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A Male Prostitute, A Mangy Cat, A Murder And A Maniacal Mix Up That Threatens His Career, His Impending Marriage And His Life Nothing Is Going As Planned For Austin GlassAustin Seems To Have It All At Least On The Surface A Loving Fiancee A Future With The FBI And A Healthy Sized Trust Fund He Also Has A Grin And A Wisecrack For Every Situation But The Smile He Presents To Everyone Hides A Painful Past He S Buried Too Deeply To Remember And His Quips Mask Bitterness And Insecurity Austin Has Himself And Most Of The Whole World Fooled Until He Meets Someone Who Immediately Sees Him Better Than He Sees HimselfAs Events Unfold And Austin S World Unravels, He Finds Himself Pushed Into Making Quick Life Changing Decisions But Can He Trust Peter Or What S Happening Between Them When Each Meeting Seems To Be Just A Series Of Volatile Reactions

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    I m not gay That wasn t what I meant to say Congratulations Would you like a medal Bunny Slippers asked I already have a medal For bravery, not for being gay I think you made me gay I made you gay He set down the napkin he was holding Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid This book doesn t have enough pages There is one chapter here named Never ending story THAT S what this book should have been I just wanted to read it, and read it, and read it, didn t really care if that meant too many stories for the characters, I d read it if they d suddenly decided to move on Mars and catch aliens The writing is simply brilliant And just for that this book deserves 5 stars The characters and the story fantastic Loved them both, and loved the story, every second of it I didn t want it to end well I said that already, sorry People aren t always who they seem, Detective Am I anything like you thought No, I admitted You re a million times better than I could have imagined And that was the problem Looking at Peter, I realized that I was never going to get over him A distressing thought when I considered I might not ever have Peter The storyOne day, while sitting at a diner, Austin notices a pair of bunny slippers Then he notices the guy wearing them Then he notices his face, his eyes, his hair, his body, his lips, and again, his freaking bunny slippers And THEN he thinks he just might be gay But that s impossible, right You don t suddenly turn gay at age 26 at the sight of some bunny slippers and a freakishly gorgeous guy wearing them, right RIGHT Hmm Well, of course, the logical explanation would be that he has a bunny slipper sexual fetish, or that the guy is responsible for turning him gay all of the sudden That was the birth of an obsession, well, two actually, one for the slippers, one for the guy What didn t help with his messed up love life was having a fiance, and working on a case that s directly involved with Mr Bunny Slippers family and former lover Besides, for our date Saturday I was thinking less cell block and movie house I said brightly.His lips twitched, but he didn t say no I took that as Oh, you sexy devil, Austin, I want to do you right here, but I m super duper excited about our date so I ll wait.I was paraphrasing, of course AustinI love that guy D He s so messed up He s working for the police, but aiming for the FBI He s very intelligent, doesn t do lying, he says the first things that pop up to his mind, and is very good at reading people.After meeting Bunny Slippers, he can t get him out of his head, so he begins to question his sexuality That leads to some dark memories oh that was just terrible, Jesse and all and him finally realising who he is.He has such a funny mind and I loved his inner monologue DThe scenes with Peter D excellent Even though, most of the time he doesn t even know what to do with him, they both send mixed signals, they re both messed up and complicated, and they both don t want to fall in love, but of courseMy fav scene with him was when he was trying to wash Peter s hands and Peter kept trying to tell him he was clean Heart Broke Mine Totally I think he finally realised that Peter was than a whore and that he kept saying it just to put a distance between them Oh and another one, when he kept telling Peter to ask him for money Rabbit s the rock we cling to when we re drowning He needs a mountain to hold him up, not another storm that ll wear away at him Bunny Slippers PeterTaken from the streets and adopted by a former cop, Peter is now the owner of the diner Austin keeps stalking For years now, he s been taking care of Cai and Darryl, the other two kids the cop adopted, and they ve had a tough life, mostly Peter and Darryl working as prostitutes to get the meds for Cai, who s bipolar He doesn t know what Austin wants with him, and thinks that he, like everyone else before him, only sees his looks, wants fim for nothing but sex So he propositions himself, and Austin, obsessed as he is, accepts Won t say how it all ended P but let s just say it led to their first date Peter Even though he s so young 20 , he s too mature for his age, and I