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If You Could Trade One Year Of Your Life To Be The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room, The Woman That Every Other Woman Wishes She Could Be, The Woman That Every Man Wanted, What Would You Be Willing To Pay What Would You Do To Have A Perfect Body, To Have A Perfect Face, To Be Thoroughly Connected What Would You Be Willing To Give Up To Make It All Happen, Your Mind, Your Family, Your Soul Experience A World Solely Created From The Broken Mind Of One Girl Where Torture And Pain And Sex Became Tools And Nothing Else Mattered But Beauty SPA Was A Place Of Transformation, Where The Fat Little Caterpillars Entered Through One Door And The Beautiful Butterflies Flew Home SPA Is A Place Of Complete Transformation Where The Beautiful Butterflies Fly Home Warning This Book Includes Descriptions Of Erotic Scenes And Should Not Be Purchased By Children Or Sensitive Readers

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    If you want the ultimate of how far female body image perfectionism can go you have to read SPA by B.F Camis It will knock you out.

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    I thought this book was amazing SPA crosses several different genre s successfully such as feminist, ana mia, erotica, and dystopian in an overall wrapper of absolute female empowerment It is often stunningly erotic and casts a big light on the complete insanity of female body image If you ever wondered exactly how far the insanity of female body image could go, the answer is SPA.I have read and been told that this was a book you could not put down, a book that you will love, a book that you will hate, and a book that you will read again and again All of it is true.I have re read SPA several times, it s that kind of book, I have it in my computer bag for those short periods when I m on the train If you are like me and you like to feel emotions this book will bang on you like an emotional jack hammer.All of the main characters are women as well which is something I would like to see of, and the primary character, let s call her X , is possibly the strongest female character I have ever encountered.There are many different layers and secret symbols too like a Dan Brown novel so you will find yourself wondering how much of SPA is fictionalized reality like Eyes Wide Shut and looking things up on the web I suspect that much of it is.Well I don t want to spoil anything by telling you so I ll just say that this book was completely original and an amazing experience but definitely not for prudes or children.

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    Laundry lists have interesting writing Jigga da jigga da durty book writing at its worst repetetive scenarios There was no way to suspend disbelief because there was no tension, just the listing of things done to stick figure characters Paperdoll cut out books have surprises The best which could be said about it is that the book had good spelling.

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    I m really not sure how to write a review of this It s definitely not what I expected, and it really isn t a novel per seI suppose I would think of it as a satirical feminist manifesto I don t know Whatever it was, it was interesting and definitely thought provoking.

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    One of the most emotionally intense books I have ever read and shockingly sexy

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    Came highly recommended, left disappointed Reads like erotic fan fiction, complete with grammatical errors and non existent plot Occasionally interesting in places.

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    Terribly written, awful plot, ridiculous and excessive sex.