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I couldn t put this book down until I had finished it Especially in the parts where there is a lot going on and close to the end of the book.There are two funny parts in this book I want to share I ll try to be vague on one so as to not to ruin it for every one The first one is Gilda, who is Regidor s wife They are both Meech Dragons , at one part is enjoying dinner with all the character s at Paladin s castle During at which time the Bisonbecks come and attack all of them, every one is ready to jump up and start fighting the guys Gilda continues to stay in her chair eating, and occasionally when one of the Bisonbecks get to close she throws her food on them one was unfortunate enough to get a bowl of hot soup thrown at his head Gilda isn t one to be actively in the fight, with her time mostly spent in a bottle The second part The dragon in this part is extremely dense, but has a huge heart as the book describes him There is a battle between 2 good characters and 1 bad character, and during the fight one of the dragons walked up behind the bad character like sneaking and tiptoeing if a dragon can tiptoe , and grabs the character by the head in his mouth to hold them there Well the character hurts the dragon and by instinct the he bit down and cut the character s head off by accident I thought it funny cause it was an accident, but it helped out a lot LOL In this book Bardon and Kale after 3 years of living exclusively in the bogs they go out to find the world at war and near the beginning they find dragon eggs in a abandon house and goes off to find Gilda and Regidor they go to them because they found a way to save Gilda from a spell the evil wizard Ristro put her in near the beginning of the series they do succeed in saving her life then after a bit they go to Paladin because he is dying, he is dying by having nobody following the truths in the world after a bit of talking in Paladin s palace which gets attacked they go to war and go to fight Crim Coppers army and Pretenders army in the book they defeat Crim Copper and his army but at the books end pretenders army still stands. Three Years Of Strife Have Passed Since Kale And Bardon Freed Paladin S Knights Now, Fiery Dragons Scorch Their Beautiful Countryside As An Evil Husband And Wife Wizard Duo Battle One Another For Supremacy The People Of Amara Just Want To Be Left Alone, Hoping The Conflict With Disappear But Paladin Is Dying, And Bardon And Kale Now Married Must Accept Fateful Assignments If Their Land Is To Survive Will Their Efforts Turn The Tide Against Their Adversaries They Face A Deadly Threat And A Challenging ChoiceKale S Responsibility Is To Find, Hatch, And Train An Army Of Dragons, And She Tackles The Daunting Task Until She Is Shocked By A Betrayal As The Amaran Countrymen Seek Escape, She Must Search For Her Husband, Family, And Friends While Organizing An Underground Movement To Weaken The Enemy But When The End Draws Near, Kale Must Choose Between Two Dismal DestiniesPrepare To Experience Breathtaking Adventure And Mind Blowing Fantasy As Never Before In This Stunning Addition To Donita K Paul S Popular Dragon Keepers Fantasy Series Again Donita K Paul amazes me with her masterpiece I thoroughly enjoyed this book along with the others The characters and events kept moving, and just like everything Donita K Paul writes it seemed hopeless Donita made me think again that all was lost, how will they ever get out of this one I would suggest this series to any young reader who loves learning about the God s character and loves a good fantasy adventure book DragonFire begins three years after the events in DragonKnight Bardon and Kale have married and Kale, having received her part, is loath to leave her husband though he is going on his own quest The author does not indicate what Kale s parents thought, though her father went with her and her mother went with Bardon Kale and her father are both Dragon Keepers In their quest, dragons are their friends and their goal is to release dragons from their captivity under Burner Stox view spoiler Sadly, during their quest, some known dragons are killed by other dragons or by poisonous fumes in the air hide spoiler This is technically the fourth book in the Dragonkeeper series, but it is the second I have read Much like the Narnia books by C.S Lewis, there is an undercurrent of spiritual idealogy in the stories And, as with Narnia, you don t have to be a religious person to enjoy them The religious underpinnings are not so overt as to take over the story They are there, but Paul does not beat you over the head with them.In this part of the story, DragonKeeper Kale Allerion is married to Sir Barton, and they have been living in the Bog, working to clean it up of various unsavory creatures They happen on the cure for Gilda, one of the intelligent dragons They leave the bog to find Gilda They find her, and enact the cure, but also find the land being ravaged by the battle between two evil wizards The people are somewhat indifferent, just hoping the war doesn t affect them