can believe it because of the life he had He is basically mature than Austin, at least that s how I saw them They fit each other perfectly The impossible couple, a cop and a prostitute I felt really bad for him, but loved him all the for his devotion to Cai and Darryl, he took care of them for a long time, and would do anything to protect them, even lie to the cops Austin regarding the case and a murder Cai could be involved in.This is Darryl s rant about Austin and Peter fighting XD one of my favorite quotes hahahah D I love you No you don t I don t love you Yes you do Wah wah wah Some of us wanted to sleep Here s Austin s rant after a fight with Peter XD And damn Peter, too, while I was at it And his fucking bunny slippers that made me interested enough to pay attention to him in the first place I was burning those fuzzy fuckers the moment I saw them again Well, this book had it all Amazing writing, humor, excellent characters, great story, romance, action, angst, hot sexy times, and a beautiful happy ending What could I ask for Oh wait I could ask More books Now I can t wait to read Cai s story

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    I have tortured myself for two days now trying to write a review for this book So be happy with this I loved it I couldn t put it down I bit off all my finger nails I couldn t tell who was telling the truth I couldn t figure anything out I didn t want it to end I can t stop thinking about it I can t wait for the next book Why insert any of the above as you deem appropriate The hilarious chapter titles The asshole MC The hooker love interest The freckles The slippers The sexual tension The blowjobs The snark The sharp, snappy dialogue The banter The pace The suspense The twists The deceit The secondary characters The brothers The fianc e The partner The alien cat creature The Jag THE CLIFFHANGER

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    5 stars Re read 09 14 Review edited September 29, 2014.Dear Austin,I ve read your story Shattered Glass. Well, I wanted to know what the fuss is all about, and holy cow, was I ever impressed Dani Alexander has written an amazingly good book Give him my best please I do hope he ll continue to write such compelling and entertaining stories in the future.I ve been in a very serious book slump for a rather long time and decided to do a re read of your fantabulous story Shattered Glass Guess what I m back in my happy place and wanted to quote the whole darn book I feel so crazy good Fantastic Awesome Yes, yes, yes high fives I m sorry for my little outburst sheepish smile I ll be back to acting demurely stat.Okey dokey, let s get down to business, my dear What the heck is wrong with you I mean do you really have a bunny slipper fetish and not a c ck sucking fixation Think it over My best guess is you re addicted to both Do you remember when your fantasies were filling with images of Peter s mouth on naked things of yours You were thinking about naked things with a guy. It was pretty surreal, wasn t it Of course at that time you were so not gay After all, you don t go twenty six years before the gay gene suddenly just kicks in As if Austin, my dear, you were in complete denial.Let s talk about Peter now I didn t particularly like him in the beginning of your story Although the I read he somehow grew on me and, in the end, I even fell for him Besides, all that matters is that you love him When you re happy then I m happy, too You didn t want him to waste his life busing tables You were obsessed with his freckles, his bunny slippers and his lips Yeah, Peter was a witness and possible person of interest and you were dating him, a whore, gasp while working on the vice squad I d say that s a pretty bad call But then again, Peter made you incredibly horny all.The.F cking.Time Eventually you got it that Peter wasn t a whore any Oh, and let s not forget your fianc e, Angelica, who didn t want to talk to you any It was kinda understandable, wasn t it Dear Peter is playing you like the Philharmonic s conductor and he alternated between being hostile, affectionate, murderous, manipulative and horny Let s not forget the view spoiler death kid hide spoiler

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK EVEN MORE THE SECOND TIME May 2013I just LOVED it, I can put into words what I feel for Peter SIGH I just need Not So Innocent like NOW Thanks Ladies for this great BR I am sooooo glad you popped your cherry with this one PREVIOUS REVIEW Feb 2013FIVE HILARIOUS HOT STARS I loved this book This is the story about Austin Peter, aka Rabbit AUSTIN Tell me something good about your life PETER, AKA RABBIT You Austin is working for the FBI, he is about to get married and has a perfect life Enter Peter, aka Rabbit aka Bunny Slippers He is the hottest red haired guy ever with the most beautiful blue eyes in the world What, you don t trust me Ok, let Austin explain how blue Peter s eyes are Blue eyes No, not just blue, blue like glacial waters, like romantic poems, like heavens and moonstones Cornflower blue And Blue like romantic poems What the ever