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A comedian actor civil rights activity and nutrition guru Gregory is renowned for his biting satire Now than 30 years after his bestselling book Nigger Gregory has put his provocative life story down on paper recounting his uniue experience and discussing a host of other luminaries from Rosa Parks to Hugh Hefner 25 photos

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    This memoir was an excellent showing of the life of Dick Gregory and his family He shared aspects of his life that involved the Civil Rights Movement the Black power struggle and the black leaders that helped shaped the black world and the mindset of the people during that time He went from his childhood to the year 2000 that expressed and explained the times the emotions the hostility the racism and the segregation The way he told the story of his life was phenomenal His comedy paved the way into his civil rights life and allowed readers to see the struggles of his life and relate to the happy sad and difficult times Dick Gregory believed in humankind euality justice and respect He believed in living right and being healthy To stand up for their rights and make sure they are standing up for the rights for all I would recommend this book a 5 I would recommend this book to anyone and those interested in non fiction and autobiography or memoirs

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    This is a good book about a great life If you don't know anything about Dick Gregory it's a pretty good place to startWhile written in primarily blunt statements I compared the incredible journey that is Dick Gregory's life to Forrest Gump In the hands of the right director this would make for an amazing cinematic experienceAs Dick's life has been primarily focused on the civil rights movement I think it's only fair to say that I as a white human have never had to experience the indignities imposed on his oppressed brothers This gives me a new respect for the Black Lives Matter movementMr Gregory deserves five stars for living his life fearlessly

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    Comedian civil rights activist author actor philosopher and nutritionist Dick Gregory has been all these things A champion of political and social causes he is reknowned for his biting satire Now than thirty years after his bestselling book Nigger Gregory has put his provocative life story down on paper In this riveting memoir he recounts his uniue experiences and discusses the fascinating people he has known Gregory grew up in the St Louis ghetto sharing a bed with five siblings so hungry he ate paste out of a jar He attended college on an athletic scholarship became a superstar comedian and then a human rights advocate who convinced the Ayatollah Khomeini to release the American hostages in Iran Since the 1970s he has been a nutrition guru running clinics for the overweight For four decades Gregory has touched and rocked our world It's time we are reminded just how much

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    I believe this book should be used in lieu of history books that overlook the contributions and undermine the celebrations of African Americans Reading it I smiled I chuckled and I fell into a deeper love and respect for the root of who we are Dick Gregory speaks passionately and I appreciate how honest he was about his life He showcases his profound love for his wife and challenges black men to extend that love to the black women around him He holds a mirror to state of the world and demands that it look itself in the eye However he always leaves you with hope He believes that we can get better and he demands that we acknowledge the work it will take to get better I believe we're worth it If I could I'd give this book fifty stars

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    I loved this book this is a must have Excellent book

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    It was a joy reading Dick's Memoir and reliving some of the most historical events up close and personal with someone who was in the trenches during these times I felt at one point Dick was advertising his Formula X product and diverted from the focus of his book for a chapter or two His insights concerning the conspiracy theories of the FBI and CIA were very eye opening and truthfully plausible

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    I listened to the audiobook while traveling to and from Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving weekendDick Gregory's life shows that one can use their own power to lift others up Like Mark Segal whom we are lucky enough to still have around Gregory connected with powerful figures to leverage positive change for African Americans Gregory constantly challenged the status uo while evaluating his values Rest in Power and may his long life inspire othersOn another note Callus on My Soul is a firsthand account of many pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement

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    I learned so much from this man of God Reading this book exposed the truth that has been covered up the lies we were taught was history I listen to the news with new ears and wish Dick Gregory were alive to take the mask off this current administration

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    Even with some of the lapses that take place in the text relatively speaking I thought it was an amazing read As someone who grew up in segregation and participated in the movement Gregory shares a wealth of wisdom and history with the kind of depth that isn't discussed in most history classes of its kind This book should be used in lieu of classroom textbooks when discussing the history of the Black Experience in America and Civil Rights I gave it five stars for how entertained I was throughout reading it This book is great for readers with an interest in modern Black Literature and especially young adults