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Matthew likes his life in Richmond He has his friends and his softball and his volunteer work And he has a very good looking boyfriend Brian who he’s been happily dating for over a year now So what if his friends tend to question just how good his boyfriend is and so what if Brian tends to have inexplicable mood swings And so what if Brian seems to invite Matt’s suspicions on occasion If he just shows a little faith and trust he’ll appreciate what he has with Brian the way he should Right?But suddenly Matt finds himself in a desperate life or death situation on a trip overseas and he realizes just how much he misses home and Brian He’s luckily rescued by a team of US Special Forces only to immediately find out they’re a bunch of bigoted jerks Worse a quirk of his situation forces him to spend time with them that he’d rather not And that’s when he finds out that first impressions can be misleading When called upon he steps up when every fiber of his being tells him not to and discovers something deep inside himself that he didn’t realize was even there And his life will never be the same He finds that he can after all make some very overdue changes in his own lifeWhat Matt doesn’t realize is that the bond of brotherhood runs both ways And he winds up changing the lives of several of the men on that Special Forces team as much as they changed hisAll it takes is faith and trust

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    Matt is a great guy just ask any of his friends in Richmond He takes food to sick friends works with Doctors Without Borders as a volunteer uses his talents to help set up tracking and record keeping for childhood immunizations Plays softball on a gay league And has a hot boyfriend Brian to whom he would give the world if he only askedWhen he's offered the opportunity to use his talents to assist DWB in their mission in Syria he jumps at the chance and will be leaving for a two week assignment Before he leaves he begins to have doubts about how Brian feels especially when Brian accuses him of being distant Picking fights and leaves him stuck with the check for dinner again the night before he's to leaveSo when he's kidnapped and fearing for his life locked in a dark room alone he resolves the be the man Brian deserves to never doubt him again And when he's rescued by a group of Navy SEALS his relief and gratitude are immense Even when he's confronted with what he thinks is homophobia and bigotry by the guys that risked their lives to save him But then he meets and talks to one of his rescuers Mope Travis and some of what he thought he saw and felt he begins to question How he acts how he views the world But when he's given the opportunity to repay that rescue to risk himself will he? And what will be the cost be to himself? His relationship with Brian? To his preconceived notions about the men who rescued him Mope Petey? And will he find he has in common with these men than ever thought possible?I have to just out it out there This book blew me the fk away When I saw it in for 099 I thought nice I'll get a short story that will be a quick and hot read based on the blurb But what I got was so very much This is a fully realized novel and I would gladly have paid ten times the cost for the honor of reading this jewelJF Smith has written a quiet amazing and satisfying book about one man's journey of honor courage and self worth Matt is a revelation a gay man who is already whole and complete and loveable And when thrust into a horrible situation not only survives it but grows so much in the process There are so many themes in this book that could have gone so terriblysideways The role of the military The men who serve our country Patriotism Honor Courage Settling for what we as gay men can get in our relationships And every damn single one of these issues Mr Smith stands at the plate and knocks them out of the stadiumAs a reader I can see what Matt can't or won't and at times that's very frustrating We all know that Brian is a tool and playing Matt But Matt being the gentle man he is doesn't believe it So when Matt as he grows and opens his eyes literally and figuratively there is a huge payoff for him and the readerI love where Matt landed The man deserves a happily ever after and I won't spoil the story and say what happens but it's just so satisfying Hopeful And realAnd the supporting cast Has there ever been such richness from what we first see as testosterone fueled muscle heads? Travis is a man with a giant heart and we grow to adore him His relationship with Matt as his friend and confidante begins an arc I lovedBut Petey almost stole the story away from Matt This guy who is initially we think a homophobe and idiot has the biggest heart and I think the biggest pain I loved him by the last page and wanted this book to go on and on and never stopThat's the sign of a good book and a fantastic writer When I am so wrapped up in the world they create so immersed in the characters that I don't want to say goodbye I hope Mr Smith has plans for a sequel and I hope Petey plays a huge part of itThey don't get much better than this I'm so glad I stumbled into this fine fine workTom