The Nothingness of Ben The Austin Trilogy 1 Epub ✓

Ben Walsh is well on his way to becoming one of Manhattan’s top litigators with a gorgeous boyfriend and friends on the A list His life is perfect until he gets a phone call that brings it all crashing down a car accident takes his parents and now he must return to Austin to raise three teenage brothers he barely knowsDuring the funeral Ben meets Travis Atwood the redneck neighbor with a huge heart Their relationship initially runs hot and cold from contentious to flirtatious but when the weight of responsibility starts wearing on Ben he turns to Travis and the pressure shapes their friendship into something that feels a lot like love Ben thinks he’s found a way to have his old life his new life and Travis too but love isn’t always easy Will he learn to recognize that sometimes the worst thing imaginable can lead him to the place he was meant to be?

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    45 This Was a Good One Y'all StarsLoved the writingLoved the banterLoved TylerLoved Ben 90% of the timethere was just that one time You know the one in NY with David in the bathroomLoved the brothersthey wereI even loved ColinCould of done without Ben's little fetishAnd I could of done with bossy BenAll in all it was virtually