too much Kale is charged with hatching and training an army of dragons, a quest she is aided in by her father, also a DragonKeeper Bardon is sent on his own quest The story moves along fairly quickly, with few passages that bog down the story The world is fully developed by this fourth book The cast of characters is fairly large, and it is sometimes hard to keep all of the different races there are seven higher and seven lower races here , but the glossary at the end of the book and the character list help there Paul does not shy away from conflict or unpleasant imagery, but nothing is exceptionally graphic There are religious undertones to the story, but at its core, it is a story of the conflict between good and evil, and that is a familiar theme to readers of fantasy, religious or not.I found it an enjoyable, easy book to read. All is not well in Amara Three years have past since the events of DragonKnight, and things have changed Evil forces are terrorizing the land, and Paladin is in poor health Kale and Bardon are both in their 20 s and now married this isn t a spoiler as it s immediately known in the first chapter.I m not sure what s happening, but somehow I feel myself drifting farther away from the storyline in this series, especially here with DragonFire To me it seemed that some of the events in this book were things that had already happened in the other books, just presented differently At times I had to force myself to keep going The main although not exclusive target audience of a younger age range was obvious to me here than with the other books.the encounters our heroes had with the villains seemed anticlimactic and too easy I also was disappointed to find Kale and Bardon already married, I had hoped to see some of their courtship.I would have detailed the storyline here a bit than I did, but I honestly can t get real detailed about the plot as I m really not sure of everything that happened I read the whole book, but I just wasn t able to connect with the story Maybe it s just me, I m not sure It definitely seems I m in the minority as my review of 3 stars is currently the lowest rating the book has.There s one book in the series, DragonLight, and I m going to read it as I already have it I purchased the whole series at once and I want to finish the series I m really hoping I can re connect with the storyline and characters in the final book. Review added in spring 2012.Rarely do I come back and add a review the second time I read a book I never that I can remember think less of a book after reading it the second time.3.5Well, this one I did The first time through, everything was new and exciting and stressful and tense This time, it didn t feel that way at all Donita K Paul is still a good writer and has plenty of danger and conflicts, but not enough about each conflict She skims over everything with half or a third as many words as she could use Yes, this means no boring description passages It also means the height of battle scenes take a couple paragraphs.When the whole book has been leading up to a certain battle between Cropper and Pretender and Paladin and all these other conflicts about to happen at that time, I expect about the actual meeting I expect about that actual battle Instead, we get a rather narrow view of a very small part of the area where the battle took place A lot of things go wrong, but they seem resolved too easily Kale s illness or Paladin s, or Bardon s could have dragged longer her stay with the ropmas as boring and lengthy The horror of bisonbecks hunting kimens could have taken up room The death of some dragons, who die while Kale is with them, is glossed over quickly.Yes, fast pace, but too fast If that s possible Still, I m a fast reader, and I ve found that my reading desires have changed this past year to prefer detail, especially about the main conflict parts. Three years have passed since the final chapters in DragonKnight Sir Bardon, an o rant and emerlindian knight in Paladin s service, has married Kale Allerion, a wizard and Dragon Keeper When the novel starts, they are standing in the remains of a village destroyed by fire dragons, flying weapons of warfare Bardon has his hands full as he tries to prevent Kale from entering the partially destroyed inn But Kale feels the pull of her DragonKeeper talent towards the crumbling building After Bardon forces her to think through a plan, she enters the decrepit structure Accompanying her is Ardeo, a white and grey minor dragon that glows in the dark and Pat, a chubby brown minor dragon whose talent is repairing things They make their way to the inn s basement, Ardeo lighting the way and Pat slowing Kale s headlong rush into the rickety remains But greater danger lies outside When Kale exists the unstable building, Bardon is gone Dibl, another one of the DragonKeeper s minor charges, informs Kale via mindspeaking about a small group of bisonbecks that entered the inn s yard while she was inside By the time she locates her husband the fight is almost done Bardon has downed two of the bisonbecks and the minor dragons with him have