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When Kate Marries The Wild, Sexy Frenchman She Meets On Holiday, Everybody Is Stunned Marc, However, Is An Attentive And Adoring Husband Until One Morning He Goes Out, And Doesn T Come Back After Three Years Of Searching For Him, Kate Has To Move On She Cuts Her Hair, Throws Away His Things And Finds New Love Then One Morning She Wakes Up With Marc Asleep In Her Bed He Asks For Seven Days To Prove His Love Kate Knows Marc Is Not The Man She Once Fell In Love With, But As He Discovers, She Too Has Changed

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    This is a book you won t put down if you have an ounce of passion still coursing through your veins.It begins with one of the most sensual lingering literary pan shots as a night intruder breaks into the narrator s flat, and slips into her bedIs this a prelude to rape or murder one wonders No, it s the love of her life, the one she s spent 3 years trying to forget.There are echoes of the return of Martin Guerre, yet this is no medieval peasant soldier, but the coolest of 21st century anti heroes, whose stamping ground is France and Notting HillThis is no imposter, but Kate s charismatic and devoted French husband, the perfect lover, returning as wordlessly and inexplicably as the day he left 3 years ago.Kate is a sensitive, independent young woman in the most caring and responsible of professions paediatric cardiology and she is ruled by the heart in ways than one Marc pleads for seven days to prove himself, and the reader is caught in the agonizing suspense of Kate s dilemna It s a true romantic thriller, keeping the reader anxiously hooked as it investigates the limits of tolerance, and the point at which it opens the doors to abuse We explore notions of love and loss, trust and betrayal, bereavement without a corpse, and rebirth.This book is a joy to read the prose clean, smooth and elegant, each new revelation of evidence, each twist of the plot a surpriseThere is a marked difference in the writing when it crosses the threshhold of romantic love and raw sex one moves from a dreamlike fluidity of language to a staccato narrative, a coarsening of vocabulary, a hardening of the skin Our narrator needs to get tough, but what does that mean Is being tough saying no, or saying yes Will Kate do what most women claim they would chuck him out, tell him enough is enough The depth and intensity of his love is hard to resist, despite the danger of its sudden withdrawal, a reality which has already left her broken and humiliated, her trust and faith destroyed Does her taste for glamorous eccentric men carry an inevitable price tag In her decision rests a balance of power, the assumption or relinquishing of control over her life through acceptance or not of her husband The fascination lies in how closely this mirrors most romantic relationships, how in many ways this is a magnification of the dilemma we all face how much should we compromise Do the textbook recipes for regaining self esteem and setting boundaries, the mantras spouted by counselors, actually bring happiness Is the world so awash with happiness that we can afford to turn even a few days of it down As the mystery of Marc s disappearance and past is unravelled, we realize that Kate may have been a victim, but is certainly not a passive one.She is perhaps the most powerful and enigmatic character in the novel.

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    Kate wakes up one night to hear someone entering her apartment A burglar rapist No it s her husband who has been missing for 3 years.Instead of jumping up and reacting like any normal person would, she just lays there and lets him make love to her There are no words spoken no explanations.The next day seems to be like any other she gets up and gets ready to go to work Still no explanations He tells her she has 7 days to tell him to stay or to go.She then takes readers on an odyssey from days before she met her husband.There were lies upon lies secrets on top of other secrets just who was the man she had married And who had she turned into when he left I gave it 3 stars I found these characters and their history together and apart so unbelievable And when I found HER secrets on top of HIS secrets, it was almost too much Maybe I had just lost interest, but I can t even tell whether he stays or goes.Many thanks to the author Hookline Books who furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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    Kate Brenton is a heart surgeon and this book does sometimes feel like open heart surgery This was the last book we read in my reading group this year and wow we were pretty knocked out by it We chose it because someone had read that book groups had voted for it to be published in a competition run by the publishers, and we didn t regret our choice We discussed this one probably longer than any other book There s so much to find and talk about It was very different from anything I ve ever read The author brings you into Kate s world at the moment her husband returns after three years of being missing and she has to decide how much to let him into her life again As Kate reconstructs their life together and the impact of his leaving, real life still goes on and she has to keep up with it even though her world is in crisis Someone called it a novel in 3 D which is a really good way of describing it This is a great read, alone, or in a book club.

