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Ben Walsh Is Well On His Way To Becoming One Of Manhattan S Top Litigators, With A Gorgeous Boyfriend And Friends On The A List His Life Is Perfect Until He Gets A Phone Call That Brings It All Crashing Down A Car Accident Takes His Parents, And Now He Must Return To Austin To Raise Three Teenage Brothers He Barely KnowsDuring The Funeral, Ben Meets Travis Atwood, The Redneck Neighbor With A Huge Heart Their Relationship Initially Runs Hot And Cold, From Contentious To Flirtatious, But When The Weight Of Responsibility Starts Wearing On Ben, He Turns To Travis, And The Pressure Shapes Their Friendship Into Something That Feels A Lot Like Love Ben Thinks He S Found A Way To Have His Old Life, His New Life, And Travis Too, But Love Isn T Always Easy Will He Learn To Recognize That Sometimes The Worst Thing Imaginable Can Lead Him To The Place He Was Meant To Be I guess this is where Tina will say to me, see, I told you so Truthfully, it wasn t a smooth read all the way I did put it down twice, marked it as postponed for now book I wasn t in the right mood was immersing with some paranormal urban fantasy books, that reading something simply contemporary wasn t going to do it But after few titles failed to keep my interest, I decided to go back and boy, did I enjoy this so much Gobbling it up as my morning read finished it at 5 AM.Let me tell you what made it work for me, personally The characters grew throughout the book this is what I enjoy so much from a story The characters that I meet in the beginning are not the same when I get to the finish line There s a journey that they go through, that make them learn about their mistakes along the way Ben might be selfish in the beginning and he didn t always made the right decision I was so pissed at him during the first New York visit but he learned what he did wrong and he made it right Travis had inferiority complex he wasn t this sophisticated city boy, but he was willing to learn and opened himself to experience, and he succeeded in the end The brothers also have their own character developments I LOVED IT The lack of angst or depression yes, the story might started with death of parents But the whole book was on the light side It was good, really good Plus I enjoyed the dialog style Yep, this book was heavy on dialogs, and it fit me just right I love movies that talk Woody Allen style and the same goes with books The down to earth setting there was one full scene that was a bit out there with Ben talking to his dead Dad, when he was down with fever KATE, consider THIS a warning but in overall, everything seemed realistic for me Even how Ben approached parenting, how he helped Jason setting down his first date it wasn t over the top Me Likey Random Thoughts which only make sense to those who have read it But who cares, it s MY review, I can write anything I want No personal pet peeves THANK YOU There s to Julie Ben s aunt than meet the eyes I liked that Stupid advice from Dan Jason s boyfriend s father is actually endearing lol Well rounded secondary characters Ben and Travis both ended their relationship before they got together so no cheating involved The sex is kinda kinky, but cool Eight seconds, huh I guess the Earth is flat after all lol Napkins drawing Who da thought Travis said that he loved it that Joey chose Pacey A man after my own heart Lots of popular culture thrown it I liked that I don t know James Joyce or ever read it Hey, I m not Foreign Lit educated, okay I m Indonesian, please remember that grin One of these days, I really need to watch The Sting I cried over Quentin s speech I m sappy that way Another teary eyed over Travis Walsh conversation Again, I m sappy shrugs Guess I will be waiting for Mr Boney s next book after all 4.5 This Was a Good One Y all Stars Loved the writing.Loved the banter.Loved Tyler.Loved Ben 90% of the time.there was just that one time You know the one, in NY with David in the bathroom.Loved the brothers.they wereI even loved Colin.Could of done without Ben s little fetish.And I could of done with bossy Ben.All in all it was virtually. Don t let the blurb scare you Because when I first skimmed it, I was foreseeing something horribly sad and depressing Okay, I admit it was sad, but there was also a lot of humor and happiness and very little angst I swearI only cried once This was a wonderful heart warming story about Ben, a 27 year old big shot NYC attorney, and how he struggles to find his forward mementum following the tragic deaths of both his parents Ben is suddenly thrust into the role of guardian over his 3 teenage brothers back home in Austin, Texaswhere people really do say y all The problem is, Ben already has a full, busy life back in New York And thats enought plot review from me Some of the things that make this a great story The Characters I have to say that the characters are really what hooked me into this story well developed and demensional And not just Ben and Travis the MCs but also all the secondary characters Quentin, Jason and Cade the brothers and Colin Ben s BFF and David Ben s BF etc Ben was a bit of a selfish asshole but he did grow on me and redeemed himself in the end He did, of course, make a lot of mistakes along the way Travis, what can I say about Travis Well, he s the complete opposite of Ben He is compassionate and lovable and wears his emotions all over his face The Realism I thought that how Ben reacted to and handled the dilemmas and decision making seemed very realistic I m not very sure about how realistic the GFY aspects of the story were, but yeah, I bought it But I m always a sucker for a good GFY story The Dialogue Ben spoke like the educated guy he was The boys sounded like teenagers And Traviswell he kinda talked like me Ugh You just can t bring the country out of some folks Doesn t mean they don t know shit, though There was a lot of talkin in this book The Kinkiness Ben turned out to be toppy freak and Travis was a total bottom The earth is flat scene was easlily my favorite, though The Thanksgiving Day Speech I started crying before Q even started speakingand I m not even a big crier So if you arethen you ve been warned I am impatiently waiting for the next book by Bradwhich I hear will be Topher s 3,8 Stars a super cute family story about brotherhood, grief and to find the one and onlyMaybe not epic and unforgettable but not trivial and fast forgotten Good topic, well written and charmingly enjoyable to read Somethimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero a fitting quote written by the author Marc Brown and mentioned in this story Very, very fitting, because The Nothingness of Ben is a very nice and emotional story about a older brother Ben Walsh who must leave his exciting party life as a hotshot lawyer in New York for his three younger teenage brothers Quentin 16, Jason 14 and Cade 12 , at home in Austin Texas, after a terrible sad accident It storms, cracks and is not all that easy to always succeed on the first try, but Ben finds both back to his family, creating a new and meets a gorgeous red haired man Travis.If you only have a little patience and indulgence that maybe this is a good luck to everybody Tom, Dick and Harry etc story and slightly too cozy at times is this a lovely feelgood novel You ll shed a tear, you might be surprised at the turns I was and also get the pleasure of getting a little annoyed at the main character a few times But even a slightly egocentric career guy from the big city can be a super brother and a superlover In my opinion really good dialogue, believable characters and some amusing steam I enjoyed, smiled and was satisfied I LIKE a great feelgood for rainy autumn days Big thanks to Marc who recommended me this sweet M M romance.