living fuck Well, as you can imagine, after their first encounter Austin reconsiders his sexuality but he is sure that he is NOT gay First, because he was engaged to a woman Second, because he masturbated to images of women Third, because people don t wake up gay and a lot of stupid reasons So what is the best idea he has Yes, he goes to talk to Peter and tell him he is NOT gay OMG Austin seriously needs help LOL I am not gay Congratulations, would you like a medal I already have a medal For bravery, not for being gay I think you made me gay I made you gay Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid At this point I must say I love reading about people discovering their sexuality , I am kinda tired of people saying hey, he is 20, he should have realized before Come on view spoiler go fuck yourselves hide spoiler

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    This book has me at a loss, because if this book can only have five stars, then I need to reevaluate every other book I ve given five stars to This book was just BRILLIANT.I m going to go on a tangent for a minute, and just say that discovering this genre has changed my habits as a reader I ve always been a ravenous reader, but this genre, it s made me a glutton I gobble up books frantically, some I like, some I don t like, some I hate, some I love, some I really love But there is one thing that doesn t happen very often anyI am seldom SURPRISED This book quite simply BLEW ME AWAY I mean I love books all the time, I do, and I share my thoughts and all that, but you know what I rarely do I rarely start writing love poems in my head about feeling cared about as a reader in the middle of reading themI did with this book Ok, so the storyAustin Glass is a detective for the Denver Police Department, he is engaged to be married to his fiancee Angelica, he s also a trust fund baby Austin is a complicated man He is callous, immature, superficial, self deprecating, cynical, and can just be a big asshole sometimes As messed up as he is, he s a nice guy, his life for the most part is pretty uncomplicated, he has one goal, to join the FBI He has been working towards that since he joined the force, and he has taken careful steps to get there He is a good cop and there is no reason why he can t get inThat is until the gets a peek at a pair of bunny slipers walking towards his table at Colorado s Finest Diner The bunny slippers belong to Peter, the most beautiful man Austin has ever seen and What the fuck He s gay now After Peter comes into the picture Austin s life as he knew it dissolves before his eyes, by his own doing Everything is different now Because there is finally something Austin wants so bad that he is willing to do anything to get it The plot for the most part, is pretty straightforward Straight cop falls for a guy that is involved in a case he is working on, things get out of hand Love interest has a past, LOTS OF BAGGAGE, things come out, there are lies, corruption, there are twists, there are turns Entertaining, solid crime novel.The thing that makes this book brilliant though is how this story was told First of all, Austin Glass, his voice, it s the reason why God invented First Person POV I knew Austin, everything about him I understood him because he told me everything Even the things he didn t want to know about himself Austin s humor barrels right through cynical, and goes straight into the absurd, the shit he says, pure goodness I was laughing the whole way through He didn t just make me laugh though, he made me think hard too, than once I was yanked out of a laugh with a sobering thought, or a hard truth that seriously, just left me speechless His voice was so open, so guileless, so PRESENTI felt like he was MINE Peter and his Brothers Cai and Darryl, Austin s police partner Luis, his best friend Dave, his fiancee Angelica, they were all mine too because they were Austin s With Austin it was all about realizations, he discovers who he really is, he understands the importance of feeling what he does for Peter It takes him some time, he is a stubborn little fucker, but he gets there At the same time, Peter is a difficult character too, he doesn t know how to trust, his whole life has been about protecting others He is paying penance for things he did, even if the sins were never really his to begin with All he knows how to do, is to sacrifice himself to atone for things that were put on his lap, so unfairly and too early in his life All these things have made him broken He s a whore, a hustler, a liar Austin is not the guy to fix a broken boy, but they manage.I can go on for another ten pages about how much I loved this book, it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best I ve read in a long time Amazing characters, great story, carefully and respectfully written It has been a long time since I ve read a book, and felt this cared for by a writer I hope there is lots coming from this author, because I want .Do I recommend it If I could MAKE people read this I would All I can say is I STRONGLY encourage people to take a chance on it.

