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Vince Dandro Might Be Going Through The Quietest Quarter Life Crisis Of All Time He Lives Alone, Works In A Comic Book Shop, And Has A Crush On His Coworker He Can T Seem To Act On Like An Old Comic Book, His Life S Colors Have Started To Fade Everything Brightens When Vince S Long Lost Friend Griff Appears On His Doorstep In The Middle Of A Blizzard They Were Roommates In College, So Close Back Then That Griff S Girlfriend Called Them Lifebuddies But Vince S Love For Griff Had Ended The Friendship, He Thought, Forever They Haven T Spoken In Years Why Has Griff Shown Up Again And, Importantly, Can Vince Handle His Return Vince And Griff Are Two Twentysomethings Struggling To Find Their Places In The World And In Each Other S Lives This Is A Story Of Friendship And Love, Both Unrequited And Requited, And Of Learning How To Fly Through The Post College Void, Which Just Might Hold Than A Cranberry Hush

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    Price drop to 0.99 at US, 3 31 16 Do you remember that time that you had an aching crush on someone incredibly unattainable You must be able to think of someone right away everyone has that one person Whether it was a person who was so out of your league it was not even funny or someone who only saw you as a friend the what ifs about that guy or girl can haunt you Thank you Ben Monopoli for putting into words that experience, that purgatory of crush dom The Cranberry Hush is not really what I expected but I m not sure why I think I am understanding this author s style after reading this book Ben Monopoli does not do a straightforward, easy romance There are side love interests, there is indecision, there is uncertainty It is so freaking real This is how people fall in and out of love in real life, people There are relapses, fears, lust, confusions, mixed signals not everything is black and white This author specializes in gray zones I loved each character in their own flawed way I understood each of them and their unique points of view Vince, Zane, Griff they all sang to me I think I liked Griff most of all I really got his state of mind, his trying to recapture a happy place in his life and make it permanent This book wasn t depressing but it wasn t uplifting either It is complicated, it is sweet, and it is bittersweet I cried a little at the end, I ll admit This book was an outstanding, memorable read.

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    The Cranberry Hush took one look at my expectations and said, That s what you expect from me Cute, straight boy finding his long lost love and having tons of butt sex Here, let me take that, takes expectations from me and tosses it and show you something real That was how it was there were some weeks, even months, where nothing happened, where I was the same person doing the same ordinary things And then there were weeks that changed everything This was one of those weeks for Vince He lives in his cranberry hush of a life I love that term , when suddenly his crush, his unrequited first real love, newly single, college roommate is standing at his door, needing a place to stay This throws Vince s quiet life all off its usual track of normalcy.Both Vince and Griff are stuck in their pasts wanting to relive the college days Griff can t let go of his college on top of the world feelings and Vince can t let go of his love for Griff He knows Griff is straight and he knows they can t be together like that He knows But that doesn t stop him from hoping and loving him I have learned, though, that memories aren t things that have to pile up and overwhelm you They re just colors, like Griff s colors, that shade all the new things you feel We re shown their college, glory days throughout the story in flashbacks I m not one for flashbacks, but these were expertly interwoven throughout the book and were so completely necessary for Vince and Griff s story, I was achingly waiting for the next one to show up I had to know what had happened to them to make them the way they are now I had to know what made the relationship they had right now so real And, oh, was I shown I was shown why they love each other, why they fell apart, why they need each other so much and why they really are soul mates.I loved the way this story was written, kind of like Vince s life it was written like a cranberry hush Quiet, natural, organic, a little fruity and real But still STILL Amongst the hush, for the last 20% or so, I was breathing heavily, my palms were sweaty and I had no idea what direction Vince and Griff were going to go I was so relieved and thrilled and happy with how everything ended It was just so damn real Anything else would have been fake and, I think, ruined everything that Vince and Griff had already gone through to get to this point in their relationship.This story tells a week in their life The week it took for them to find the relationship they once had The week it took for them to find the relationship they need now.

