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One Dragon Egg Holds The Key To The FutureOnce A Slave, Kale Is Given The Unexpected Opportunity To Become A Servant To Paladin Yet This Young Girl Has Much To Learn About The Difference Between Slavery And Service A Desperate Search Begins A Small Band Of Paladin S Servants Rescue Kale From Danger But Turn Her From Her Destination The Hall, Where She Was To Be Trained Feeling Afraid And Unprepared, Kale Embarks On A Perilous Quest To Find The Meech Dragon Egg Stolen By The Foul Wizard Risto First, She And Her Comrades Must Find Wizard Fenworth But Their Journey Is Threatened When A Key Member Of The Party Is Captured, Leaving The Remaining Companions To Find Fenworth, Attempt An Impossible Rescue, And Recover The Egg Whose True Value They Have Not Begun To Suspect Weaving Together Memorable Characters, Daring Adventure, And A Core Of Eternal Truth, Dragonspell Is A Finely Crafted And Welcome Addition To The Corpus Of Fantasy Fiction

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    Re Read Review Ah I no longer had the delight of discovering a new world, but this time, I got to visit with an old friend I accidentally ordered a rather battered copy of this book but that gave me the freedom to write in it, use highlighter and put sheaf s of paper in it I had planned to buy a beauty copy as well, but this already well loved volume is growing on me Having all these notes in it makes the copier dearer As for the re read itself It was still amazing, enriching, beautiful and immersive I have a few little complaints about some of the vague plotting especially the rather confusing lackluster false ending but they are minor quibbles The great sensitivity and insight that are on display in this book firmly make it not only one of my favorites, but an even rarer thing A fiction book that teaches me truth than most I haven t found a fiction book so rich with allegories since C.S Lewis and Robert Elmer s Trion Rising trilogy that s right, I compared this author to C.S LEWIS The highest compliment I could probably give to a writer I literally needed a pencil to take notes I am buying my own copy so I can underline passages I literally gasped several times as some of the allegories and analogies unfolded I could relate so much to Kale s sensitivities and I almost felt like I was reading a guide book at moments the wisdom that Kale learns is something that deeply resonated with me Reading this book, I felt like Kale carrying the meech egg I was carrying something substantial, beautiful, with wonders inside of it a story that quickens and thrums to the touch, hatching its truths inside of me The wonder of Wulder and Paladin gladden the readers heart The rest of the characters are original and lovable the dialogue is natural, the story is compelling The world building is phenomenal, enchanting I was swept into another world Like C.S Lewis the authoress has an amazing command of language I saw that a lot of reviewers said that this book needed description but I think it is perfect There are no unnecessary words wasted the sentences are built with care her word pictures are perfect I get imagery from one of her short paragraphs then pages of description from other authors The pacing is perfect I ve been reading indie authors recently and was a little frustrated with a lot of filler , superfluous scenes, or reveals in the wrong places but DragonSpell flows beautifully from beginning to end with nary a hitch The short chapters make reading this very manageable and very compelling once I picked it up I didn t put it down unless I had to Also some squealing must follow the baby dragons were one of the most adorable things that I have ever read and I desperately urgently want one in each pocket please This is definitely a stroke worthy book a book whose beauty and truth will be resonating me for a very long time.

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    I would sort this book under Christian Fantasy I have read 3 of the 4 books and each one gets better as you become involved in the lives of the characters I really like this book for middle school age children because it is so hard to find good wholesome books for this age any My 12 years old son couldn t put these books down Unlike Harry Potter which I love , there is no swearing, and no terribly descriptive gore I finished the book feeling really good about what I read.

