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Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of acute memory loss that is a symptom of his severe dissociative disorder Eric's been in Dr Randle's care for two years since the tragic death of his great love Clio while the two vacationed in the Greek islandsBut there may be to the story or it may be a different story altogether As Eric begins to examine letters and papers left in the house by the first Eric Sanderson a staggeringly different explanation for what is happening to Eric emerges and he and the reader embark on a quest to recover the truth and escape the remorseless predatory forces that threatens to devour him The Raw Shark Texts is a kaleidoscopic novel about the magnitude of love and the devastating effect of losing that love It will dazzle you it will move you and will leave an indelible imprint like nothing you have read in a long time

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