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    I m still incapable of writing a coherent review, because I literally sobbed through the last 20 30 pages it s difficult to say when you read e book Two things are for certain one, this is not a book I would reread often, because it s heartbreaking and two, I will, without any doubt at all, buy the next Monopoli s book The book is heartbreaking as only growing up can be that age when you are finally leaving your youth behind It is also hopeful, as hopeful as this age, when you finally start to really live, can be The writing style was beautiful, the characters magnificent Griff was larger than life Vince reminded me that there are pains that make us into who we are and that people can t be put into nice, little, convenient boxes Zane was a sweetheart, but never a doormat Zane carrying that aloe plant says everything about him The resolution was realistic, which will not make some readers happy But, there is happiness in real life too and I believe Monopoli gave us enough to convince me that Vince and Griff and Zane have found will find it in the future The book made me laugh, it made me sob The love for comics was just an added bonus Lovely, lovely novel Recommended with all my heart.

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    but nothing happens without a million pieces falling into place beforehand I m in love with this book, with this quiet but very emotionally intense story.I m in love with Vince, Zane and Griffin.I m in love with the writing of Ben Monopoli I don t know how to describe his writing style, but it s something that you don t come across very often It s exceptional It feels three dimensionally, you re not an observer, you re inside the story, it feels so NORMAL and unbelievably REAL And I m grateful to him for this ending Though I can imagine that some readers won t share my opinion on this case What it s about my personal blurb Vince, one of the main protagonists and a first person narrator, bisexual, falls in love in college with his straight roommate Griffin They are best friends, but after two years being lifebuddies, they split up After graduating Vince works in Cabe Cod near Boston in a comic book store, when Griffin surprisingly stands at his door Vince hasn t spoken to him since graduation two years ago, though it is actually 4 years since the last time they were close It follows a dramatic week in the middle of snowy days And at the end of this week questions that have been long overdue for an answer will be finally answered But to know HOW, you have to read it The Cranberry Hush is not a romance, it is a LOVE story, a life story about love and friendship, reciprocated and unrequited, about hopes and fears, about many what ifs and Ben Monopoli has implemented this topic A B S O L U T E L Y GREAT A SENSITIVE DEEPLY HONEST AND NOSTALGICALLY WONDERFUL BOOK ABOUT LIFE GOALS AND LOVE WITH ITS MANY FACES AND FACETS Highly recommended

