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Rylie S Been BittenShe S ChangingAnd Now She Has Three Months To Find A Cure Before Becoming A Werewolf ForeverRylie Gresham Hates Everything About Summer Camp The Food, The Fresh Air, The Dumb Activities, And The Other Girls In Her Cabin But The Worst Part Is Probably Being Bitten By A Werewolf Being A Teenager Is Hard Enough, But Now She S Craving Raw Flesh And Struggles With Uncontrollable Anger If She Doesn T Figure Out A Way To Stop The Transformation, Then At The End Of Summer, Her Life Is Worse Than Over She Ll Be A Monster

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    Six Moon Summer is certainly better than the average freebie In terms of formatting, there are relatively few errors and the text has obviously gone undergone a round or two of proofreading I hope this next bit doesn t shock anyone, but not all indie authors take such care when prepping their babies for print As a reader and supporter of self publishers I want to spotlight Reine She takes obvious pride in her craft Such effort and regard for quality is not lost on her readers,Now, Patricia Briggs has pretty much ruined me for every other urban fantasy writer on the market, especially those who write about werewolves So is it the author s fault that I wasn t totally in love with the paranormal aspects of her plot Not in the least Reine constructed a solid premise, satisfying, if nothing else I m just a tough customer and I urge anyone reading this to take my remarks with a grain of salt I would have liked to see a bit detail all around I think the characters could have been developed further, particularly Cassidy, Louise and Amber The book Rylie reads at camp could have been expanded on was I the only one who wanted to know than just the bare bones of what she was reading I also felt there was a significant gap in the descriptions the wolves and the transformation they experience Basic things like what color they were or Rylie s having to adapt to a body with a muscles structure and form so different from our own, I think, would have been a positive addition to the story Guess I just wanted to sink my teeth into Overall, not bad for a debut piece The text felt a little bare and the story construction pretty linear probably why I feel the book is better suited to the younger end of the young adult bracket, but again not bad Reine has room to grow but she has definitely gotten off to a great start.

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    Six Moon Summer had me from the very beginning Riley is a girl who gets shipped off to camp for the summer to save her from the trauma of a messy divorce between her parents She immediately finds that she doesn t fit in with the rest of the campers and after a brutal night of dealing with her peers, she takes off.Something terrible happens, but she has no recollection of what Strange things start to happen to her that she can t explain, at least until a sexy boy comes to her rescue.I loved that the werewolf in this story was actually the heroine It was refreshing to see a girl in this kind of a roll for a change.The story was exciting and fun to read I would love to see what happens with Riley and Seth in the future.

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    I really enjoyed this book, much than I thought I would It s been a long time since I ve read a story that is just straight up werewolves The only thing I didn t really like was the instalove I didn t see that first plot twist coming though I did see the second twist coming I definitely didn t see the third plot twist I m really looking forward to the second book

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    Just when Rylie thinks that things can t get any worse her parents are getting divorced and have dumped her at a summer camp far from the city she calls home something terrible happens in the forests of Gray Mountain Six Moon Summer is an amazing beginning to a new paranormal series I was immediately drawn into this dark paranormal tale Rylie is an outcast at the summer camp where her parents leave her while they finalize the messy details of their divorce Cast aside by her family and her peers, Rylie finds solace in the pages of her journal The nasty girls who bully her each day takes things too far though and Rylie finally runs away Unfortunately Rylie doesn t find peace in the dark hills of Gray Mountain Rylie is viciously attacked by a wolf, or at least she thinks she was, but she wakes up in her cabin the next morning with only old scars and the curious words of a mysterious boy to make her wonder what really happened Author S.M Reine creates building suspense with the terror and mystery of what might happen with each phase of the ever changing moon An exciting new work of werewolf fiction with wonderful characters and an intriguing story I can t wait to read the next book in the Seasons of the Moon series Side note Rylie is described as having very pale blond hair, however the girl in the book cover pic has dark brown or black hair I only mention this since I found the cover image to be distracting when creating my initial image of Rylie.I recommend Six Moon Summer Seasons of the Moon, 1 to readers of paranormal suspense, paranormal romance, young adult though some scenes may be suitable for older teens and adults , and especially to fans of werewolf fiction Fans of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series Shiver, Linger, Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer, Firelight by Sophie Jordan, and Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson may enjoy this series.Sensitive reader warning violence and bloody transformationsSource This book was provided by the author or publisher for honest review Review originally posted on my blog www.FromTheShadows.info

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    Aside for the beginning being WAY too fast paced for my liking, I genuinely enjoyed this book once I got into it Also, despite my first impressions, I ended up growing to admire Rylie s strength of character She was fun to follow, and I anticipate seeing of her story and how she copes with becoming a werewolf.First Impressions Rylie She seems like she would be an intelligent character in most other settings, but the fact that she just blindly trusts some random stranger stalker about the baffling things happening to her being of the occult variety just does not inspire confidence in her state of mind The fact that she just assumes that this random guy has all the answers that she is looking for after talking to him exactly one time is also a matter of concern for me This girl s emotions just RULE HER, don t they Na ve lass.Seth Who is even watching this kid Whoever they are needs to be fired, because this kid just roams wherever he pleases He gets into shit he probably DEFINITELY shouldn t, infiltrates the girls camp like he has every right to be there, even though it s prohibited, and makes an awful bad habit of sticking his nose into random strangers business Sketchy Bruh Real, friggin sketchy.Tyler I am going to speak very briefly on this little ingrate I find it hard to believe that after years of friendship, a simple infarction resulting in Rylie saving his and his girlfriend s life no matter how she went about doing that would make him see her as a freak and run from her, fearing that she might turn on him next It was entirely unbelievable and I didn t care for his ignorant arse AT ALL.I hope that we get to meet some worthwhile characters in the next book, especially someone who can honestly be there for Rylie, without lies, reservation, or judgement Unlike Seth, who was ultimately a liar about who he even was and a contradictory SOB, interested in his duties as a hunter than Rylie Ugh If we are going to be seeing of his dumb arse in the next book, that self righteous attitude has GOT to go.

