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In The Twelve Years Since His Landmark Book Pop Fleyes, Bob Popovics Has Continued To Develop New Fly Patterns And Improve Old Favorites His New Book Includes Step By Step Tying And Technique Tutorials, Over New Patterns, And Numerous Variations For Every Situation, Plus Contributions From A New Generation Of Fly Tiers Who Have Been Influenced By His Signature Style

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    Libro molto interessante in lingua inglese e ricco di figure Copertina rigida.

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    When I bought Bob Popovics Pop Fleyes publication, I did not know what I might find in that publication After going through that book, I not only learned many new techniques, but also the interesting philosophy about how the author went about experimenting and designing his fleyes I did not think that I would see another book from this author which would rival the first book, but I was wrong I have found Mr Popovics new book to be on par with his first book and provides even insight into his fleyes, designs and techniques As before, I find his philosophy intriguing as he continues to explore, modify and expand his designs and techniques Impressive book full of information and written in a most understandable way with appropriate pictures and graphics.

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    What a marvellous book I came to it as a long time trout fly tyer of nymphs and dries, but with limited experience of streamers and the use of bucktail Fleye Design opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, and provided the tuition to enable me to access it The photography and clarity of instruction are outstanding, and while I m not usually given to OTT endorsements, I m happy to recommend Mr Popovics book in the highest possible terms, without reservation.

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    I couldn t recommend this book highly Absolutely fabulous bible not only of Bob s fleye patterns, but importantly, his unique techniques, which yield his signature results Also very helpful information about the various baitfish the fleyes attempt to imitate The book is filled with high quality photographs illustrating every step of tying Bob s patterns A must have for every saltwater fly tier.

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    This is the completion of my first book, said Bob Popovics, master innovator of saltwater flies, and probably my last book.I can only say that I sincerely hope that is not true, as this collaboration with Jay Nichols and a score of saltwater notables has produced one of the most important works on saltwater fly design and construction in my lifetime This is a master class in flytying for any longrodder who fashions his own fur, hair and feathers for linesiders and a look into the future of saltwater flytying, provided by a host of knowledgeable tyers, guides and cognoscenti of our sport.

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    Been waiting for Bob s book to come out for almost 4 years FINALLY it hit the press to no surprise another winner Every fly tyer new or old should have a copy of this book Bob is a master when it comes to tying saltwater flies Don t miss getting this great book