Falling Off the Face of the Earth eBook å Falling Off

After his big shot life in New York tragically falls apart James Montgomery returns to his small hometown in south Georgia a defeated and broken man All he has left is his mother to help him heal and regain his confidence before he's ready to get back out and re conquer the worldBut being big city gay in a small southern town has its own challenges In addition to coming to grips with what happened in New York his hometown of Lawder throws its own curveballs at him James is confronted with a bitter enemy from his school days and frustratingly can't seem to avoid the guy His mother suddenly wants to expand the family The one guy James takes a liking to and starts dating has a lot of hang ups about being gay And he watches almost helplessly as a new young bully starts to repeat the kind of abuse he suffered during his own school daysHere where he grew up the one place he should feel safe James feels maddeningly off balance He starts to think that maybe going home was a bad idea after all Maybe he'd be better off moving on and really starting over completely from scratch Maybe he should walk away from Lawder just like he walked away from his life in New YorkBut maybe if he'd give it a chance he'd re think everything he ever thought he wanted out of life And maybe what he thought was important isn't so important after all Maybe he could have everything he never realized he wanted if he just looked around himself for a moment

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