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    When I first saw the title of this one I really had no idea what it meant Did I miss another pop culture drive by Is this some new drug the crazy college kids are taking Where s my Urban Dictionary Am I too old to know what s going on Nah, that can t be it yells out window You kids get off my lawn The title refers to none of those stupid things and is only relevant to this amazingly wonderful book To explain would give away spoilers and no description can do it justice as the way it is written is utterly charming That sounds totally trite, but in this instance it works.It s kind of funny to use spoiler here because not a lot is really happening I don t mean this is a book about nothing, I mean that, there are no shifters, vampires, cowboys, etc So, giving away a spoiler isn t going to ruin the thread of the action in this case It would however detract from a well written story about regular people that s already been told here perfectly.The blurb already tells you what you need to know and a story about one week in the life of two college friends really shouldn t be as engrossing as it was, but man I didn t want to walk away from it This is one of those authors who can take an entire tub of emotions that would take me 13 pages to explain and he can sum it up in one sentence that conveys than any visual or 13 page essay of random ever could So, no real plot talk here, just musings about characters, themes and me gushing about how much I loved it.Vince is a manchild stuck in the past and hopelessly in love with his straight best friend from college They ve fallen out of touch, Vince s doing, and end up reuniting for one week Vince is bi and the author portrayed his feelings in a way that I had never considered Being bi, Vince could fall in love with anyone Any new person could potentially be the One He finds this prospect overwhelming which really makes sense Can you imagine the thought of no one being off limits Instead of sexual tension with 1 2 the population, it s potentially with everyone Now, if you re good with being slutty, that could be awesome, but that s not Vince so often than not he s just confused Griff is a hopelessly hopeful romantic He s honestly jealous of Vince s bi ness and is enad of the thought of possible falling in love with anyone But, biology can be a bitch and you can t make a truly straight man gay no matter what our beloved GFY novels tell us Thank God the Kinsey scale makes all manner of love possible So, Vince can t totally understand not being able to be attracted to anyone and thus the unrequited love he has had for Griff from day one has a little element of hope attached that tells him if Griff would kiss him just the once he could see how perfect they were for each other This keeps Vince stuck in the past and unable to take advantage of what is being offered to him in Zane And oh, poor Zane He s the third wheel in this nonexistent love affair and even though he s the youngest MC here, he s probably the most mature of the bunch.The author captured so well the all consuming emotions of that first love Especially in all the little day to day things that Griff and Vince did I m not much of an e reader highlighter, but I was all over it with this one He can take something so seemingly innocuous and make it the most relevant moment on the page For instance, Griff hands Vince his keys and Vince notes, they were warm from his pocket That came in between all manner of pertinent information to what was going on Does it matter that they keys were warm to the activity of the story No Is it logical Of course, they were in his pocket, of course they re warm But when they are warm from HIS pocket and you love him and you have loved him since you met him and he can t love you the way you want in return, it matters It matters a lot The ending felt slightly rushed, but nothing was missing and all questions were answered I think the gushing girl in me just wanted of Zane Though to be honest that s not what this book was about and that expanded part of the story really wouldn t have belonged, it would be just me being greedy It s just amazing to know what difference 16 seconds can make in a life Highly recommended to anyone who breathes You should go read it immediately.BTW Thanks to Justin2 for the rec, he gives good shelf.

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    Two mid twenties guys who graduated from college but can t seem to figure out adulthood Not usually my cup of tea, but Ben Monopoli knows how to break my heart in a good way Vince, who is bi, had an unrequited crush on his straight best friend Griff that was so painful, he ended their friendship before college graduation without explanation He s been kind of floating through life ever since When Griff shows up unexpectedly at Vince s house during a snowstorm, Vince can t help but hope against logic that it means than Griff needing a place to stay But if anything, Griff s lost than Vince, since inheriting money means he doesn t even need a job to help tether him to reality As the two spend time together, and with Vince s other crush Zane, Vince has to figure out how to untangle his grief and his various kinds of love for the two men in his life IMHO this is the antithesis of the gay for you trope in romance novels, and it honors lifelong love that is not romantic or sexual as well as the difficulty of having people in your life in a way that doesn t match society s script for how love and family should be organized Sometimes hard to read, but well worth it.

