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It was supposed to be the weekend of their lives—an exclusive house party on Henry Island Best friends Meg and Minnie are looking forward to two days of boys booze and fun filled luxury But what starts out as fun turns twisted after the discovery of a DVD with a sinister message Vengeance is mine And things only get worse from thereWith a storm raging outside the teens are cut off from the outside world so when a mysterious killer begins picking them off one by one there’s no escape As the deaths become violent and the teens turn on one another can Meg find the killer before people die? Or is the killer closer to her than she could ever imagine?

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    A group of teenagers arrive on an isolated island for a party weekend But one by one they all start to dieIf I'd never read Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None or as it used to be called Ten Little Indians view spoileror even worse Ten Little Niggers hide spoiler

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    this isn't going to be one of my two star reviews where i trash the book and scream and moan about how terrible it was because it wasn't that it was terrible it was justtrite if you have read a million books like i have there is nothing here that is going to surprise you except for the fact that the people in this book put TOMATOES in the FRIDGE why would you ruin a perfectly good tomato??? it is sortof kindof a retelling of and then there were none but not really not at the end of the day and i have to admit my memory of ATTWN is somewhat hazy but there was tension in christie's book surprisesthis one just tiredly rehashes the murders and red herrings of a million books and films that came before it it is a very typical revenge plot book that relies too heavily on coincidence and every trap i the murderer plan will work out perfectly and in the appropriate order because i am a teenage mastermind murderer and i can anticipate every possible move every single one of these chess piece characters will make because well they are pretty shallowly drawn and predictable so it's actually not that difficult after allthe only true similarity between this and the agatha christie is that there are ten people in an isolated house who get murdered one by oneit is closely akin to those christopher pike books i burned through in jr high where the plausibility of the plot didn't matter as much as the race to the finishour heroine is some teenage girl with a serious martyr complex who is led around by the nose by her effervescent but brittlely shallow and abusive bestie who has an unreuited crush on a boy and shows it by throwing herself at all his friends so he will notice her and of course he likes likes our martyr girl who likes likes him back but noooooo i must sacrifice what i want because even though i am a good girl when it comes to guys and my friend is kind of skanky her needs supersede my own because she's got mental issues and that exempts her from basic human decencyand so these three people are some of the ten invited to a remote houseparty on an island without adult supervision where they discover a crappy student film that delivers the message vengeance is mine right before the bodies start droppingthis is the thirteen reasons why of horror novels except instead of lifelong guilt over how characters' actions drove a girl to suicide these people are gonna get murderedwill they discover the murderer in time?mehit's a teen book for a teen audience and i have been spoiled by too many crossover books that have a wider appeal to old fogies like myselfbut here's a gripe at one point one of the characters remarks News flash we're already like halfway through our own Lord of the Flies people We've got dead bodies piling up and I don't know about you but I don't exactly want to be nextwait how exactly is this like lord of the flies? how is this like an allegory of society where kids succumb to their bestial impulses once the moral codes of civilization have been removed? this is about one person's revenge fantasy come to life did you only read the cliffs notes??it's one of those books where we figure stuff out before the characters particularly the heroine who is too dopey to realize whose journal she is reading even when all the clues are right in front of her even though said journal is another example of forced narrative because the way it is written is bananas the girl the boy my friendthat jerk from PE which is great if you are writing a mystery novel and you want to hide your secrets but no teenage girl writes like that in her journal and dopey heroine is encouraged by male love interest to voice her thoughts because her comebacks are so clever and sharp they are not they are just dopeythis is definitely plot driven rather than character driven no one seems than theatrically afraid of what is happening and by the end it just comes across as blaséoh another one shrugBTW i would love a YA retelling of clue pleasebut no i'm not gonna bitch any this is fine for the younger reader the teens who don't have a million books on their shelves and are just looking for something uick and unchallengingdon't listen to me i am old and stalecome to my blog

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    I think I need a cold shower cup of hot choco and a teddy bear to snuggle up withThis book destroyed my mental stabilitySuck on a thumb much?

