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This is of a 3.5I am rating this book as 3.5 stars because it didn t completely hold my attention I wanted to know what happened in the end, but I wasn t sure I wanted to sit there and actually read it However, I would have loved loved to sit and watch this as a movie The StoryFive hundred years ago the sun sent out an EMP and that energy got trapped in the Earth s magnetic field causing all electrical equipment to quit working and not come back online again The world is now living like they are in the Dark Ages and the church has heard of a story to bring life back to it s full glory again Farrell is of the Warrior Clan who can fight like no other He is a badass Alex and his daughter are awesome too, he is someone who searches and finds things all sneaky like.Indiana Jones esq Kraken is the evil bad guy who is sadistic and will turn the world into hell on earth basically This is an epic story about God and the people who have decided to take on evil.Likes I liked the storyline for the most part It flowed well and the ideas seemed well thought out The authors point of view of God stayed consistent through out and the characters were well developed and grew through out the book.Dislikes I didn t like that I didn t know that this was going to be such a God centric book, so I wasn t prepared for that and I wish I would have been I mean, I knew it was going to have religion in it, but it was way way than I expected The fact that there were soooooo many characters right off the bat I got a bit confused as to who was who and I probably shoulda taken notes at first The conversations were sometimes a little to technical clinical Not how someone would actually form a sentence if they were saying it out loud.or that s how it seemed to me.ConclusionThis is a good post apocalyptic type of story, warriors and evil doers and sword fights and action and armies clashing in battle Personally, not a story I wanted to read and would have rather watched as a movie If you are in to epic battle scenes and people coming together to help the world.read this book. This was a well written book of the world after being in the golden age is cast into the dark ages What the cities have deteriorated after 500 years of neglect The time is coming to return to the Golden age, but the Oracle must be found.Against all odds the search is on. Suppose You Learned That An Ancient Prophecy About An Artifact, Said To Be Powerful Enough To Dramatically Change The World, Was True Would You Risk Everything To Find It It Has Been Five Hundred Years Since The Pulse Caused The Great Collapse, Ending The Golden Age, And Civilization On Planet Earth Humanity Has Waited Ever Since For A Long Anticipated Sign From God, Which Has Finally Appeared In The Night Sky The Time Has Come For Ferrell Young, The Warrior Clan, And The Church To Risk Everything In An Effort To Restore Civilization, And Bring Hope To A World Full Of Despair Alex Montgomery Is An Archaeologist Who Has Spent Many Years Looking For A Mysterious Book On Behalf Of The Holy Christian Church The Book Is Said To Contain The Location Of The Great Oracle Which, According To Legend, Can Endow The One Who Finds It With Great Power And Wealth Of Much Greater Importance To The Clan And The Church However, Is The Fact That It May Also Enable The World To Emerge From Five Centuries Of Darkness And Suffering When A Powerful, Intelligent, But Sadistic Barbarian Leader Named Kraken Learns Of The Oracle, He Plans To Destroy The Warrior Clan And The Church, Take The Oracle For Himself, And Enslave The Rest Of Humanity Join Ferrell And His Companions As They Set Out On A Desperate Journey To Find The Great Oracle, And Rescue Humanity From The Dark Age 4.5 stars.A very well written,simple yet complicated plot that takes the readers to a time where earth and its people striving and survival seems almost impossible yet there s always hope I like and enjoyed reading this it took me and made me want the good guys to succeed the battle at the end.All the things written here seems all so real and about to happen which I hope and pray would not The characters I love some I hate with a passion which made them so effective all their emotions, dilemmas, struggles,faith etc on their journey was really hard and painstaking they made me want to read and faster so at least that would uplift some of their burden but of course it will all unfold in due course like them I d also risk it all to restore civilization I once knew what an epic adventure An EMP pulse has plunged earth s civilizations into a dark age For 500 years the Effect has lingered in the sky But now a new age is dawning, either to terror or to hope.Jeff W Horton imagines a fascinating post apocalyptic future history in The Dark Age, Survivors of the Pulse Some of the premises may seem a little odd but they fit the form of the novel perfectly, rather like rules to an adventure board game Forces of light and dark gather for war across the countryside Seven items must be found to save the world Fractured phrases of Latin hide their secret locations And a curious cabal of scientists 500 years ago embraced true faith in God and man s ingenuity as they chose how to hide them.Faith in God runs deep in this novel, with Rome the last bastion of Christianity and science Faith allows for seeming defeat to be redeemed in exciting battles and nicely timed coincidence But man s ingenuity allows for repeated failures in need of redemption The author has a nice touch with his unconverted characters, leaving room for ambiguity and delayed or unforced belief, and allowing for a pleasing mix of heroes in the team Priest, adventurer, archeologist