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    This is a pretty bad book, and not worth reading at all unless you re a Christian Basically, it s Dragonlance Evangelical worldview ANY in group tension That would be, take away Raistlin Majere and make Tanis not a half elf Instead, give all the uber nice NPCs in Dragons of Autumn Twilight their own book It s the Dragonlance that the Bible Belt can put its seal of approval on And they did, if you look at the awards this has won I guess you could argue that there s some tension regarding Kale s growth, e.g having her agree immediately and completely with whatever lesson the various nicety nice perfect people come and tell her, and become even two dimensional and Mary Sueish than ever but if you re not reading this with an eye toward applying the didactic life lessons well I should note here that this is not the sort of book that I would choose to read these days I read it at the recommend of a dear friend, a missionary, who I am all but certain wants to use it as a springboard to talk about Jesus Faith becomes such an awkward topic, when one leaves a religion Talking to old friends becomes like talking to dearly loved former in laws after a divorce There is this subject that neither quite knows how to broach or if one ought to.So I ve read this amateurish fantasy book for no other reason than to let a friend have a way to preach to me about something I know I don t believe I deserve cookies.Years ago, my sister read this book, and I remember she was really put off by the God character s name being Wulder I thought she might be being a tad finicky, but it actually is really distracting to me, too Every time they say In Wulder s Name, Amen or Let me do the Will of Wulder which is, like, every other paragraph I think Wulder Seriously Not Elelyon or Petra or Aslan.Wulder.Wulder the Magnificent Wulder the All Powerful Where s Wulder I keep thinking of Walder Frey from Game of Thrones And I can t stop Also, I KNOW it s really hard to write a Jesus character But this is one of the smuggest, most annoying Jesuses ever He starts off with this really pat, smarmy summation of theodicy the study of the problem of pain all religions have a problem and Christianity s is that an omnipotent, omniscient God allows suffering The answer, in case you were wondering, is that Wulder is only giving you these struggles so that you can better serve him as a new instrument that he is making you into Awesome As long as you live in the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies.Toss in some painful fantasy anachronisms where the writer seems to forget that this is supposed to be a fantasy world , an ad libbed plot that runs out of steam halfway through and starts filling space with sermonizing, and a horrendously anti climactic villain who of course we don t kill to make room for sequels and you have one pretty terrible book There are PLENTY of EXCELLENT Christian fantasy writers Lewis and Tolkien are the most oft cited, but see also Stephen R Lawhead and Orson Scott Card Mormon Not sure if he counts Read them.

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    I really really wanted to like this book I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the Peter and the Starcatchers series I do enjoy Young Adult Children s fiction occasionally So when the opportunity arose to read Dragonspell and review this for Waterbrook Multnomah s Blogging for Books program, I was really excited Unfortunately, it was short lived I just couldn t get past the first three chapters I really can t put my finger on what was wrong with the book It wasn t the Christian fiction aspect as other reviewers have mentioned this book was originally published in 2005 I think the Character and Other World build up was a big part of the problem There were just too many things to try to remember Trying to read through it was just incredibly distracting.In an effort to be fair to the book, I had my husband read it he is an avid Fantasy Sci Fi reader He was able to get a little further, but was unable to finish the book either for many of the same reasons.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the Blogging for Books book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    After a lifetime of slavery, fourteen year old Kale is set free She travels to The Hall in Vendela where she will receive her training as a servant Before she can reach her destination, ogres attack her She escapes into a cave where she finds seven small dragon eggs When she comes back outside, she is rescued by Paladin servants They inform her that Paladin has given her a gift, the ability to find dragon eggs, and persuade her to leave her journey to The Hall for another quest find a missing meech dragon egg and fulfill her destiny as a dragonkeeper Donita K Paul crafts a wonderful adventure into an amazing fantasy world It s no wonder why this book won a Christy award I found the characters marvelous, my favorites being Gymn and Metta, two dragons so tiny they often ride on Kale s shoulders I highly recommend his novel for boys and girls of all ages Looking forward to book two.

