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Unfortunately I had a tough time with this book In the beginning, I was pretty bored It felt so similar to the second book in the series I was hoping for it to make a big change, like between the first and second book, but it didn t Then, when things started happening, it got worse The instalove, and accompanying melodrama, was just too much It was so ridiculous, and it made it difficult for me to focus on anything else I was hoping the ending would salvage it and bring my rating up to three stars at least, but it was fairly lackluster I m still planning on reading Green The Beginning and the End, because I like the series as a whole well enough, but I m not looking forward to it very much. It s rather dissapointing when you invest enough of yourself into a story to read than one installment, just to find out it gets progressively worse You get a really bad feeling that s too close to I lost my time to feel confortable I m not going to make this long, there s no need to even try Summary It started off well, then lost it Maybe it was the actual writing, or maybe I just didn t feel the magic any. Wow Took me a long time with school and such BUT THAT ENDING AHHHHH LIKE WHAT SO WOW WOW WOW I DONT EVEN know what to say I don t think I m going to write a review for this one But it was amazing The whole series is Highly recommended. Reads final page Blinks Reads final page again Rushes over and yanks copy of Showdown out of bookshelf to verify statements on final page THAT S how Thomas ended up in the black forest ButbutI don t evenOOThis whole series is a time paradox I love it. The epic trilogy of sorts comes to a conclusion well, sort of Amazing Books, White By Ted Dekker This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book White, Essay By Ted Dekker Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Well, it s over I guess that s good It feels bad to slam on a book series that so many other people evidently love from reading other reviews here on Goodreads I guess I just can t let religion trump realism or logic or frankly, good storytelling I suppose folks appreciative of this trilogy would say that s my problem I feel like there was real missed potential here The author keeps the plot moving quickly with good action and set pieces Unfortunately everything else is sacrificed along the way All the logic complaints that I mentioned in my reviews of first and second books continue here Maybe the author just needs a better editor So many dropped story threads and characters, it feels he wrote this in one long session in which he kept writing himself into corners Hmm now I ve got a view spoiler dead main character what do I do now I know I ll have a magic holy blank book wherein he can write himself back to life from the other world hide spoiler WellI finished the trilogy though now a book titled Green is out so I guess it s no longer a trilogy, even though this one ties up the existing story line This one is in my opinion better than the second in the series and I give it a good solid not bad There is however a but But..these books could have been far better than they are The way they are plotted the way the characters are presented even the way the story is told, all are a bit stilted In an effort to be, I suppose meaningful and to tie the experiences of the characters together there is, for example, a scene here that is word for word the same scene as we find in Red except that it happens to the female protagonist so the name and pronouns are different and in the end the third party involved didn t make it To some this may be a strong point to me it was just repetitive, I find it just annoyed me A lot of things in the book simply annoyed me It was like looking at something that could have been greatbut ended up just okay The story exposition,the lay out, even what we are expected to accept is going on just so often doesn t really work And I m a fantasy fan, I love fantasy.There is throughout the trilogy a use of Biblical symbology, rather heavy handed use That in itself doesn t bother me C.S.Lewis was accused by among others J.R.R.Tolkien of being heavy handed in his use of biblical symbols and you ll find I rate most of his books 5 stars The heavy handedness doesn t bother me, but it s not done well I wanted to like these books but in so many ways they just aren t done well I am a Christian, and I mean a practicing Christian and I d like to rate these higher, I know many people love them I wanted to like them As lessons even as allegory they work fairly well but as novels they just aren t that good This one is, as I said in the opening of this review, a bit better than in my opinion the second and it s a good solid not bad but it could be so much better I d say try them yourself Maybe try book 1 and see how you like the author s voice and style Maybe a lot of this is me But, my final evaluation is, not bad, but could have been a lot better. A Great Finale to a Fantastic Trilogy,Dekker really finishes off the Circle Trilogy with style.This book was by far the best of the 3 and, although you really must read the first 2 to truly understand this book, Dekker does not dissapoint with the conclusion to this very long trilogy.The story, including the metaphors of Christ s sacrifice for mankind, is brought home and shows the truly great talent that Dekker has for writing.In this final installment, we are shown how the virus from this world is destroyed due to the sacrifice of one man.I cannot really say much except that this trilogy is fascinating, truly enthralling and worth every minute that you spend reading it It is a fantasy story that few people could claim to create and it is do beautifully written that you believe that the dream world exists Dekker has an unexplainable way of describing the imaginary and delivering a wonderful story that is impossible to put down.A definite must read for any fantasy fan and just about anyone else that enjoys a book that is just a little bit left or right of center, delivering a unique reading experience with fantastic creatures, wonderous imaginary lands and riveting suspsense My only complaint about this trilogy is that it was only a trilogy I WANT MORE