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    My initial and only thought after finishing this book view spoiler KILL OFF MAIN CHARACTERS YOU COWARDS hide spoiler

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    The words were centered on the title page written in red ink It should have been ominous It should have kept Meg from turning the next pageNot so much The word review was my own addition Who ever listens when told to stop doing something? The words keep out aren't much different from waving a red cape in front of an angry bull It only dares us to charge right inYou know I can't even fault her for doing it If people were dropping like flies all around me this is not a spoilerI will try not to go much further than what the summary is going to tell you anyway I'd probably be looking around for clues myself Either that or crafting a fine raft made out of household items to get myself off the damn wretched island Eitheror It's a toss up I'd probably leave the sleuthing to the experts and try to run from the crazy killer Vengeance is mine If you've read any reviews on this book already you'll have figured out that the inspiration was Agatha Christie's classic And Then There Were None Since we can liken Ten to a re telling of ATTWN I'll say it wasn't a bad effort The murder scenarios might not have been as crazy or scary as I would have preferred but I give credit to the author for tackling the project and pulling it off well enough In cases like this I'd love to see what kind of notes the author must have been taking in order to keep track of everythingThe first 25% or so of the book felt a little dead behind the eyes All of the teens arrived conveniently on the island because sureall 10 of them lucked out and were able to go what a fabulous coincidence and some of the mix n mingle part of the book had me skimming Not that it was boring; I just wasn't in the mood for learning about 10 characters who might most likely die It's probably not a good idea to skim anything that could be laying groundwork for a murder mystery but I like to take chances If you have read ATTWN before you'll sort of know at least part of what's going on although there are a few twists to change it up just a littleI'm also going to go out there and say that there had to be a nod to the tv show Harper's Island in here as well The show HI was sort of a very loose interpretation also of Christie's book except updated for the new generation of horror movie fans I smiled at the name Henry Island because that was the name of the lead character from HI Although I'd almost wondered if that was a placeholder name because everywhere else in the book the island was called by another name A few of the character similarities also echoed the show NOTE BTWif you get the chance get a hold of a DvD copy or stream this show on Netflix It's even fun if you watch the show with other people and place bets on who the killer isAs well it was as if every major horror movie that had come from the past couple of decades especially those appealing to teens had been pickedborrowed from just a little One major scene was almost dead on identical to a scene from the movie The Ring I think this must have been the author's way of paying homage to what has come before because both The Ring and Scream were jokingly referenced in the bookThere's only a few small complaints about an otherwise decent book I hated the way the main female character defended her abusive friend she was so blinded to the truth that it PAINED meI thought the gayracist comments were unnecessary Making the comments okay because a character was allowed to have a comeback in order to confirm that the jokes were wrong sort of is an eh factor for me when the comments really didn't need to be there in the first place If the story was about bullying or racism etc fine But the comments were just random chatter in the middle of a murder mystery It was a very small blip though in a conversation so I don't think any ill intent was meant by the blipI could have lived without the killer vs victim scene where he or she not spoiling of course stands there and recaps their kills Every friggin movie and tv show has this scene Is this the standard? There has to be another way to bring the missing details into place without having to do it this way?Final Analysis I think this would be a fun read for anyone who hasn't had the chance to read many murder mysteries and would prefer to be eased into the genre with something that's not too taxing If this had been one of the first murder mysteries I'd ever read I might have had positive vibes about Ten My average rating is only because I've seen this particular story done better before but not because I think this book was bad or boringIf you are new to the world of murder mysteries I'd say give to give Ten a shot It's murder mystery light beer great taste less filling the book is fairly short and easy to read But at least it's not incredibly scary or gory If you can handle Hunger Games you are perfectly fine to tackle this book

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    Have you read And Then There Were None? Congratulations you've already read this book except it was better the first time The plots are identical except all the vengeance is about high school stuff and this book is even offensive about mental illness On the other hand did you desperately want Christie's book to end with an entirely unearned happy ending and without the here's how it all went down in clever detail chapter? Even then you don't want to read this book Also and most offensively Agatha Christie's name isn't mentioned in this book anywhere