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    Dragonspell, the first in a 4 book series, is an easy, fun and exciting read A delightful allegory of what it means to be a follower of God, well written as a story of challenge and conquest as a young girl, raised as a slave, learns to find her stength in her relationship with Paladin She discovers her gift of finding dragon eggs and is drawn to find a large clutch, as well as using the talent to find the rare Meech Dragon egg, and rescue it from the evil Wizard who tries to obtain the power of Paladin, and rival his authority in the land of Amara Powerful messages about trusting God and following the way of Jesus are weaved into the adventure A well written Pilgrim s Progress story, the reader watches as Kale grows and matures, and learns the way to do the same I highly recommend this to all ages, from pre teen to adult.

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    I m rereading this on a whim, and, well, I m honestly surprised by how good it is I can barely get through some of my other favorites from my preteen years, but this one even knowing the whole plotline, there were times I couldn t put it down The writing quality is a little lower than I m used to, true in particular, the author s use of thoughts is a bit jarring And, yes, a few things are a little cliche But in general, out of all the books that formed the foundation of my writing and love of fantasy, this is one of the ones that holds up the best.

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    This novel is one of the most imaginative Christian fiction novels that I have read since The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe I have spoken to the author over the phone and she was very helpful, humble, and kind I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something with an intense spark of imagination with Biblical symbolism that mixes seemlessly with the story Thank you Donita, for the wonderful read.

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    An enjoyable fantasy allegory with everything you could want in a book and then some.

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    Dragonspell is a good book, but it was actually the first book I ve read with my eyeballs this year that I struggled to get through I specify read with my eyeballs because I m not counting the two audiobooks I listened to this year that were also difficult to get through It is also a book I think I would have liked better when I was younger This is why I m giving it 4 stars instead of 5.I liked the book in general The characters were wonderful Dar and Fenworth were my favorites 3 , the world and invented fantastical creatures were interesting, and I appreciated the allegorical elements, though they may have been a little simplistic I think the main problems I had were, A the pacing and, B The writing itself There are some parts that really dragged I m normally not one to skim when I read but I found myself skimming several parts that just went on longer than they needed to and weren t that interesting This was especially a problem at the very beginning of the book where I would have given up on reading it entirely were I not assured by other Goodreads members that it picks up the pace later on It did pick up later but then it dragged again Then it picked up again Then it dragged again Then there were parts that were charming, then there were partake that were boring You get the picture.The writing itself wasn t always the best either Not the worst I ve ever read, but definitely not the best I only remember seeing one typographical error in the whole book, right at the beginning of a chapter, and the grammer was fine as well, so those were not the issues The main problem I had with it was the flow of the writing It wasn t anywhere near as smooth as it could have been, especially at the beginning Some of the places where Kale s thoughts come into the narrative were done in a way that was clunky and disruptive as well, instead of blending in seamlessly as they should have These things did get a little better as the story went along, though I ll give it that But even then I kept thinking that another round or two of editing could have fixed so much There was also a lot of telling instead of showing In some cases this wasn t a bad thing This is a children s book after all, so I m sure that s why a lot of the fighting was skimmed over in a few sentences Sometimes however, I did feel that the telling made some things get passed by so quickly that it was jarring and almost confusing The salvation of the book was definitely the charming characters and the world, all of which I found myself wanting to know about And the dragons The dragons, especially the adorable baby ones like Gymn and Metta made everything better.While they will hardly be at the top of my must read list, I do want to read the rest of the books in the series I want to know what happens to Kale and her friends, and I think it will be very nice to see Kale growing into a mature and strong individual.For the parents reading this, I would definitely recommend this book for younger children who like fantasy There were a few very brief mentions of blood, but nothing was ever described graphically It is also a bit of a theme in the story that while killing does happen and is sometimes even necessary for the protection of one s self and others, it should never be something you enjoy and you should never just get used to it.For those concerned about magic There are many characters in the book who have extraordinary abilities, including some who are called wizards but these abilities are always talents that the individual was born with, talents that we are told Wulder God created them to have What the individual choses to do with those given talents is what makes them good or evil.