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    Graduating from high school is one of the most exhilarating and terrifying times in our lives Maybe it was a year or two ago, maybe it was a decade or two ago Regardless, I m sure you remember it Freedom is thrown into your lap and suddenly tough decisions must be made Where will you go What do you want to do with the rest of your life Gah Growing up is not easy.Choosing which fork in the road you should take can be scary as hell If you choose college, heading off to a University is something you ll never forget.or at least I certainly haven t I went to a Big Ten University, I lived in the dorms, and I loved every single minute of it One word sums it up for me Discovery.It s very liberating being in control and choosing your destiny Vince, a quiet retro nerd is attempting to do this and looking for his path when suddenly cue the spotlight and angel chorus he sees the man of his dreams Everything about him is perfect It s love at first sight Griffin captures his heart that day, although he is unaware of the prize he collected.Now you see Vince has a secret he s bi The insights we are given into the struggles of bisexuality are simply fascinating I ve never read a book that interprets such clarification He is never truly comfortable with women most seem to perceive him as half in the closet He s a token triumph to gay guys who believe he is secretly straight with a curious streak He truly doesn t understand why something as insignificant as gender should limit your soulmate His concept of love is so simple it makes me think the rest of world are the ones confused.But I digress, where were we Oh yes, love at first sight.Vince wants Griff with each breath he takes As fate would have it, Vince gets Griff but not in the package he was hoping for Not a lover Not a partner But a lifebuddy or the truest of best friends.As time passes Vince falls deeper in love with Griff Unable to take it any, Vince walks away The pain is too great Years pass and life goes on, but neither Vince nor Griff are complete One day the skies open bringing a blizzard and a long lost face Just when Vince thought he was moving forward he is thrown back into the past.I like Vince he was fairly lost, but aren t we all at times I enjoyed the trek down memory lane.fair warning it does flip back and forth between past and present without notice It s also first person These things didn t bother me, but I ll put it out there in case you have concerns I won t lie, there were times, I was thinking well now, that s.different and others when it lulled a tad too much It s not a bed of roses Actually, it s pretty prickly at times.I thought I knew what was coming All I can say is, I was proven oh so very wrong The writing is great, very detailed focused but in a way that simply worked It s not exactly what I wanted, but I believe that is precisely the point Everything happens for a reason and rather than try and figure out why , live for the moment and have no regrets.Cranberry Hush and I Sixteen seconds and well, I have absolutely no regrets I think this book will pull a solid gold for most readers Me I gotta vote for the silver even if I desperately think you should read it Which is okay because silver is pretty happy 4 veracious vibrant valuable stars

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    This morning I woke up and thought, I wonder how Griff is doing Funny, since I don t know anyone named Griff, but after reading The Cranberry Hush, I feel like I do Monopoli pulled me effortlessly into the world he created, first by his lush descriptions that had my imagination working overtime, and later by the subtle wit that had me smiling and sighing in equal measure His characters are just as seductive as his writing style, all of them so real and human that you ll swear you know someone just like them Most of all, I felt comfortable stepping into Vince s shoes, reliving past experiences through him and getting the chance to go further than I ever did in real life Monopoli has hit the ground running, and I can t wait until he dazzles us with another story.

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    Damn This book was just as difficult to read as it was wonderful I think I m still too close to read about that period of my life that was eerily similar to Vince s and be able to really look back on it in retrospect Plus, for anyone who has ever felt the empty heaviness of unrequited love this book really hits that sore spot Well done, Ben Monopoli I look forward to your second novel.

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    If I could give it than five stars I wouldThis book was a flash flood, one minute I m making and impulse buy over a blurb on comic books, and the next I m in the middle of reading some of the best writing I ve read in a long time.Griff, Vince s old college roommate shows up at Vince s door in the middle of blizzard on a Friday morningVince has not seen Griff in two years, since graduation, and has not really talked to him in four, things ended strangely with them back then, because Vince did not deal well with what he felt for Griff This book had so many things that I loved that I have a hard time even putting it down, the writing was fantastic, reading Vince s voice was like hearing an old friend, that I only knew too well, who was telling me a story in a way he knew I would get perfectly.Vince and Griff are in that time of life where you are just starting to regain yourself from that shock after graduation where you realize, that that freedom and the feeling that life is nothing but possibilities that you have in college has not actually been growing upAnd there you are looking at those possibilities like the most daunting to do list everand just trying to figure life outVince is a nostalgic soul, there were moments in that book that made cry just from how personal it felt for him to let me in on what he was thinking, I laughed out loud, I cried, I sighed and felt for Vince, that dull ache that never does go away of feeling so much, so long, for someone that only becomes of what you always wanted with time, not lessand the pain and fear of knowing it can t be yoursThis book was perfect for me I fell in love with these two men and with this author s writing If I could see the world through Griff s eyes this book would had made me see a kaleidoscope sighs Ben Momopoli did a damn fine job with this novel and I look forward to a lot from him Not bad for an impulse buy, before my first cup of coffeeOnly further evidence that a healthy obsession with comics can NEVER lead astray O I fervently and effusively recommend.