and combine their efforts in a fast paced adventure that ranges the globe while remaining firmly centered in the US And a nice level of detail recreates post apocalyptic cities, seas and countryside quite convincingly.My Latin balked at some of the clues, and my instincts warred with the risk taken in some of the hiding places But the story s fun, the environment s intriguing, and the faith and science aspects of future history are nicely done The Dark Age is a fun novel and I just might look out for its predecessor The Great Collapse one day.Disclosure I received a free ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange for my honest review. The Dark Age Survivors Of The Pulse by Jeff Horton The Dark AgeSurvivors Of The PulseByJeff W HortonWorld Castle PublishingPensacola, FloridaCopyright Jeff W Horton 2011ISBN 9781937085872Library of Congress Catalogue Number 2011928105First Edition World Castle Publishing July 15, 2011http www.worldcastlepublishing.comLicensing NotesAll rights reserved No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any mannerwhatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodiedin articles and reviews.Cover Artist Spittyfish DesignsEditor Beth Price PrologueIt has been five hundred years since the Pulse bathed the earth in a brilliant flash, instantly ending the Golden Age of humanity At the speed of light, it destroyed modern technology all over the planet, ushering in the Great Collapse, and the conclusion of ten thousand years of civilization There had been no time to prepare, for the end came without warning The cause of the cataclysm remained a mystery however, until one night people looked to the skies during the time of the Great Collapse, and found a new, beautiful, heavenly light there Scientists soon uncovered the painful truth behind the fantastic lights the Pulse was not alone when it struck the earth The appearance of the powerful electromagnetic pulse had coincided with the arrival of a significant coronal mass ejection from the sun, trapping the power of the Pulse in the earth s magnetic field, creating a brilliant, nightly light show, similar to the aurora borealis in appearance, which came to be known as The Effect The terrible consequence of the Effect kept the people of the Golden Age from re building the most advanced civilization in human history Gradually, over the course of time, and of the accumulated knowledge that existed during the Golden Age began to fade from human memory The abrupt loss of all modern technology had been a shock to the world s collective system, a catastrophe from which it was unable to recover The subsequent descent into the darkness that began during the Great Collapse continued well into the period known as the Dark Age After several hundred years, the rapid decline of civilization eventually leveled off, leaving humanity at a level of technology comparable to life during the Middle Ages, a time when illiteracy was the rule instead of the exception, and the world was ruled by the sword, and by the bow The Holy Christian Church, which has existed since the time of Christ, has now survived two dark ages The unified Church has been the only light of hope for the people of the Dark Age, maintaining a continual presence in Rome, which serves as the nerve center of the Church, and a beacon of hope to Christian pilgrims from all over the world The Warrior Clan, founded during The Great Collapse by a group of ex soldiers and civilians, maintains enclaves scattered throughout the Outlands Shunning contact with the outside world since its inception, members of the Warrior Clan are disciplined fighters, constantly striving to perfect their martial skill They are recognized and feared throughout the known lands as fierce and accomplished warriors Urbas inhabit the crumbling meros, all that remains of the great urban metropolises that once dotted the surface of the Earth Living together in packs of twenty or , they are the descendants of the few men and women that remained in the great cities during the Great Collapse They survive by preying on outsiders and on each other, with allegiance to no one other than their pack, and themselves The balance of humanity clusters in small, scattered villages, working mostly as farmers The Dark Age is a harsh and unforgiving time The Golden Age and the Ancients are now largely remembered only in bedtime stories for small children Just as the light always burns brightest in the darkness however, hope remains as some cling stubbornly to their faith, praying that one day the light of civilization will return For among the many stories passed down from generation to generation over the centuries there exists an ancient prophecy, dating from the time of the Great Collapse The prophecy holds that one day a sign would appear from God, announcing to believers that the time had come to find and activate the Great Oracle of Knowledge, giving the world the opportunity to emerge from the great darkness, into a glorious new Golden Age Dark Ages, Survivors of the Pulse by Jeff W Horton.The dedication is For my family, and my God.The time period is five hundred years since the Pulse ended the Golden Age of humanity and ushered in the Great Collapse Pope John Paul V is waiting for a sign to find the Oracle that will tell the people how to regain civilization as it was once known There are really three classes of people now Warrior Clans, Urbas who live in the meros once metropolitans and ones who live in small villages, mainly farmers There are 7 pieces of a map around the world that tells where to find the Great Oracle of Knowledge.The clues where the pieces are seven clues listed in the book, written in Latin, which will, I