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    Vengeance is mine; I will repayFor the time when their foot shall slide For the day of their disaster is nearAnd their doom comes swiftly Ten is the story of ten ha Get it? Because the book is called Ten? Ah I'll just stop now teenagers who are all invited to a secret house party on a secluded island over the course of a three day weekend Expecting to have a fun drunken and hormonally stereotypical time at the party best friends Meg and Minnie decide to go despite Meg's reservations However as the two arrive at the secluded island and eually as secluded party house things begin to go awry and not just because Meg's crush whom she cancelled her homecoming date with happened to be at the party After watching a video depicting random seemingly insignificant scenes ending with a chilling message Vengeance is mine the teenagers start getting picked off one by one by an unknown killer and at this party there's no one you can trust I'll be the first to admit that I expected very little from Ten going into it At first before its publication Ten had received raving reviews and was at my top priority ARC list for uite a while But then after its publication Ten started receiving many two and one star ratings some from very trusted friends of mine and my anticipation grew less and less to the point where I went into this expecting to be frustrated and to let my snark out with Ten only to in the end be genuinely surprised by it in almost every way imaginable What I originally expected Ten to be upon reading its synopsis months ago was a fun read that would resemble a campy eighties' slasher flick but afterwards judging by the negative reviews I expected it to be a predictable melodramatic and boring read This instance among many is one where I should have gone with my initial expectation because let me tell you I had a whole lot of fun with this campy little book You may not know this about me but I love horror I read it; I watch it; I love it; I live it I grew up reading Goosebumps by RL Stine they are practically the basis behind my love for horror watching Nightmare on Elm Street as a child I may or may not own the Collector's Edition with all eight movies and reading Stephen King as a teenager to this day he remains as my favorite author of all time and I highly doubt he will ever be replaced As a horror fan setting is everything to me Small town carnival or in Ten's case secluded island whatever the setting is if you manage to get it and its atmosphere down I'm putty in your knife wielding hands And that's where I feel Gretchen McNeil hit a home run with Ten Immediately in Ten we're brought into a big storm crashing the waves around Henry Island onto the coast swaying the ferry carrying two party goers in for the weekend of their lives or deaths I had to and I just felt like I was there That feeling remained throughout the entire novel and just made for an incredibly creepy and atmospheric read I felt like I was there with Meg slowly putting together the clues as to who the killer was leading up to a reveal that I definitely did not see coming and importantly I felt for the characters I felt for Meg I felt for the other party goers well most of them For some I was just counting down the pages until they'd meet their death and shockingly enough I felt for the killer McNeil does a superb job at setting the scene for the readers and having readers feel for the characters they don't want to feel for The killer and red herrings were for me difficult to spot I found the deaths to be cleverly thought out and I kept changing my theory as to who the killer was throughout the entire novel Whether or not Ten is simply a loose retelling of And Then There Were None or a complete and total rip off is unbeknownst to me as I have not yet read the latter but what I can say is that if you haven't yet read And Then There Were None with Ten you're in for a shocking and chilling three day weekend at Henry Island

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    375 I am so conflicted on how I felt about this book On one hand I LOVED it It was gripping heart pounding addictive and so intense a lot so than I'd expected It genuinely had me freaked out at points and kept me guessing until the last page which is everything I want in a thriller and something I rarely find Yes it was incredibly cliche but in such a fun way that it didn't take away from the enjoyment although there was a uestionable moment when a couple decided the perfect time to have a full on make out session was after finding a house full of murderer bodies because of course? On the on the hand Ten was utterly littered with ableism and specifically ableist language which was so incredibly disappointing I understand that it was written in 2012 when people maybe weren't so understanding but oh my gosh the ableist language was heavy The cast was pretty diverse out of the ten teens a minor character was Samoan two were Asian and a main character black Although I'm not in a position to say wether or not the representation was harmful in anyway Another main character was described as having crippling anxiety and bipolar disorder but I personally wasn't a fan of the way she was portrayed at all She was a pretty nasty character which was consistently blamed on her mental health which was than frustrating So yes conflicted is definitely how I'd describe my feeling on Ten I flew through it couldn't put it down and I can't tell you how refreshing it was to read a YA thriller where I hadn't guessed 'whodunit' within the first few pages Unfortunately I can't ignore the blatant and fairly regular ableist language used and therefore can't give it as high of a rating as I would have had that not been there I'm definitely intrigued to read from Gretchen McNeil as other than the ableism mentioned I loved her addictive writing style and I just hope whatever I read next from her isn't uite so heavy on the ableist language