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    The writing is brilliant The story riveting The characters captivating. What we are blessed with is a truly wonderful novel and a sheer delight to read no matter the cost, this book is a gift and I thank you Dani Alexander for sharing it with us This is the funniest book I have read this year, crying laughing and totally in love with Austin Your humour Dani is so seamlessly woven throughout the fabric of the book and incorporates the romance and the crime thriller combined This isn t a romance with a little action, or a thriller with a sprinkling of passion it is simply the whole package, perfectly put together, with an epilogue that leaves us salivating for the next instalment wink wink My review would never do justice to this book, it really is one of those you have to read to experience, to understand what a truly fabulous read it is A friend of mine recently accused me of writing novella length reviews If I put into words the wonders contained within, never mind the copious amounts of quotes I highlighted this would be novel length So I will endeavour to keep it short We meet Austin in a dingy dinner Dazed and in a trance, totally captivated by the vision before him, like a diamond in the sky this boy before him shone so bright he was transfixed by his beauty Blue eyes No, not just blue, blue like glacial waters, like poems, like heavens and moonstones Cornflower blue AndBlue like romantic poems What the ever living fuck Model beautiful, thick red hair and freckles, lots of piercing s, tattoos Oh, and not forgetting the blue eyes This was the bus boy and he was wearing bunny slippers Austin doesn t know this boy, has never seen him before he is confused, perplexed and having a major identity crisis He couldn t understand how he could be having sexual thoughts and feelings for a MAN after all he was NOT gay So Austin does the only sensible thing he could think of he ask s his friends Then comes to the the lightbulb conclusion that it really isn t his fault Oh no It was Bunny slippers he made him gay there was no other explanation Austin Glass is outrageously honest, to the point where most would think he is either joking or very rude, when in fact, he is just speaking his mind it s as though the words come tumbling out before his brain engages and there is a child like innocence behind his reasoning His life is a dilemma and like a petulant child he needs attention and he will stamp his feet till he gets it Austin may be 26 years old but he has the mental age of a hormonal teenager Selfish in his opinions and no diplomacy skills WHATSOEVER In the middle of all the shenanigans with Bunny slippers, Austin is investigating a human trafficking operation So when the object of his obsession is thrown into the frame his emotions are torn between trust and accusation and tossed back and forth between hope and despair Bunny Slippers, does have a name Peter Cotton or Rabbit as he is affectionately know as by his brothers Cai and Darryl They are his life and reason for living, their welfare is paramount especially Cai, who at 16 suffers from bipolar and depends on both Peter and Darryl, who in turn prostitute themselves to care for him and, just to survive The banter between Peter and Austin is hysterical real laugh out loud funny Peter keeps trying to push Austin away at every opportunity, emotionally distancing himself, but even open hostility is no deterrent for Austin He WANTS Peter His body knows it and now even his mind is embracing it YES he IS gay The relationship between Austin and Peter is a slow burner with all the baggage Peter carries, he is stoically guarding himself from pain and any attraction with his first responsibility to Cai He is attracted to Austin but uses sex to avoid any emotional issues, where Austin just uses his humour to deflect his fixation for the object of his devotion Peter Austin also has to deal with issues from his past, his father is a complete bastard and bigot as was his Grandfather, his mother is AWOL in Europe and has been for years and he is supposed to be getting married in 8 weeks oh, and to top it all off he also has a commitment phobia Where Austin s life is an open book for all the world to see, and he is quite happy to let them, Peters life is hidden beneath complex layers These layers are slowly peeled away, cleverly only allowing us to see glimpses of the man beneath and the turbulent and traumatic journey that brought him and his brothers into to Austin s world and the holy mess they now find themselves in Peter might be a whore with steely resolve, but tiny sparks of emotion peak out of the cracks and give Austin hope as he also sees the compassionate and strong man who cares for his brother the man with a good heart This book is not all fun and games with Austin and Peter, they find themselves caught up in the investigation, there is murder, drugs and a plethora of other vices turning all their lives upside down There are a whole host of characters in this book all of them well developed and smoothly integrated in to the tale Peters brother Cai is such a great character, I believe he deserves a mention especially when the next book is focusing on him He has a very damaged past and suffers with his bipolar, however the beauty and innocence of his heart glare at you through the pages, he is just so cute and expressive only wanting to please and I just wanted to delve in there and give him a hug Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dani Alexander for letting us enjoy this novel through the eyes of Austin Glass being in his mind with all of his inner musings, turmoil s, confusions and epiphanies was a joy I am sure I now have permanent wrinkles from the constant grin on my face throughout this book I was as captivated and enthralled by him as he was with Bunny Slippers This is an excellent book please do not wait to read it as I did It is a true gem read it now For reviews, please visitSinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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    