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    This was a very enjoyable book about werewolves It delivered a unique premise and take on the mythology of the shape shifting creaturesnamely, that it takes six moon cycles for a bitten person to fully transform into a werewolf Hence, the wonderfully appropriate title.Most of the action took place at a summer camp in a wilderness area that was rich in legend and folklore That was one of the pluses for me with this book All too often, young adult paranormal books deal with a highschool or private school setting with all its teenage drama, angst and boring minutiae This was a refreshing change from that aspect Of course, there was still the typical mean girl clique, who ridiculed Rylie and made life miserable for her at camp And, of course, there was the requisite mysterious, cute, sexy boy who immediately had Rylie s heart fluttering But, to her credit, Ms Reine did not let the romance overshadow the main story, nor did she indulge in the dreaded love triangle that is so prevalent in other YA books.At the beginning, Rylie was a somewhat unlikeable character whiny, sullen, childish, rebellious In other words, a typical teenage girl dealing with a lot of emotional issues and worries As the story progressed, and she had to cope with the sudden dramatic changes affecting her after being bitten by a werewolf, her attitude changed and she became a stronger, mature young woman.I found some of the twists a little predicatable, but, nevertheless, the story was fast paced and exciting The ending was a little different in that the narrative up to that point was all from Rylie s point of view and then it abruptly changed to Seth s POV Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, just that it was a little surprising.I will definitely read the second book in this series and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of young adult paranormal novels.

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    2.5 stars Six Moon Summer is a YA werewolf story It features 16 year old, Ralie, who had been shipped off to summer camp while her parents finalize their divorce Since Ralie is a city girl she is definitely not happy to be in the boonies where she cannot get any telephone reception Additionally, the snobbish rich girls at camp have just declared open season on making her life miserable by reading her diary and going through her clothes.After a vicious bullying session Ralie runs into the woods where she is bitten by an animal When she awakens she is back in her cabin with bo memory of what occurred The only thing she has is a warning written on the last page of her diary indicating she us in danger Soon she meets Seth, a boy who carries a secret.Ralie discovers the legends surrounding the camp and learns she had exactly six moons before she will completely be turned into a monster However, before she can hunt down a cure she will have to contend with bullies, the death of someone she dearly loves, and a alpha werewolf trying to track her down.All of this sounds pretty good, right Unfortunately, the story was mediocre being neither real good or bad Why Well, for one the pace of the story was so fast that you constantly questioned just how long had Ralie been at camp The pacing just didn t ring true Secondly the author leaves a lit of situations left unfinished and I found myself asking, really I believe this story could have been pretty good if Ms Reine would have slow down the pace and provided details However, she did not So, I will not be hiking on to the other books kn this series If you are interested in reading this book for yourself, it is currently being offered for free on .

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    I really did not like this book My biggest problem with it was the main character, Rylie She has to be one of the most unlikable, most un relatable characters I ve read in a looong time She gets sent to camp and immediately shuns her roommates and campmates and refuses to join any activities Instead she stays in her room all day and doesn t talk to anyonebut she wonders why no one likes her and why they start making fun of her Then, she meets up with her guy friend He introduces her to his new girlfriend who cheerfully greets her Rylie responds by ignoring the greeting and staring her down Then as the girl walks away, Rylie thinks to herself i don t know why girls don t like me It must be because I m so pretty and skinny W.T.H I cannot stand girls who blame jealousy for the reason they don t have friends The are tons of beautiful women who have friends Ever wonder if the problem is you She also repeatedly blows off the one girl at camp who tries to befriend her Why would anyone care about this girl or what happens to her I sure don t.

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    I love werewolf books I loved this one, go figure, but I also loved that it was completely different from other YA paranormal books I have read about wolves This took on a completely different creation story It s harder to find, where werewolves are the evil creatures in books, so I loved this I also loved that there was hope for Rylie That her fate wasn t fixed.This had some romance to it, not enough to overpower the paranormal mystery that is going on, but enough to balance out some of the harsher realities in the book I loved the narration Rylie was such a great character to follow as I got to see her change from who she was to what she could be.This was a fantastic werewolf tale from debut author SM Reine I am excited to continue the series and it shows great promise Packed with tons of adventure, teen angst, touch of romance and twisted with paranormal, it makes for a perfect read

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    I m glad that this was a quick read Otherwise I m not sure how well I would have liked it The main character Rylie wasn t the problem and neither was Seth It was everybody else in the book It all started with Rylie going to camp for the summer while her parents work out their issues When she gets there so many girls are absolutely horrible to her and the worst part is that no one actually knew her when this all started She then runs off one day and gets bitten by a werewolf The rest of the book is her coping with this and getting help from Seth At the end you find out who else were werewolves and I will tell you that I was surprised This wasn t a great book but it was good enough for me to want to continue the series.