blinded another one with the caustic spit She flattens one of the two remaining fighters and Bardon knocks out the last bisonbeck Kale uses a vine to immobilize the only conscious prisoner and Bardon begins to interrogate him The bisonbeck, a soldier in Crim Cropper s army, gives Bardon some useful information, but not much The husband and wife duo head on their way, determined to carry out their original task finding Regidor and his wife, Gilda, rare meech dragons Gilda is dying from an evil spell and Bardon and Kale think they ve found the cure But will they reach their meech friends in time And what has happened to the outside world while they ve lived in isolation in the bogs From the devastation left by the fire dragons, they suspect war will soon come to Arama A war whose outcome will determine if their homeland lives free under Paladin and Wulder, or falls to Pretender and his forces DragonFire is the fourth book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles and continues the high standards set in the previous three books Award winning author Donita K Paul has built a complex storyworld for this series, populated with dragons, wizards, kimens, bisonbecks, emerlindians, mordakleeps and knights, just to name a few All the characters, from the most powerful wizard to the tinest dragon, have personalities that crackle and snap across the pages So much so that I really missed some of my favorite characters from the earlier books a librarian named Librettowit and the wizard Fenworth He s a hoot Summer 2008 brings the series to a close with DragonLight, the final book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles While I m sorry to see this series end, I m looking forward to visiting Arama and its inhabitants once again. DragonFire was a very interesting book, and a worthy continuation of the Dragon Keeper chronicles I very much enjoyed reading it, and it was actually the Dragon Keeper book I read the fastest, reading it in about three days And it made me still want to read the last book, which is always a good thing.Writing 4 5Ms Paul s writing is much the same as always, not exactly the best in physical descriptions, but quite sufficient to get the mental movie going in my head The writing does really get me to feel the emotions of the characters, even if it doesn t give me a good picture of what they look like Now, when Kale and Bardon are together in the last two books, the point of view character does change quite a bit It does get somewhat confusing in the mindspeaking, as the POV character does not have his or her dialogue in quotes and the other person does Several times I had to stop to figure out who was who, though it didn t usually take long to do so.Setting 5 5I love Amara It is definitely one of the fantasy worlds I would want to visit if it was real As always, the worldbuilding continues in this book, giving deeper insight into the world, that is still consistent with previously established facts This book at least I think it was this one, I read the last two back to back explains better the development of the low races I was a little unsure about the idea that Pretender had created the low races, that being the common conception of their origins, but the full explanation doesn t give me pause at all I suppose to explain it would be a spoiler, though not a major one.Plot 4 5The plot of DragonFire was definitely interesting than that of DragonSpell Kale and Bardon are given different tasks, Kale to find the dragons with her father and to enlist their help, Bardon to go fight Like Kale, I didn t want for them to be separated, but it was necessary to the story There were many ups and downs, especially when Bardon got sick, and when Kale and her father, Sir Kemry, faced Burner Stox The climax was better than the ones in the other books, though not quite as climactic as I would like The ending was sweet, though, and I loved it Now, there are quite a few kisses between Bardon and Kale, but it never is very descriptive it usually says something like, He kissed his wife, and they are married, so it would be odder if they never did.Character Development 5 5I love Kale and Bardon I was pleased to see that they were married in this book, that the author allowed them to move forward in their lives and not be teenagers throughout all their adventures Something else that recently occurred to me about these characters is that Bardon is a character in his own right Sure, he came into the story to eventually marry Kale, but he s not Mr Perfect He has flaws, but at the same time is chivalrous and a gentleman I love for there to be gentlemen There are so few nowadays I alternately loved and hated Sir Kemry and often wished with Kale that Bardon was there instead Sir Kemry just didn t know how to be a father, and had confidence in Kale s ability to protect herself than she did, but he did aggravate me when he aggravated Kale Honestly, I had the same feeling about most of the characters that Kale did, which I guess means it was well done.Fantasy lovers everywhere will enjoy DragonFire, and I highly recommend it.