I will keep this short and to the point 1 best book ever 2 why did it take me so long to read it 3 best main characters ever 4 one of the best dialogues ever 5 Austin is A M A Z I N G I swear to God I laughed almost at everything that came out of his mouth 6 Peter is A M A Z I N G I love you Peter 3 and your bunny slippers7 I can not wait to read Cai s story 8 if you haven t read it, don t be like me and READ THE BOOK you will not regret it 9 I think I fell in love with a book 10 I think I will die until my paperback comes because I seriously need to hold that book in my arms Overthinking It s like a disease with you They should make pills for it They do Little blue ones that drive the blood from the brain straight to the c ck Hard ons don t make you think less They make you think stupid Which makes me think you must have one 24 7 Thanks I can sleep on the sofa You can damn well sleep in my fu king bed It s a pull out, you two can share Over my dead, rotted to dust corpse After Cai murdered me, of course His lips twitched, but he didn t say no I took that as Oh, you sexy devil, Austin, I want to do you right here, but I m super duper excited about our date so I ll wait I was paraphrasing, of course

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    Is this a conspiracy or mere coincidence I can just SMELL a conspiracyI wasted so much money on crappy books, only to find that the truly incredible ones are either free The Administration wtf , Captive Prince wtf , I m sure there are examples, still a bit green when it comes to m m, but working on that..Right They re either free or 2,99.Hell The chapter titles in Shattered Glass alone are worth than 2,99 This book was a complete surprise As cheesy as the models on the cover look, so extraordinary and brilliant is Shattered Glass itself Alexander crams so much creativity, plot, sparkling dialogue, three dimensional characters and humor into 350 pagesI have 9 pages of highlighted sentences on my ereader the book is one big one liner My body refused to allow me a suave, steady hand for my first blow job, Late night with Angelica A male prostitute you should watch what you say One day someone s going to take you seriously I m fairly certain that I never laughed so hard during a sex scene that managed to be dirty hot at the same time And I haven t even mentioned those well written tender moments yet Alexander truly nailed it.In essence, this is a coming out story But it only very subtly touches upon the angst and intolerance that can unfortunately accompany such a step Instead Alexander takes you on a hilarious, entertaining trip during which the narrator, smart ass and trust fund baby Austin Glass, strives to thoroughly embrace the gay.So this Austin Glass he s 26, about to marry a beautiful woman, his ambitions as a Detective are paying off a career at the FBI never seemed closer Then a freckled and pierced redhead with a killer bod serves him in a diner and life sucker punches Austin in the gut and while its at it also royally fucks him over The redhead becomes an obsession Worse, it s a Peter So he s a guy, yes Which makes Austingay His life spirals out of control rapidly his marriage is suddenly a sham, his career on the rocks, his father a public figure hates faggots and the sexy Peter turns out to be damaged goods a male whore and a suspect in a murder case Austin has tinier problems as well because how the hell does gay sex work I felt like James Bond or Maxwell Smart Inspector Clouseau furtively glancing left and right before following Peter into the bathroom What are you doing , he asked, briefly glancing at the hand I used to pull him into a stall I raised my brows and tugged his belt loose once we were inside, door closed I thought it was obvious You want to have sex in a men s bathroom Huh You saidWasn t it a signal Your coming in here I read online that gay men did that Yah, in the 1960 s Austin Or at a Republican National Convention Not on the first date in the bathroom of a restaurant In this century Recommending books is risky business But Shattered Glass I wholeheartedly recommend It s fun, fun, fun and way too cheap I m out of here, going to add hundreds of Shattered Glass quotes Go get it Now that I ve read this book a 2nd time, I realize that there s far too much plot, especially towards the end too much is going on, while there s not nearly enough Austin Peter bonding Oh well, I still dig the humor and creativity

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    After starting the Reading Challenge, I filled my To Read list with tons of crime thrillers, cozy mysteries and historical fiction novels I ve switched back and forth between the cozy and the grisly murders to my fascination with history and the complexities of family dramas after 20 novels, I found myself wanting something different I m not one to read romance stories though I do enjoy quintessential chick flick films either way, I stumbled upon Shattered Glass mostly because that was a title I was considering for a family drama in which I had started the outline now I think I ll call it Watching a Glass Shatter I digress back to Dani Alexander s Shattered Glass After reading some reviews and the love affair with bunny slippers don t ask, you have to read it to understand , I thought to myself this one may have potential and ordered it online When it arrived, I was just finishing the new Harry Potter book talk about a vastly different world but got to it the next day It s about 350 pages long, so I expected about 5 to 6 hours of a read for me, so probably 5 days given that I have about an hour a day where I have time to read Perhaps because it was a weekend, or maybe I chose to make time because of how engaging it was, it only took me 2 days.Mind you, I have nothing to compare it to when it comes to either romance or gay fiction, having read very little of either, yet it feels like it s at the top of its category It had mystery and intrigue, crime and thrills, some romance