believe, tell us where the pieces of the map are located.Clue Number 1 Qua Valde Era lux lucis via.Clue Number 2 Qua Barbatus Vir Sits.Clue Number 3 Urbs of ventus.Clue Number 4 Qua quietis miles militis sileo.Clue Number 5 Qua Democracy Eram Prognatus.Clue Number 6 Valde urbs of Crocus Vir.Clue Number 7 Urbs of Silicis Vir in Gero Page 81A Brother and a Clansman are in charge of searching for each one of the maps throughout the world The one thing they have in common is restoring the world to civilization again.Anyone interested in a post apocalypse novel will certainly like this book This book caught my attention from the beginning and kept it until the end I am usually pretty good about predicting the end of a book but this one had me way off I added the prologue so the reader s could get a better idea of the book I wish to thank the author, Jeff W Horton, for the complimentary e book copy of this e book to read and review I will give this book a 5 star There is violence, no bad language or sex The opinions are my own.Leona Olsonwww.mnleona.blogspot.com Ferrell Young a guide who takes the Pilgrims to the ships so they can go to RomePope John Paul V the leader of the Holy Christian Church no longer Catholics or Protestants, only Christians His name was Henry before he became Pope.Alex Montgomery helping the Warrior Clan find the bookHannah Montgomery the twelve year old daughter of AlexKraken a cruel person who wants to ruleDarius a young twenty five priest MadgarBrother MarkBrother Phillip cousin to DariusCardinal DanielPope Matthew Pope during the Great CollapseBrother Sebastian looking for the book that will help lead to the OracleCaptain Marsh captain of the pirate shipGeneral Collins made to work for Kraken under pressure to protect his familyJessica Medina held captive by KrakenBokra a clansmanTara sister of FerrellAriel loves FerrellJulius a clansmanBrother FrancisSanjo a clansmanBrother O ReillyDavidMichaelLord Sarkota teacher of FerrellSergei friend of FerrellYoshi a clansmanCaptain Abihu captain of the NemesisBrother WayneNorris clansmanThe Unity a group of clergy and scientistsBrother DanManasa a clansman Dedication pg 3 Prologue pg 4 Chapter One Pilgrims pg 6 Chapter Two The Expedition pg 11 Chapter Three Kraken pg 16 Chapter Four Vatican City pg 21 Chapter Five Exhausted pg 26 Chapter Six The Book pg 35 Chapter Seven Brother Ramos pg 43 Chapter Eight An Old Friend pg 47 Chapter Nine The Sign pg 53 Chapter Ten The Puzzle pg 56 Chapter Eleven The Mountains pg 60 Chapter Twelve The Ocean pg 64 Chapter Thirteen The Enclave pg 68 Chapter Fourteen The Coming Storm pg 71 Chapter Fifteen The Council Meeting pg 76 Chapter Sixteen The Clue pg 80 Chapter Seventeen The Healer pg 84 Chapter Eighteen The Spy pg 87 Chapter Nineteen The First Map pg 90 Chapter Twenty The Second Map pg 99 Chapter Twenty one The Road Back pg 108 Chapter Twenty two The Third Map pg 110 Chapter Twenty three The Fourth Map pg 117 Chapter Twenty four Rerouting pg 122 Chapter Twenty five The Fifth Map pg 126 Chapter Twenty six The Effect pg 131 Chapter Twenty seven The Sixth Map pg 136 Chapter Twenty eight The Final Map pg 142 Chapter Twenty nine Breaking Points pg 146 Chapter Thirty Bokra pg 151 Chapter Thirty one The Assault pg 156 Chapter Thirty two Two Armies pg 160 Chapter Thirty three Rallying the Troops pg 163 Chapter Thirty four The Deciding Strategy pg 165 Chapter Thirty five The Day Before pg 168 Chapter Thirty six The Night Before pg 175 Chapter Thirty seven Preparations pg 178 Chapter Thirty eight The Final Battle pg 184 Chapter Thirty nine The Stronghold pg 192 Chapter Forty The Map pg 195 Chapter Forty one The Founders pg 200 Chapter Forty two Making Plans pg 206 Chapter Forty three Following the Map pg 209Chapter Forty four The Lake pg 214 Chapter Forty five Into the Darkness pg 217 Chapter Forty six An Old Acquaintance pg 221 Chapter Forty seven The Great Oracle pg 226 Chapter Forty eight After the Darkness pg 232 Epilogue pg 234 500 years before an EMP took out all technology and the world descended into a new Dark Age But now the effects of the pulse are finally wearing off and two groups The Clansmen warriors and The Catholic Church are looking for pieces of a map which will lead the way to find The mysterious Oracle which is prophesied to begin the new Golden Age However, if this power ends up in the wrong hands like the villianous Kraken, it could make the Dark Age seem wonderful in comparison.This is the second book in the series and I don t feel like I lost anything by jumping right in I think it stands well alone The characters, Especially Ferrell, Brother Sebastian, Alex and David Michael were very likeable and I was rooting for them.The Kraken was truly an evil master warlord and therefore quite the dangerous advesary for our seekers.THe battles were intense and the Oracle fascinating Really enjoyed this story First things first, I received a free copy of this book by the author via goodreads.com group Shutup and Read for a fair and honest review However, I do not know the author personally.I give this book three stars because it was well written, whether or not I agree with the authors spiritual views I think three stars is an average read In the year 2025 a massive solar flare erupts sending an EMP pulse so strong as to totally destroy life as we know it.500 years in the future, the world lives much the same way as it did in the time of the medieval age.The remaining population has clustered in groups The warrior clan being founded by former military survivors The Christian church holds itself as the keepers of the knowledge of the salvation of mankind The evil Kraken and his followers who are bent on conquering the known land