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    Seven Days to Tell You could be renamed Seven Days to Figure It Out except that it is sure to take less than seven days to read because once you start, this book has a way of hooking you in and stirring your curiosity in an unputdownable kind of way It shifts and changes in time and point of view, keeping you wondering and guessing through its many twists and turns.Having succeeded the vote of bookclub readers on its route to publication, I can see why this riveting, page turning novel was enjoyed by so many and undoubtedly hotly discussed.Kate is a paediatric doctor not given to wild spontaneous acts, so surprises some and generates envy in others when she marries the charming but mysterious Marc, a Frenchman she meets during a brief encounter at the end of an otherwise heart breaking holiday All appears well until one day Marc disappears without trace.Now, after three fruitless years searching for him, Kate is rebuilding her life when she wakes one morning to find the familiar form of her errant husband in bed beside her He asks for seven days to prove his love, seven days for them to spend together before she makes her inevitable decision.Soames doesn t give anything away and is adept in her use of the unusual second person narrative, which makes reading her story a little like reading a private letter or journal it s like eavesdropping on a conversation, you find yourself trying to fill in the gaps to figure out what s not being said Often unpredictable, you will want to discuss this book and the relationship it describes with your friends, the intrigue it arouses continues long after the last page is turned.

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    If Goodreads allowed us the possibility to give 6 stars, that s what this book would obtain from me The plot is trivial the husban disappeared without explanation and his wife wants him back I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I eased I also asked myself how I would react to this situation if I ever had to experience it, not that someone sane would want to live that But the question is here,you can t really hide from it, would you stop looking for him, would you start all over again You re lost in time,you try to fit together the pieces but you can t because you have no answer Sanity, you re questioning your sanity now Do you ask the good questions anyway, does that really bring you concrete answers or doubts And what about your friends,your family, your work See, you re already thinking about it

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    A definite read for this summer This is a great book to take with you into the hammock or onto the beach or if you re at home or stuck behind your desk Wherever you spend the next few months, the only problem is that it is so compelling and intriguing, you won t be able to do anything else There are so many twists and turns and little secrets that leak out without you being aware The author is always ahead of you at every discovery Even a few pages from the end, you are still wondering what will happen It s brilliantly told with exacting characterisation and would make a great film The book stays with you long after you ve finished it and is something you ll want to discuss with your friends I m not surprised it was voted Readers Favourite in a Book Group competition I can easily see why it would be a real addition to any discussion.

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    An irresistible read fast paced and finely crafted The author makes an intriguing study of the impact of grief and the minutiae of love 4 4 Star Rating FRANCE Magazine, July issue 2011 Ruby Soames offers McEwanish sophistication of style and structure, The Riviera Reporter, July 2011 If you re looking for a sombre, unpredictable and compelling read with fresh metaphors and a rich aray of imagery, Seven Days to Tell You is your book The ChickLit Book.com, September 2011Seven Days to Tell You won The People s Book Prize Winter Collection 2011.Finalist for the Beryl Bainbridge first novel award, 2012.

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    Received this book free on Goodreads Couldn t put it down You just can t wait to put all the pieces of the puzzle together Very well written.

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    I m not sure where this book took me It was certainly a raw, no holes barred read A roller coaster of emotions that I willingly went with, so, a fantastic, if exhausting read, partly due to the fact that I couldn t put it down but also in the material that was explored.This is a very cleverly written book and I applaud Ruby Soames for pulling it off I ve no idea how she worked out the structure but she did and if you want a fantastic, brutal, insightful, exhausting, intriguing read, you ve got to read, Seven Days To Tell You I look forward to reading, Mothers, Fathers and Lovers

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    This was a really intriguing idea for a story a husband who disappears and then walks back in after 3 years as if nothing had happened The book is written as if in a letter from Kate to Marc and I really felt that Kate poured her heart out in it As it flicks back and forth between past and present we learn about Kate and Marc, but the I learned the I disliked them.I think a pivotal point in Kate s life was when she broke up with Dave in France, which is where she went on to meet Marc as she was making her way home alone I thought the stars had aligned and they were meant to meet, and perhaps they were, but as we learn how Marc came to be in the same place as Kate I wondered if perhaps he just latched on to the first woman he saw in order to escape his responsibilities.As every facet of their relationship is disclosed, I found it really interesting that my feelings moved from dislike of the pair to hope that they had the strength to make their marriage work Kate and Marc are such individually flawed characters that perhaps their only hope of happiness is with each other as their secrets are revealed.It s an interesting read analysing the flaws of a relationship and how maybe, in the words of John Lennon, love is all you need.I received this book from the publisher, Hookline, in exchange for an honest review.