well, mostly sex and very bold characters that bordered on obnoxius and charming all at the same time in a good way I could never be best friends with either of the main characters as they would eventually annoy the hell out of me, but anyone would be blessed to have a friendship with either Austin or Peter given their intensity and committment to learning about each other.Could something like this ever really happen Seems far fetched, but I could be naive on the subject Would someone really give up their entire career given the risks being taken I suppose if they wanted to get out of their job, yes, but Austin seemed to love his job It is fiction though, so I hold my disbelief given the amazing characters that are created and the sarcastic but real dialogue contained throughout the whole story.If you re looking for something with some spice, intrigue, passion and witty humor, definitely give it a read If you are a bit faint of heart when it comes to this kinda stuff, it may be too much for a first read I ll definitely read the second book in the series and will probably add it to the lineup for later this year after an Agatha Christie story and a cozy about a librarian who solves crimes About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    5 Fantastic and Funny Stars Before I go on and on about how much I loved this book, let me introduce you to these two guysDETECTIVE AUSTIN GLASS AND PETER RABBIT Austin is a twenty six year old detective, he is engaged to the beautiful Angelica, and on track to becoming an FBI agent He is a trust fund baby, who has no relationship with his parents While working on a case, Austin stumbles into a diner to meet an informant Then he sees him Bunny Slippers Bunny slippers has red hair, blue eyes, and Austin is completely enad with him He can t get this guy out of his head It questions everything he s ever thought about himself Why am I attracted to this man I like women. WTF The hilarious Austin even makes a list of reasons why he cannot be gay It must just be bunny slippers There was no way gay men watched as much ESPN as I did another check to the not gay column. After days pass, he still can t stop thinking about him He can t explain it, so he decides to confront the guy It doesn t go over too well I m not gay Congratulations Would you like a medal I already have a medal For bravery, not for being gay I think you made me gay I made you gay Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid Eventually, Austin comes to terms with his sexuality But how will it ever work with these two Austin is a cop, Peter is into some questionable things The case Austin is working on complicates things even Peter is involved to some extent Their relationship is complicated to say the least They can t trust each other, but they have this connection, this chemistry that can t be denied Austin doesn t want to feel the way he does for Peter, but he can t stop it This book was perfect I mean the perfect combination of action, suspense, love, sex, drama, and it was so funny, I couldn t stand it There is a lot going on in the plot many twists and turns, things I didn t see coming, which I am not going to go into as I feel that it would spoil the story but there is some criminal activity, mystery, investigations etc on top of Austin and Rabbit s story Austin is my favorite type of character Sarcastic, a bit arrogant, can be an asshole but is also sweet, sexy and funny as hell It s been a while since a character has made me laugh as much as this guy did I absolutely adored him from the start Peter took me a while to warm up to, at the beginning of the book I wasn t sure how I felt about him, but I ended up loving him too Peter is a complex character, he has a crazy past, but he is a loving and completely devoted big brother, and even though he is only twenty he is so much older at heart I am KICKING MYSELF for waiting as long as I did to read this one I couldn t put it down Such a wonderful story I laughed throughout the entire book and highlighted over 100 lines, but it was emotional for me too There were several parts that had me in tears The writing was excellent, the characters were fabulous and not just the MC s I loved Austin s parter Luis, and Darryl and Cai I can t wait for from this author I m sure the next book will be just as good Cai and hopefully Riley Some of my favorite FUNNY linesFact Wednesday is commonly referred to as hump day a.k.a Austin s favorite day You re rich, spoiled, and used to getting your way Not true If I had my way you would have kissed me and ridden me like a cowboy while screaming yee haw You want to have sex in a men s bathroom Huh You said Wasn t it a signal You coming in here I read online that gay men did that Yah, in the 1960 s, Austin Or at a Republican National Convention Not on the first date in the bathroom of a restaurant in this century My ex girlfriend was right men do suck Asshole, I muttered Was that a directive Sucking in bed is probably why he s changing teams This relationship can only take one smart ass if its going to survive Do you know what I did to the last guy that called me Tinkerbelle Slept with him Darryl was silent for a second After that Other lines I just LOVED I m not jealous over a guy I met a week ago Yes, I was Fucking ridiculously jealous over a guy I met a fucking, lousy ass, goddamn week ago You have all the power, Austin Is that what you believe Do you think I have any power when it comes to you Maybe Peter was the answer The problem and the answer The answer without being a solution No strings attached Unless you want strings People aren t always who they seem, Detective Am I anything like you thought No, I admitted You re a million times better than I could have imagined Rabbit s the rock we cling to when we re drowning He needs a mountain to hold him up, not another storm that ll wear away at him Be selfish, Austin Thats the only begging I can do Be selfish And my most favorite line of the whole book Tell me something good about your life, You I will leave you with one thing