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Ela Roeh Of Parne Doesn T Understand Why Her Beloved Creator, The Infinite, Wants Her To Become His Prophet She S Undignified And Bad Tempered, And At Age Seventeen She S Much Too Young In Addition, No Prophet Of Parne Has Ever Been A Girl Worst Of All, As Parne S Elders Often Warn, If She Agrees To Become The Infinite S Prophet, Ela Knows She Will Die YoungYet She Can T Imagine Living Without Him Determined To Hear The Infinite S Voice, Ela Accepts The Sacred Vinewood Branch And Is Sent To Bring The Infinite S Word To A Nation Torn Apart By War There She Meets A Young Ambassador Determined To Bring His Own Justice For His Oppressed People As They Form An Unlikely Partnership, Ela Battles How To Balance The Leading Of Her Heart With The Leading Of The Infinite

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    I picked up this book hoping to find another Christian allegory series that I liked and did I ever Prophet was so interesting and unique It wasn t exactly just a fantasy, but of a mix of that and Old Testament stories of prophets and kings, and doom and forgiveness The result It was fascinating.Ela of Parne is a young woman who hears the Infinite calling her to become His prophet In obedience, she embarks on a magnificent journey that both strengthens her faith, and gives her a passion to tell everybody of the love of her King Along the way, she meets Pet, a destroyer, and a handsome young man who happened to be thrown into the same jail as her She speaks the words her Infinite tells her to various unheeding people, and tries to keep her heart from loving a man she thinks she can never have And as she listens to the Infinite and does what He says, she wonders where it will lead her And when her destined death will finally take her.I love this book because it interesting, humorous, and thrilling I love it because it kind of symbolizes our walk with Christ in a way It makes you think It makes you wonder It makes smile, cry, and laugh Prophet was both fun and serious I can t wait to finish the series.

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    I m not exactly sure what to rate this book or what I think about it It was good, don t get me wrong But it didn t really connect with me and I m not totally sure why.Ela of Parne can t imagine why the Infinite would want her, a mere girl, to become his prophet But after experiencing his presence, she can t imagine being anything else She takes up the sacred vinewood branch and sets out with her little sister, Tzana, leaving Parne and everything she ever knew behind Soon she is in the land Istgard, a nation falling apart at the seams They have abandoned the Infinite for other gods She wants to turn them to the truth But will anyone listen To top it off, Kien of Traceland is thrown into her life He wants to enact revenge on the king of Istgard or die Can she help him Throughout everything, Ela wonders, when will she die This was very interesting and I quite enjoyed it It had the action, the adventure, the danger, and a bit of romance Ela was so sweet and felt so real, if you know what I mean She seemed really natural and realistic Kien, oh I loved him, was hilarious and such fun He was so strong and had a lot of spirit.There was just something that didn t click for me The last sixty pages or so felt like an add on from what I had thought was the main plot Then I never really connected with the characters much Well, I think I connected with Kien pretty well Also, I haven t read many allegorical books So maybe allegory just isn t my thing.Above all that, I still really don t want to scare you away from reading this It was really great, and I still want to try to the next book Maybe it will work out better for you than me Or maybe I ll enjoy the next book , I don t know.I d recommend this to anyone who really likes allegory Christianity is very prevalent, but definitely not overwhelming You will probably enjoy this than me.You can check out this review on my blog too, at Thanks

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    I enjoyed the book and the growth of the characters and their relationships through it Ela the prophet and main character I found to be a little too unquestioning to what she was being asked to do, but as a prophet I guess this is how it has to be Anyone with a strong sense of faith would no doubt find this book inspirational If not, you might find a few eye rolling moments, but that shouldn t prevent you from enjoying what is a good story I found the ending came at a point when nothing had really been resolved, so if starting the book be prepared to make the investment in at least the 2nd book of the series If it s as good as this book it will be worth doing.

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    Ela is soon to be married, until the Infinite calls her to be a prophet But no prophet has ever been a girl, and she is only seventeen Yet she cannot refuse the Infinite, and agrees to serve him as prophet and obey his voice at all times, even when his commands don t make sense.The Infinite sends her to Istgard, a place where the people have turned their backs on the Infinite There she meets Kein, a young ambassador from Traceland, who is being held captive Ela wants only to warn the people of Istgard to follow the Infinite, but Kein wants to get away They end up working together to help the people of Istgard, and eventually Traceland as well When romantic feelings for Kien crop up, Ela must fight them, for all prophets die young.This book was beautiful I loved it Especially Kein Ela was a little too perfect sometimes for a seventeen year old, though I suppose a prophet would have to be a special kind of person But it did make it a little hard to relate to her at times I adored Kein and wanted to read of his story The fantasy world was well built As I read, I kept thinking it was Biblical fiction, though, as the land and the kingdoms felt very similar to 9th century B.C Regardless, I really enjoyed it and read it in two days This is the first book in a trilogy, and I m eager to read the next two books.