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    The last time I remember seeing this setup a seemingly random group of people is lured to a remote mansion where they’re killed one by one in ever gruesome fashion in a half crazed bid for revenge it was an episode of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane cribbed the plot from Agatha Christie sure but it was still a damn funny parody In Ten Gretchen McNeil takes that exact same well worn story of horror and revenge but adds nothing new to it reallyThe only thing this book doesn’t lack for is strong writing McNeil’s White Rock House is the uintessential house of horrors isolated foreboding all bleak lines and sharp angles A perfect roost for a would be murderer But the actual plot though I’m being very diplomatic when I say almost the entirety of the book consists of nothing but a string of horror movie cliches There are the ten dinner er weekend guests each one besides protagonist Meg and love interest TJ suffering from ever worsening character flaws that just beg for them to be offed for their bad behavior Meg and to a lesser extent TJ is the saint whose flaw is being too nice and caring and thus deserve to survive a little longer than the first couple of victims so she can discover the identity of the murderer and rant about how unfair and crazy the killer’s entire plan is And since the whole thing is entirely by the books deciding whether Meg and TJ survive or not was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done But I wouldn’t be nearly as frustrated with Ten if the characters weren’t so genre savvy if they weren’t so acutely aware of all these horror tropes yet still insist on falling into all these cliches anyway Dead man walking Nathan points out how the black character’s usually the first one to die in a horror film but that is like the only trope this book successfully avoids There’s the initial staged suicide that leaves everyone wondering whether there really is a murderer or if it was just an accident Yeah after the previous I don’t know three or four creepy and suspicious scenes I’d at least look into it but no Don’t know what these guys are doing And after the second death it becomes incredibly frustrating like McNeil has this checklist of horror tropes and she’s just checking them off as she goes along Mistrust and suspicions fall on each other Lord of the Flies style Check Details about the killer are slowly revealed through intentional breadcrumbs Check People are idiots and wander off to their deaths Check At this point I feel like I’m reading a handbook on how to write horror rather than an actual horror novel and I’m not even spoiling the massive cliche of an endingMaybe the by the books plot could’ve been saved by some actually decent characters but that didn’t happen so I’ll never know Most of the characters Vivian Minnie Kenny are no surprise written as completely unlikable tools since they deserve to die basically but even the ones who arguably didn’t Gunner Kumiko I really wish they hadn’t been written with such flat characterizations because it seems to me like this book is concerned with who did what with whom during Prom even if that is important to the plot than fleshing out the players None of them were really all that interesting Even Meg ends up being such a weak and needy character and TJ such a blank slate that the ending rather than being emotional fell really flat I’m pissed at the way everything predictably went down than who the killer was what his motives were or which characters survived the ordealI guess what I’m saying is that I got nothing new out of this book The plot ran off a formula the characters fell flat and the ending this isn’t my first horror show I’ve seen it all beforeTldr Just watch And Then There Were Fewer Family Guy does it better

