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement And Multiple Foreign Allies In All Aspects Of Combat Weapons Handling, Marksmanship And Tactical OperationsIf You Are Dedicated To Getting Better, How To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals Is The Only Place You Can Learn The Exact Tactics And Techniques I Teach To Turn Beginners Into Masters, And Masters Into Legends SOC Ret Chris Sajnog

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