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Devin Olsen Explains How The Techniques He Has Used To Become A Repeat Medalist In Fly Fishing Competitions Around The World Can Be Adapted To Everyday Fly Fishing Situations He Covers Strategies, Tactics, And Flies For Rivers, Small Streams, And Still Waters, Allowing Anyone To Fish Successfully By Applying The Approaches Taken By Competitive Anglers

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    I ve been fly fishing close to 60 years, but I m new to euro nymphing and bought the book mainly for further information on this approach I have to say that while it is a great reference for euro nymphing I was surprised to find it also packed with lots of excellent information on trout behavior, reading water, seasonal considerations, and mixing euro nymphing with dry dropper and suspension techniques I own both the DVD s on euro nymphing by Devin Olsen and Lance Egan and this book was a great compliment to that material Apparently you in fact can teach an old dog new tricks if your style is interesting, engaging and informative Great book

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    This is a very useful book with great insights afforded by the author s long history of fly fishing, former job as a fisheries biologist, and a dozen years learning and distilling lessons through the lens of competition As mentioned in the book, whether or not you like the idea of fly fishing competitions, they have produced new tools for the everyday fly fisher who is interested in actually catching some fish I like the case by case explanation of fly fishing solutions to each river feature and the utilitarian fly recipes section A major feature of the book is an extensive set of photographs intermixed with very useful drawings The drawings are excellent The photos were fun to see but they were hit or miss in conveying useful info The hits were labelled with lines or letters to pinpoint zones and specific locations, but I would have liked to see a font or color of letter that stood out better Photos that missed contained no letters or lines and or urged in the caption to look closely to find a feature that really could not be seen clearly Or owing to the mottled background and generally dark rendering of the photos, the rod and or line could not be seen to be doing what was explained in the caption Other than the photo misses, I really liked the book and look forward to books and videos from Devin in the future.

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    Interesting book, well written with good photography work throughout This would be a good book for people wanting to get a better idea of nymphing in general, with aspects of Euro nymphing However, for an advanced fisherman, this book is a lot of redo although there are a few pearls distributed throughout Altogether a very nice book well done by the author.

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    I ve learned a lot from tactical fly fishing and the modern nymphing videos When I saw this book was out I bought it immediately and it didn t disappoint Along with George Daniel s book it should be on every fisherman s shelf.

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    This book provides and in depth, updated perspective on fly fishing using the techniques that world competitive fly fishermen use It not only covers the techniques perfected in world class events, but helps you understand how to approach the river, how to fish places you would normally walk by, and chapter by chapter guidelines on the various types of water runs, riffles, flats, etc One of the best and most useful fly fishing manuals you will read.