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New Bullets, New Powders, New Cartridges AndThe Th Edition Hornady Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading Features Over , Pages Of Reloading Data, Techniques And Bullet Information From Caliber Varmint Cartridges To Large Dangerous Game Loads, The Hand Loader Has Access To Over Different Calibers Featuring A Variety Of Loads For The Full Line Of Hornady BulletsThe Th Edition Also Features An Impressive Lineup Of New And Expanded Data New Powders Include Power Pro MR, IMR And , CFE Pistol, BE , Reloader And , Accurate LT And , And Some Offerings From Shooters World Popular Established Powders Like Reloader , Superformance, And LeverEvolution Have Also Been Expanded TocartridgesThe Latest Hornady Bullets, Such As The ELD X And ELD Match Line, Havebeen Incorporated Into The Data Plus, Weve AddedGMX, SSTand FTX Offerings New Cartridges Include The Ackley Improved, X Brenneke And The Federal Well Over , Load Combinations Were Shot To Update And Expand The Reloading Pages In This EditionLike Previous Editions, The Handbook Offers Explanations Of Internal, External And Terminal Ballistics We Have Also Highlighted Some Of Our Online Tools Including The Hornady Standard Ballistic Calculator Ballistic Coefficient Based And The Patent Pending DOF Ballistic Calculator Drag Coefficient Based Whether Youre A Novice Or Seasoned Hand Loader, These Resources Provide Everything Needed To Successfully Reload Your Favorite CartridgesPlease Be Sure To Check Hornady Errata For Corrections To The Load Data

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