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    ”Shh Don’t Spread the WordWHAT Epic house partyWHEN Presidents’ Day WeekendWHERE White Rock House on Henry IslandWHY Because if you miss this party you’ll regret it forever” Don’t worry sweetheart I already regret itWhenever an author tries to retell a classic it’s always a hit or miss The real key is to try and strike a balance between staying true and faithful to the plot while adding something new and exciting in the mix Some books manage to pull I off Stone Field This Dark Endeavor and The Madman’s Daughter just to name a few Other retellings completely crash and burn on arrival Great Lock Mori and Winterspell And then there’s that special category of retellings Retellings that are so offensive and blatantly disregarding of the original that when a reader of the original tries to read the book they literally become angry Unfortunately for me but fortunately for you because of the review you’ll be getting this book falls into that category If Dame Agatha Christie ever got her hands on this book she’d probably want to set a big ass bonfire and burn all existing copies Despite what the cover and the blurb fails tell you this is a retelling of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel And Then There Were None The plot? Ten people in this case teenagers are invited to spend the weekend at an island and one by one they all die It’s obvious that someone is out to get them but who? And why? So before I let loose on the entire book let’s acknowledge the one sole positive thing about this book there was only one and I’m being generous here This book is incredibly diverse We have two characters with mental illness bipolar and depression an African American not one but two Asian MC’s and one Pacific Islander which is exceedingly rare in a YA book so props to the author The fact that the author made it seem natural and not forced was a plusNow onto the negative which was pretty much everything about this novel Probably the least offensive thing about this book was that every single MC was a stereotype Not a racial stereotype mind you if that were the case this book would be getting zero stars I’m talking about the typical high school stereotypes that we see in movies books and TV about high school We have a type A personality bitch a handsome airheaded surfer dude a manic pixie dream girl with colored hair because it’s edgy the massive football player with a heart of gold the ueen Bee the uiet mousy one the All American golden boy you get the idea It felt like I was reading a novelized version of an early 2000s teen drama on the WB It got to the point that I had to flip back to the front of the book to see when this was published because I legitimately thought it was published in the early 2000s it was published in 2012 It was mildly annoying but didn’t make me pissed off What pissed me off was the fact that the author took one of the greatest murderpsychological mysteries of all time with memorable morally ambiguous characters a chilling atmosphere an ingenious plot and boiled it down to nothing than two teenagers lusting after each other This is how the author honored the greatest mystery writer of all time I can’t fucking believe it So buckle your seatbelts and let’s go down this long winding disbelieving road of a literary re telling gone horribly wrong Millie and Meg are friends They’ve been invited to this wicked cool party all by their little selves over the long vacation weekend They decide to go Well there are other guests invited and one of them happens to be TJ Miller Thomas Jefferson Miller to be exact He’s handsome he’s gorgeous he’s athletic what could possibly go wrong?Well the little fact that Minnie and Meg are both in love with him might be the problem And since Minnie’s mental it makes it a big problem; one that must be repeated continuously throughout the entire book ”She had to get over him Had to He was a player as Minnie brought up repeatedly they were going to college a thousand miles apart and her best friend was in love with him She had to move on” Because he’s SOOOOO handsome; he’s the best thing since Swiss cheese ”His dimples the left one slightly deeper than the right taunted her So many times she’d dreamed about running her fingers over them feeling the soft indentations with her fingers then tracing the strong suare line of his chin ” Following the plot of Christie’s novel one by one the guests begin to die Meg being the special snowflake that she is tries to help them with her mad computer skills It almost works But Meg isn’t exactly thinking about that in the moment BECAUSE TJ ”She felt a collective sigh of relief including someone’s breath against her cheek Not just someone TJ So close that she could have turned her face and their lips would have touchedStop it Of all the inappropriate times to think about kissing TJ this had to be the worst” Yes it is most inappropriateThe remaining houseguests putter along and half heartedly try to find the suspect Minnie continues to stew because she thinks something romantical is going on between Meg and TJ Meg denies it but continues to pine after him More puttering along ensues as people die Meg and TJ who are not only still alive but special snowflakes deemed worthy enough to search the island traipse along in the rain searching for the killer But instead of doing that what do they do? ”Faster than Meg could react he reached down and gave her a uick kiss on the lips then whirled around and headed back up the hillSeveral thoughts filled Meg’s head simultaneouslyNumber one she was uite possibly going to pass out from joyNumber two had he meant to kiss her? Had it been a mistake? No that was silly How could it possibly have been a mistake unless she was trying to lick something off her face?” SERIOUSLY? The houseguests are dying This is NOT the time to be thinking about whether he kissed or licked your faceBut wait IT GETS BETTERTwo of the houseguests disappear and once again Meg and TJ go out in the rain and search for them They happen upon the only other house on the island besides theirs And low and behold they find not one not two but FOUR dead bodies two are partygoers and the others are the people living in the house their searching So what do these two do after finding four dead bodies? WHAT DO THEY DO YOU ASK?? ”She unbuttoned his coat and had a hand up his sweater before she could even register what she was doing His skin was hot and smooth and she wanted to feel every inch of it right then and there regardless of what was going on around them Or perhaps because of it? Meg had no idea She only thought of TJ and how desperately she wanted him She didn’t care about anything else not the murders not being stranded on the island not the strange writing on the bathroom mirror that seemed oddly similar” THEY MAKE OUT AND HAVE A STRIPTEASE YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT BECAUSE WHEN YOU FIND FOUR DEAD BODIES ONE THAT WAS BLUDGEONED AND THREE THAT WERE SHOT YOU MAKE OUT WITH THE NEAREST MALE SPECIMAN NEAR YOU WHAT THE FRACKITY FRACK FRACK WERE THEY THINKING THERE ARE FOUR DEAD BODIES At this point I thought it couldn’t get any worse than that spoiler; it does Then we get to the part where the actual killer and motive are revealed And to be perfectly honest compared with the motives of the killer in the original source it was uite petty and kind of ‘meh’ The methods of killing and how they were decided were laughable and the villain itself was whiny selfish and frankly unbelievable At this point it was going to take a miracle from Jesus to impress me and that didn’t happen And then we get to the ending of the book Spoiler both Meg and TJ survive in accordance with all retellings of Christie’s tale cause let’s face it; all the characters dying is kind of depressing As they’re standing there in all their teenage hormonal glory they reflect on their harrowing experiences and the lessons they’ve learned ‘This is it’ I thought to myself ‘This is the chance for the book to redeem itself to show that these characters are than just hormonal little brats; they can reflect on their experiences What could possibly go wrong? ”But as nightmarish as the whole weekend had been as horrifying and painful and life altering in a way that even years of therapy wouldn’t be able to cure her of it had done one beautiful thing It had brought her and TJ together” ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH Needless to say I hated this book It crapped all over Agatha Christie’s beloved classic and watered it down to nothing than two hormonal lovestruck teenagers It was a travesty that made me boiling mad and heading immediately for my beloved copy of And Then There Were None and the masterful TV miniseries to go along with it for some damage control If you love the original stay far away from this book If you’re not stay far away from this book It’s not worth your time