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Excellent HOT Another great read by Larissa Ione a world where the Ageis known as Guardians hunt down the creatures of the underworld but when one of them actually becomes one of those creatures, where do they turn I love the fact that they still find in themselves that they still hold that sense of humanity but with intensified sences, that they still have feelings and still love, and mainly that they realize there will always be the good, the bad, and the ugly no matter what world you come from.Great story and the erotic scene was HOT I wanted and couldn t believe how fast I read this short story, I litterly couldn t put it down. This is the story of two demon hunters, Kaden and Andrea When Kaden is captured by vampires and he is turned into one, he thinks that his life is over He refuses to live, he refuses to drink blood.Unfortunately Andrea is captured by the same vampires and she is thrown into his cell Bloodlusted Kaden will try to keep away from her, but the hunger is consuming him.Their love will survive this test and Andrea will convince Kaden that he is not the monster he thinks he is Now they just need to fight the other vampires and the other Aegi guardians who want Kaden dead.Maybe the New York unit where Kynan and Tayla work could help them We will definitely see of this couple in later books.An excellent short story packed with action and unstoppable love. Desire Demon Slayer Andrea Cole Has Always Taken Down The Demons And Vampires She Hunts Without Mercy But When A Fellow Slayer Is Captured And Turned Into A Vampire By A Sadistic Monster, She Must Choose Between Loyalty To Her Family And The Man She LovesVersus Instinct Kaden Quinn Has Dedicated His Life To Slaying Vampires, So When He Is Turned Into One, His Greatest Nightmare Comes To Life And When The Woman He Loves Is Thrown Into A Dungeon With Him As Food He Must Battle New Instincts And Old Desires, And Choose Between His Life, And HersTE This Is A Short Novella That Originally Appeared In The Mammoth Book Of Vampire Romance And The Anthology Vampires In Love It Has Been Expanded For Its Stand Alone Digital Release In The Demonica Timeline, It Falls Between Book , Ecstasy Unveiled, And Book , Sin Undone, Though It Can Be Read Without Having Read The Demonica Novels I admit I like free shit I also admit I m not entirely rational in my thought process For example, I happily hand over my Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime Conference fees and feel like I ve won the lottery when I receive a bag filled with books Seriously, this ends up being one of the major highlights of these conferences So in my continued pursuit of this high, minus the conference fees, I have decided to scour for the best free short stories and books available With that being said, let s get to the review.While ETERNITY EMBRACED packed plenty of passion into 44 pages, which should be enough to satisfy than a few paranormal romance readers, this story still felt unsatisfying I had trouble buying Andrea and Kaden s relationship within this tale s boundaries A few backstory details might have actually improved this story s momentum and made all that followed a bit realistic.But, otherwise, it wasn t bad, as the pace and dialogue help up fairly well And it cost me less than an hour of my time On the other hand, I won t actively seek out of this author s work, as I didn t exactly become endeared toward vampires Instead of embracing the undead, my first inclination would be to punch the unsuspecting fool and then hightail it out of there. Three and a half because it s short I absolutely adore the Demonica series and can t believe that I hadn t got round to reading this novella that connects It s previously been published before in anthologies but for some reason I d missed it.This is different because it s not set in Underground General Hospital New York but instead the action takes place in Portland, Oregon Andrea and Kaden are both Aegis Guardians working to protect humanity from the paranormal nasties but when Kaden is captured by Vampires a squad is sent to release him if still human or stake him if he s been turned So two demon hunters who have only recently found each other and yet their relationship is still pretty much in the air Both have suffered great loss and yet it s clearly Kaden who has held back Andrea so much wanted to find Kaden still human but in life you don t always get what you wish for Still she s not giving up and I liked that the author had a believable solution to the problem Plus we meet up with two old favourites but my lips are sealed Yes it s short but it s still a steamy ride and it was lovely to get a little background on Kade I feel like reading the whole series again now as I realise just how much I ve missed this world. Set in the Demonica world, Andrea and Kaden are both Aegi guardians but when Kaden is turned into a vampire, Andrea is forced to kill the man she loves.I loved the story and the only complaint is that I wish it were longer There is some mention of the New York cell where Kynan and Tayla work, but otherwise there is no real overlapping of the others in the series. This short story is Larissa Ione doing what she does best steaming up the pages until they are practically on fire.com places this book before Ecstasy Unveiled but since it references the couple from that book, I think it belongs after it It s not a big deal either way This is really a stand alone story with a cameo from Tayla Eidelon at the end and can really be read at any point.Our main characters are two demon hunters, Kaden and Andrea Kaden has been captured by the vampires he was hunting and turned into one Andrea goes in to find him, fearing the worst, since he is not only a fellow hunter, but also her lover When her mission goes wrong, and she is trapped in a cell with him, she finds out he is man than monster In fact, they can t keep their hands off each other But what kind of future can they have if the vamps want Andrea dead and their fellow hunters will turn on Kaden once they learn what he has become The original version of this short story appeared in Love Bites The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, but the ebook version of the story has two new chapters that give it a much needed ending It was a quick read, but very, very sexy Definitely worth 1.99 4 1 2 stars. Eternity Embraced is a short story in the Demonica world, occurring between Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed I had a bit of a debate about whether to give this one a three star rating or a four star rating, as I would actually consider it a three point five star read, but in the end I opted to round down It s not that I disliked this story, merely that it was not quite to the same level of amazing as the rest of the series.Eternity Embraced is a bit of a clich in terms of storyline, but Larissa Ione does enough with it to add her own spin and integrate it into the Demonica world It s short and sweet, but it does enough to pull you into the storyline You can complete it in no time at all, but you will leave satisfied with the story.It is not a necessary story to understand the rest of the series It is a standalone in every way possible, giving us a short story of characters we do not encounter in the main series Due to this you can read it without having read the rest of the series, allowing you an insight into what you can expect If you re a fan of the series, you can read it for a step back from the main storyline, a way to stay in the world without diving deep into the main events.However you approach this, it s a fun little addition to the Demonica world It may not be my favourite story in the series, but I enjoy it. This was one that I hadn t read in Larissa Ione s fantastic Demonica Series and to be honest I don t think I got anything amazing out of this very very short novella.44 pages Really I am so not a fan of short stories novellas most of them feel like..shall we make a wee bit cash out of our fans What exactly do we get out of these pages that are an important addition to the series Allright, so we now know how Kade Quinn, vampire slayer, is turned into one himself and how the woman he loves, Andrea Cole, vampire slayer as well, will deal with his new status.We don t get enough about these two characters to be able to truly engage with them Their story was far too short for that.It was a nice enough in between in the series and I did like the little snippet of Tayla Mancuso and Eidolon, who I adored in the 1st book of this series, Pleasure Unbound.https www.goodreads.com book show 2 This is all about making lemonade out of life s lemons, vampire style.