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    This is a fantastic book, such a page turner It tells the story of a young female prophet chosen unexpectedly to serve the Infinite Despite her fear that all true prophets die young, Ela chooses to leave behind her intended husband and her home to obey the call she has been given One of the parts I liked best in this book is the way the Infinite speaks to her personally and believably As Ela goes on her journey to confront powerful rulers she gathers a seemingly magical horse who provides much of the humour in the story This tale is filled with danger, adventure and a young girl with a staff wielding God s power in an Old Testament way Great story

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    Loved Loved Loved this book my favorite read so far this year An allegory of Elijah s story in the Bible, this book literally gave me shivers and made me cry at least 4 times, but also made me laugh out loud nearly as much This is a world I will be visiting again.

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    Ela Roeh of Parne is asked by the Infinite to become his prophet Ela didn t know why the Infinite would want an undignified, bad tempered seventeen year old Not to mention a prophet of Parne had never had a girl Worst of all, as the elders warn, if she becomes a becomes a prophet she knows she will die young Yet after experiencing his presence, she can t imagine life without him Determined to do the will of the Infinite, she accepts the prophet s branch, and Is sent to Istgard While there she meets a young, Traceland ambassador named Kien Who is determined to bring his own justice to his oppressed people As they form an unlikely partnership, Ela must learn to balance the will of her heart and the will of the Infinite This book was absolutely amazing You never knew what was going to happen next It kept me on edge, and I didn t want to put it down It made me think and I love when books are like that The characters were awesome as was Pet Scythe the destroyer A destroyer is a horse that acts like an overprotective dog This book had it s funny parts, like with the hard roll but it was a serious book I can t wait to get the next book Judge

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    Oh God, oh God Oh Infinite, oh Infinite OH HELL NOOOOOO Omg no, I am so not reading this DNF at 6% I found this randomly on my Kindle and thought it was biblical fiction about actual people from the Bible no I didn t properly read the blurb, my bad , but instead it seems to be some kind of Christian young adult fantasy, and just NO Perfect recipe for disaster At only 6% in and even before that , everything was already driving me nuts The setting, the characters, the writing, calling God the Infinite seriously whaaaaat I am not putting myself through this.No rating because I honestly barely read any of it, and it s just clearly not my genre as opposed to being a terrible book although it didn t seem great even from an objective point of view, but I only read 6%, so I will refrain from abusing it completely MOVING ON

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    Such a nice read Totally drew me into the story The writing was a bit stilted at first, but as I kept reading it got much better Now I ve just got to see how the next book goes 3.5 stars

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    Prophet, follows Ela of Parne a normal girl about to be married Jewish style in the middle of a 70% Old Testament 30% Fantasy universe One day Ela s little sister leads her into a prophet s tomb, There the Infinite God asks Ela to willing, or not at all, become his prophet She accepts Oh Did I mention A true prophet of the Infinite never dies with silver hair So this includes Ela Ela s first mission Instagard and its Corrupt King Her Message Change or experience the Judgment of the Infinite There we meet the co star of the story, Kien He is a bull headed Ambassador being imprisoned by the King who slaughtered a city in the kingdom he represents His thoughts are Escape or Die, he really doesn t care which Ela shows up and he hopes for an Ally They re both hated by the King, it is really a matter of time before they are both executed.I liked how this book kept you guessing about which part of the Old Testament it was shadowing I liked that I felt like Ela was mainly shadowing Elijah, Elisha, prophets in Judges, and maybe a touch of Moses, but it wasn t so apparent that it was predictable It just seemed loosely structured off them I loved Kien, He was totally cool, and he was definitely my favorite character I also loved Scythe or Pet, and all the Destroyers Who doesn t want a Giant, protective, war horse I m in, were can I buy one The spelling of the names drove me crazy at first, I mean Ela Nooo it s spelled Ella look at that, my spell check even agrees Tek Lara Don t you mean Tech Laura My sister reasoned with me that spelling is different in other countries and that I was being picky, I agree with her but it still drove me crazy Another thing that drove me crazy was the way Ela knew everything that was going to happen, because of her constant visions Also the Infinite was constantly talking into her thoughts, constantly giving her answers, I know this was representing the Old Testament in which God did speak to many of his prophets like this But I couldn t help but think it was a little too much In real life it takes effort to seek God, God reveals himself to those who seek him, and sometimes hearing his voice is a difficult struggle I personally don t think he ever constantly stayed in someone s thoughts and whispered answers to most every question they ve ever had But then what do I really know of God, He s impossible to explain because he s Awesome, Omnipresent, and well Infinite It just seemed a little odd the way the author did that It made me like Ela less because it felt like she knew all the answers I would recommend Prophet to those who like a good clean Fiction portraying how God is all powerful and in control even over those who choose not to believe in his power and existence.