and various small farm villages The former cities of the old world are controlled by gang like bands which rob, steal from, and murder anyone who enter their domain Through the generations, stories have been passed down that one day a sign will come When that sign comes, the survivors are to seek out the oracle which contains the means to bringing back civilization.As the predicted time approaches the remaining groups of survivors band together in a two goal effort of finding the Oracle and defeating the evil Kraken.What I liked about the book There was plenty of action, combat scenes, each character contain sufficient back story to understand their motivations and actions The settings were described in such a way that it made it possible for me to easily visualize them It is clear the author put in a lot of time and effort into his work.The plot was well executed and there was a fair amount of resolution in the end.The book has a few grammar spelling flaws, but they do not in anyway take away from the flow of the storyline Although the copy I got had some strange page, title, authors placements.What did not work for me about the book I say this gently, but mean it firmly there is a large portion of religious content To the point that I simply had to skim over those parts A little bit of spiritual explanation is ok, but when as in this case a fair amount of the books content is to spread the authors spiritual belief, it can be distracting I am sure the author meant it to be educational and to some it might be, but it fly s in the face of my personal beliefs and I found myself feeling like I was getting lectured Another thing that stands out as not the best approach to appealing to a broad range of readers was the outdated way the women are talked to and about in this book Example I am sure in the 1950 s it would have been acceptable to tell a woman to remember her place and do the womans role you can not be a fighter no matter how good you are at it, you must be a healer and then mock her for asking to be treated as an equally capable individual, but those times are long gone I do not mind reading Christian Fiction works in general Most of the Christian fiction that I have read and enjoyed tend to have the faith of their characters as secondary aspect in the plot In that their faith is shown by their actions and in the reasoning of their decisions, rather than lengthy dialogues between the characters.Do I recommend this book I am sure there are others out there that will enjoy this book, likely those who likeConservativeChristian fiction. After The Pulse, an EMP disaster has destroyed all technology on the planet, mankind has sunk into a new Dark Age Without technology people struggled to survive, and the great cities of old were largely abandoned except by roaming packs of urbas, wild people who will kill anything in their path There is one united Christian church and a mysterious warrior clan There is also an evil tyrant named Kraken, who is bent on taking over the world by any means necessary The church and the warriors have united to find an ancient artifact called the Oracle, that it is said will bring the world into another Golden Age It will take a combination of brains and cunning for a group of brave men to find the Oracle and bring great hope to humanity.I found this book fascinating It really draws you in from the beginning The world is scarily believable I know people have discussed what an massive EMP could do to the world, and this book takes that to an extreme The world is in a Dark Age, and people are just struggling to survive They wish for a better world though Through hints and riddles, a group of people are able to go out and find a vital relic of sorts that survived The Pulse With this, they are hoping to not have to fight for survival but instead thrive This book covers the search for this artifact and deals with the battle with Kraken Kraken is a despot who is determined to have everyone and everything under his rule His cruel methods make him a formidable enemy for sure Our heroes face much peril, and you can t help but cheer for them as they journey.The characters were interesting I particularly liked Alex, an archaeologist of sorts and Farrell, a great warrior with an interesting past This book also had a really good pace Things moved along at a fairly fast clip, but it was never too fast Another interesting aspect to this book was the talk of religion It seemed to have a fairly Christian viewpoint, and characters were often discussing the role of religion in their world There is some action and some romance I really enjoyed this book It seemed like a frightening yet believable possibly reality It was a really great read.Book provided for review. The first quality the reader will notice about this novel is the detail the author cleverly inserts The reader will be able to picture the environment, atmosphere, and characters he she will understand what is going on, even though this is definitely a complicated novel This novel is almost a typical good versus evil novel, but the author takes the concept and makes it his own The characters are easy to get to know and the main characters are likable There is the evil antagonist, Kraken, who the reader will grow to hate the author s intention The reader will be rooting for the main characters to succeed throughout the novel One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is the history and culture behind the plot The plot is complex, not so much as to confuse the reader, but enough to draw him or her in The novel doesn t lag much at all, the reader won t have to worry about being bored This novel is recommended for readers who enjoy adventure and mystery.